5 Fashion Staples Everyone Should Have
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5 Fashion Staples Everyone Should Have

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5 Fashion Staples Everyone Should Have
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While everyone has their own style, there are certain fashion staples that everyone should keep in their closet! With wardrobe essentials, you can create outfits using key items to get you started. If you’re not so sure what these go-to items are, read on and find out. Here are five fashion staples that everyone should have.


1.    Wear Neutral Colors

To make outfit creations easy, make sure you have a range of clothing items in neutral colors in your closet. White and black shirts for women go with everything, as do black pants, white pants, and any clothes in shades of brown or gray. You can lean on these items to create new looks every time. If you want to pair a cardigan with a pair of jeans, wear a black tank top underneath to complete the look. By keeping neutral colors in your closet, you can add the finishing touch to each outfit.


2.    Blue Denim Jeans

You want to have a selection of blue denim jeans with you to complete your look. There are so many reasons to have a variety of jeans in your closet. For casual days, dates, and the occasional outing, you can wear jeans tastefully for practically any occasion. Except for formal events or business attire, jeans are the go-to pants.


Look for particularly durable jeans so you can wear them for longer. Go with thicker denim fabrics for the winter and lightweight denim for the spring and summer. If you want to wear jeans on a night out, go with darker shades to appear a bit more formal.


3.    Fashion Forward Boots

You’ll want a go-to pair of boots to keep in your closet for the winter and autumn seasons. Boots pair well with jeans, dress pants, and some skirts and dresses. Go with black leather boots or suede boots, depending on the occasion, and style your looks authentically.


Look for waterproof boots and rubber soles to avoid slipping in harsh weather conditions. Ideally, shop for boots that will hold up over time. Spending a little extra on a pair of boots you know will last is worth it!




4.    A Lightweight Jacket

Keeping a lightweight jacket in your closet is essential. For the days when the weather is a bit unpredictable, you can keep this jacket with you to put on if needed. Lightweight jackets like denim jackets, leather jackets, and even hoodies can look cute with any casual outfit, and they are also go-to jackets for the beach or chilly nights on vacation.


Look for cotton or other lightweight fabrics to find options for hoodies that you like best. You can also shop for fantastic jacket finds at sustainable stores like thrift stores and consignment shops near you.


5.    Comfortable Socks And Underwear

Having the right socks and underwear can make a big difference in your degree of comfort throughout the day. Choose wisely! Head to a local sports store to find an abundance of socks and underwear options based on your outdoor activities.


Stay comfortable with cotton socks and underwear. Avoid nylon or other fabrics that lack the breathability you need to stay comfortable. For cold winter days, consider buying wool socks to keep your feet extra warm. You can also find sweat-resistant underwear and socks for hot days or for when you’re exercising.


The Bottom Line

The fashion staples everyone should own include go-to neutral colors for tops and bottoms, durable jeans, lightweight jackets, cotton breathable socks and underwear, and of course, fashion-forward boots! Line your closet with these essential items, and you’re ready for wherever your day takes you!

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6 times SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi gave us fashion inspo with his mirror selfies

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6 times SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi gave us fashion inspo with his mirror selfies
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Hoshi of seventeen

Born Kwon Soon Young, the SEVENTEEN members is known professionally by his stage name, Hoshi. He debuted in 2015 as part of the boy group SEVENTEEN under PLEDIS Entertainment. The group consists of 13 members, divided into three units, working as a team. Among these three units, Hoshi is the leader of the performance team. After his debut, Hoshi also met with two of his fellow members, Seungkwan and DK, to form a special unit “BSS” and they released music together as part of that unit in 2018. In 2021, Hoshi released his first solo music tape, Spiders.” In particular, the title track received a lot of praise for its intricate choreography. Today we’re going to take a look at something else Hoshi is known for: his chic and relaxed fashion sense! From plaid T-shirts to black hoodies and even a dash of trendy denim, Hoshi has us making a comeback on social media. Own fashion inspiration.


Hoshi from SEVENTEEN adopts the classic combination of black and white in this flick.


Click gym
Surrounded by gym equipment, Hoshi looks casual in this outfit.


all Black
SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi takes a stand as he wears this elegant all-black look.


Combining the plaid with a camo print, Hoshi pulls off this relaxed look with ease!


A long coat to wear with jeans and a sophisticated and classic T-shirt!

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It’s Time to Give a Spin to Your Summer Outfit with a Nice Hat!





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The summer fashion for women has to be comfortable and stylish simultaneously to appeal to even the most discerning fashionable mind. For any woman, this season is about striking the right balance between the two and picking pieces that work well together. For example, an off-the-shoulder look can be most coveted in this season. One doesn’t even have to ask why. But what is more exciting is the available options in every design. For example, you get off-shoulder tops, crop tops, tunics, dresses, and more. You must make an additional effort with tops and tunics because you need shorts, skirts, or pants to complete the look.

Another big trend remains floral prints. It is the easiest way to introduce a dose of femininity to any summer ensemble. Whether you choose a dress, top, or swimwear, floral prints enable you to stand out from the crowd. Then, you can’t go wrong with classic staples like denim shorts and a white tee. Add a few fun accessories, and that’s it. So, whatever your style, make sure you stay cool and stylish this summer. But how do you plan to face the sun? No doubt that you have plenty of dressing styles to explore. You cannot flaunt them with all that stylish air if you lack a sun hat in your wardrobe.

It can be criminal for someone who claims to be a fashionista not to have one of the elegant and practical sun hats in their collection. If you don’t have one yet, don’t forget to buy one soon. After all, summers are about exploration. You cannot lock yourself inside an air-conditioned room and miss the fresh breeze outside. Take your hat and go out alone, with friends, family, or special someone. Well, what do you imagine when you think of wearing a sun hat? For many young ladies, it’s about a flirty charm. Do you share the same opinion as them? Smocked dresses tend to have an amount of flirty aura, regardless of their prints, shapes, and forms. In that case, you can find its perfect combination with smocked dresses.

So, whether you need to prepare for a casual or formal outing, here are a few recommendations for your sun hat and smocked dress look. Let’s see how the combination works for you.

Bandeau dress

It is perfect for showing off your curves and accentuating your waist. The bandeau style is also very flattering for all body types. Whether petite or plus size, it will make you look and feel your best. If possible, find something that comes with a smocked bust and soft fringes. The top part of the dress can look surreal with embroidered lace detail. If the dress features two layers of skirt, it will be even more fantastic. It will increase your flirty style without crossing the line. The pleated fabric, layered skirt design, lacy touch, and other minute things can give your look a unique touch. With this dress, you can experiment with various sun hat styles, such as fedora, cowboy, top hat, wide brim, or just about anything. The result will be in your favor.

Printed maxi

A gorgeous maxi dress can take care of your summer look and dressy occasion together. The light and airy fabric of chiffon can keep you feeling cool, while the off-shoulder style lends your personality a feminine and flattering touch. Choose something with a bold or brushed wave print;you will turn heads when you enter the venue. Don’t forget your sun hat. You will need it more than anything else if the event is taking place in the open. You can reach out for a well-vented, distressed-looking straw hat if it’s a beach or poolside party. Or, something with unfinished edges can also be chic.

Some women don’t want to tamper with their classy look with anything. They want to stick to it strictly. In that case, a white Panama hat can be ideal. However, choices don’t stop there. With your cut-out maxi or lacy bustier maxi dress, you can go bolder with wide brim variations, such as an open crown hat with an extended flexible patterned brim, a black and brown straw hat with an elegant beaded hatband, or so on.

Interestingly, a sun hat can decorate any look, whether you wear a bodysuit, A-line dress, bodycon, maxi, shorts, skirt, or anything else. You need to own at least one of them to enjoy a sense of completeness with your wardrobe. This hat range is exotic, stylish, and everything good that you need in your closet. So, make the most of the opportunity. Your summer dresses are waiting for a perfect partner. Other accessories don’t have to take a backseat, though. Change into any necklace, earrings, bracelet, and sunglass that complement your style. You will feel more than happy to experiment with your choices and give them a try. Hence, don’t hesitate!


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Night dress for ladies




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Girls’ night out dress for the First Night of the Wedding

You have said “I do” finally and all the strain of wedding courses of action has moved away. This present time is the perfect open door to pack for your most significant heartfelt getaway as a married couple. Furthermore, that requires some extra-interesting undergarments o girls’ night out dress for the vacation. What are you putting in your sack? Other than all of the stray pieces, make sure to pack two or three hot apparently unimportant things. Also, remember to get them through leyjao.pk, the most solid web-based store.

To take as much time as vital on the bed to a more elevated level. Whether you slant toward clothing with female and provocative complexities. As wound around trim bralettes and babydoll dresses, or sheer bodysuits that revealed everything. Counting night dress for women. Here, you will find enticing looks for an extent of body types, spending plans, and styles. Reward: Some of these looks might actually be twofold as sleepwear or shapewear. Thus, before you accelerate your pack, make sure to add several of these movements center over to your truck. It is ensured that you will cherish it (and neither will your new buddy).

As of late married couples or couples going on a vacation just after their marriage. Have a scope of nightwear for their most memorable wedding night. The essential night for each couple is extraordinary and to be spent in a sublime way. The recognition palaces of being together will get everything going from the principal night. Such a pivotal time can be made tremendous with genuine nighties. That guarantees the greatness of the primary touch ends up being truly entrancing.

Fashioner nighties phenomenally made smoking hot for the primary night help couples with successfully turning up into each other’s being. With exceptional nighties for the primary evening!
Night wears are intended to bring ease. They are uniquely crafted to fit the body and be lightweight so you get a good sleep around evening time. We should have a significant gander at this alluring stock.

Red Night for the First Night

A first night’s red ladies night dress can be great to prosper into on the main night after marriage. Eastern women have the traditional shade of red in their marriage. It will in general be made more extraordinary with a red silver stroked plan on it making it a total fashioner look. A lined short inward and originator clothing look perfect.

Dark Night for first-night

This first-night dress for women is truly hot. The dark groups on the nighties draw out the exquisiteness of women all the more imperatively. A bound shoulder, thigh-length inside wear, and a fragile lavish robe can be an optimal first night for a woman of great importance.

Net White Floral Bridal Night, night dress for women

A wedding night can similarly be a choice of a transparent white net sweatshirt with hot underwear seen through it. A first wedding night can be made heartfelt with such a perfect planner piece. The wear is intended to sit effectively on your body and is truly feather wear. The white piece will look amazing and the short length will upgrade the horniness. Offer this a chance at your earliest!

First Night Wedding Silk Night

Women with a shocking choice of garments can seek after their choice of the evening. For the fundamental wedding night in a wonderful way. A long outfit-style night can be streaming on her body. Making her life partner have an energized outlook on running his hands on her sensitive skin. This is a long-length first-sweet dream that is light and murky in variety.

First Wedding Night Sheer Long Night

Sheer extensive nighties are moreover the best decision for the main evenings to be made unprecedented. The brilliance of the late hitched lady becomes sparkled more from the transparent nighties. The depression of her with her man makes the climate more heartfelt when tidied up sweltering in the vital evening. This ladies nightdress is another alluring dress for the principal night.

Conclusive Bridal Night Dress

A lovely creator piece of first-night nighties in like manner gets the notification of the sweetheart. A traditional plan of silk slipcovered with a full sleeve botanical net robe can be faltering to wear on a fundamental evening. There is trim on the front so you can change the size of your dress as indicated by your solace. This night dress for the wedding night won’t admirable motivation you to feel better. However, what’s more, the best wear for any night. You should simply to go leyjao.pk, a total internet-based commercial center. If you truly have any desire to get this beguiling wedding night.

First Night Nylon Night Gown

A nylon enormous size robe can be one of the choices of the first-sweet dreams dress for women. Women with a goal of standing apart of the group from the ordinary plans can choose such an example on their most significant wedding night. The single-line strong size nylon outfit can feature the body from within making the lady look more sexual.

First Night Nude Lingerie

An exposed outfit can in like manner be an optimal first-night nightie for the late hitched couple. A stripped plan is one from which the body ought to be noticeable unquestionably. An unadulterated layer-like material outfit over unadulterated underpants basically entrances the climate. The dress is to some degree straightforward and its polish of it lies in its variety of tone. The strip stays there like a piece of improvement.

ladies Wedding Nightwear Set

Women on their most vital night need to look more sweltering than their customary dressings. A lot of nightwear can make the evenings more delayed. Continuously, the nightwear makes the lady look engaging. A lot of undies, bra, underwear, slip, an outfit and robe.

The Wearable Silk

This is the latest first wedding night dress, and silk is utilized for its planning. The whole texture is fragile, which will add the highest level of simplicity while you are wearing this ladies night dress. The dress is of short length and has an incredibly thin tie sleeve. It is specially designed to fit perfectly and easily.

Attractive Black Baby Doll Night
Another first sweet dream’ is this dress in the entire dark. The cutting of the neck area in the front is low and a slim, outstandingly modest tie of the sleeve goes over the shoulder. The back is most profound and the shoulder sleeve tie loosens up to the back as a tangle, with a colossal opening. This one is truly attractive!

For Honeymoon in Particular

Here are another finished dark straightforward first-sweet dreams dress for women that could like it. This one is of net totally and the endings of the night are haphazardly cut. It looks wonderful and alluring. A thin lash on the shoulder is the sleeve and is completely loosening up wear.

First-night nightwear can be made gigantic with an assortment of provocative underpants. Transparent nighties and outfits can make the main night remarkable for couples. The band nightie moreover makes an outstanding tendency between the couples. The appealing impression of being together on the earliest reference point of another life. That is true to be made smoothed out with the garments worn. Specifically, they are particularly made to be comfortable and featherweight. Leyjao.pk is the best internet-based source to purchase every one of the hottest nighties referenced previously.

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Aging eyes Youth protein may be key for prevention treatment

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Aging eyes Youth protein may be key for prevention treatment
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  • The “youth” protein, pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF), protects cells in the eye’s retina from oxidative stress, a new animal study shows.
  • Researchers with the National Eye Institute (NEI) found that declines in PEDF levels may contribute to aging-related diseases of the retina.
  • Experts hope these findings will lead to developing new therapies that can reverse or counter the effects of PEDF loss.

The retina is composed of tissues in the back of the eye that process light signals and send them to the brain. Retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells make up part of this important structure for vision.

A recent animal study by the National Eye InstituteTrusted Source, part of the National Institutes of HealthTrusted Source, suggests that the loss of a certain protein could cause RPE cells to stop nourishing and recycling photoreceptor cells.

The resulting senescenceTrusted Source or deterioration of RPE cells may trigger the onset of diseases like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinal dystrophies. These conditions are known to cause progressive vision loss.

A team led by Dr. Patricia Becerra, senior investigator at the NEI’s Section of Protein Structure and Function, discovered that the pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) plays an anti-aging function for RPE cells. Their findings could offer the potential for finding new ways to treat or prevent aging-associated retinal diseases.

This study was published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

PEDF, the “youth” protein

The RPE produces and secretes PEDF via the Serpinf1Trusted Sourcegene. PEDF is called the “youth” protein due to its abundance in young retinas.

RPE production and PEDF secretion decline during senescence and aging in the eyes, skin, lungs, and other tissues.

Earlier research suggests that PEDF can protect photoreceptor cells from damage and inhibit the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the eye.

However, Dr. Becerra stated: “We always wondered if loss of PEDF was driven by aging or was driving aging.”

Evidence from PEDF-negative mice

To find the answer, Dr. Becerra and her colleagues used a mouse model bioengineered without the PEDF gene Serpinf1.

Looking into the cellular structure of the models’ retinas, the researchers discovered remarkable differences from the control samples of wild-type mice.

The RPE cell nuclei were enlarged, which could indicate differences in how the cells’ DNA was arranged. These cells had also activated four genes associated with cellular senescence and aging.

Dr. Ivan Rebustini, a staff scientist in Dr. Becerra’s lab and the study’s lead author, remarked: “One of the most striking things was this reduction in the PEDF receptor on the surface of the RPE cells in the mouse lacking the PEDF protein. It seems there’s some sort of feedback-loop involving PEDF […]”

These changes led the team to conclude that PEDF decline prompts the aging of retinal cells.

The study’s limitations and potential

This study may uncover ways to help reduce age-related vision problems, but it does come with a few limitations.

What’s causing PEDF loss?

Although the research proposes that PEDF may drive aging, its results do not answer what’s causing PEDF loss.

In an interview with Medical News Today, Dr. Becerra explained: “Besides PEDF, there are other proteins that are dysregulated in various epithelial tissues—including the RPE—during aging. Besides changes in the expression and production of aging-related proteins, telomere shortening has been associated with aging, and is observed in epithelial tissues with high turnover, like the skin.”

“Telomeres are a structure at the end of a chromosome that maintains the integrity of our genes and are a critical factor for age-related diseases. Their shortening can affect the expression of genes during aging; the PEDF gene, Serpinf1, is one of them,” she continued.

“However, the extent to which this is driving PEDF loss in the eye is unknown,” she added.

MNT also discussed this study with Dr. Howard R. Krauss, surgical neuro-ophthalmologist of Pacific Neuroscience Institute at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA, who was not involved in this research.

Dr. Krauss shared that while “we understand the vital importance of this protein and […] that its availability declines with age and/or degenerative disease, [w]e do not know what causes the loss.”

He agreed that PEDF depletion is just one of many factors behind RPE aging. He noted that identifying more factors may be necessary for reducing or reversing age-related damage.

Mouse-to-human trial challenges

The present work analyzed mouse models, which would be difficult to translate to human trials, Dr. Krauss cautioned.

For instance, Dr. Becerra noted that “the lack of a macula in the mouse’s retina means the parallels to conditions like age-related macular degeneration are not as clear as they might be in a species with that structure.”

According to Dr. Krauss: “[T]here will be no assurance that what may work in this mouse model will ultimately be of value in humans.”

Further, Dr. Becerra told MNT that, because samples from patients without PEDF are scarce, replicating the study in humans would be challenging.

The study’s applications

Nevertheless, Dr. Krauss was somewhat optimistic about the implications of this NIH research.

He hoped that the demonstration of the effects of PEDF loss “will now allow the use of this model to apply potential therapeutic measures to increase PEDF and/or the application of proposed therapeutic measures to counteract the damaging effects of PEDF depletion.”

Dr. Becerra said that she and fellow researchers will continue exploring “ways to use PEDF-derived peptides or mimics as a therapeutic for humans.”

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Beginner guide to eye makeup get These brushes and ace that perfect look

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Beginner guide to eye makeup get These brushes and ace that perfect look
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Eye makeup can enhance your entire persona but to do the makeup properly, you need to have the right brush. Here’s how you can select the perfect brush to create the look you want.

New Delhi:  Mastering the art of eye makeup is not an easy task. For makeup lovers, knowing how to use makeup tools to bring that magic to your face is important at first. It’s important to understand the basics to focus on the sparkling look. Once you know what kind of brush to use and how to use it, you can use your makeup skills to be creative and look good. There are a variety of eye makeup brushes in the market, figuring out which one is used for what is a fairly difficult task. To play with good makeup products, you require to have the ideal brushes too! To play with good cosmetics, you also need the perfect brush!

Rayed Merchant, spokesperson, Proarte, shares popular eye brushes that beginners need to perfect eye makeup.

Blending is the key to a perfect make-up look. There are several eye makeup brushes of different sizes and shapes, each of which works differently. However, as a beginner, you don`t need each one. Blending brushes help you mix and match different eyeshadow colours when you apply.

The best eyeshadow brushes for blending are:

Dense and small blending brush

This eye makeup brush is perfect for applying an eye shadow base to your entire eye. Whether it’s a powder product or a cream product, a small, dense brush is perfect for blending products. As a novice, it will help you apply it quickly.

Fluffy blending brush

Use a fluffy blender eye makeup brush for natural gradations. After applying eyeshadow and eyeliner, use this eye makeup brush for a natural finish as it skilfully blends the colours. This is great for creating smoky eyes and a dramatic look. You will receive a tapered or rounded fluffy brush for blending. Fluffy eye makeup brushes can be used for blending with or without products. The tapered brush lets you apply more concentrated colours to the crease. For a cut crease look, go with a small tapered blending eye makeup brush.

Large, domed blending brush

This brush is great for beginners to seamlessly get the perfect blend look. This eye makeup brush allows you to instantly bluff, blend and highlight colours. This eye makeup brush gracefully blends and completes a look without any harsh lines.

Crease line brush

Crease line eye brushes can enhance the depth of your eye makeup. You can add sharpness to your eyes by adding shadows to the crease of your eyelids. This eye makeup brush is very easy to use. Select the product you like, push the brush into the crease of the eyelids, and swipe left or right to get the colour you like. It`s small enough to help you draw accurately, so it`s perfect for use with the inner corners.

Winged eyeliner brush

It looks like an angled brush, but the corners are a little longer. The perfect brush for drawing dramatic wings with liquid or gel eyeliner. You can also use it to experiment with the look and style of different eyeliners. Winged eyeliner, however, requires practice to master the arts!

With this eye makeup brush, you can gently blend the concealer and apply it to your eyes. You can use this brush to cover hard-to-reach areas and specific areas of the eye.

Pencil brush

Pencil brushes are used for softening and smudging the outlines. It`s so sharp that it adds highlights and details to the eyes. It works like a pencil for eye makeup. You can draw accurate lines on the eyelids, eyelash lines, and creases. It helps you make up in style.

Smudge brush

As the name implies, smudge brushes are used to create smudging effects. But they are also multipurpose brushes! If the shadow is more pigmented, you can easily spread it using a smudge brush. You can efficiently mix different shades.

Flat shader brush

Basically, use a flat shader brush to apply eyeshadow. This is to pick up the product well. It helps to cast shadows evenly on the eyelids. If you like to try out the dramatic smokey eye looks, this is a must. Larger shader brushes will quickly help cover more areas. They are great for basic eyeshadow applications.

An angled brush is used to emphasise the eyebrows and create a natural look. It picks up the product cleanly. It can be the ideal brush for applying liners to give a cat-eye look. With an angled brush, you can effortlessly apply eyeshadows all over the eyelid, in the corner, and in the crease line.

Using the right brush is just as important as using the right cosmetics. Having different brush sets can only complete the art if you know how to use them properly. Knowing which eye brushes are worth putting in your makeup collection will help beginner`s master art. Use the right tools to create a great look and shine! You can make your eyes look even more beautiful and appealing with the right eye makeup brushes.

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Most Stylish Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas For Women And Boy

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Most Stylish CollarBone Tattoo Ideas For Women And Boy
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Unique Collarbone Tattoos are a great way to get a very meaningful tattoo in a unique place on your body. It used to be that just about everyone either got tattoos on their arms or their backs, but these days people recognize that there are plenty of other areas of the body that can look great with some ink, and that includes the collar bone. Below we will take a look at some very popular collarbone tattoo designs and why they work so well.

One of the reasons why so many people are interested in getting collarbone tattoos is because they can be as visible or as hidden away as they want depending on how they dress and where the design is located. You might want a design that is always showing when you’re wearing a V-neck shirt or any other type of short that exposes your collar bone. Or you might want a design that will look great even when only part of it is exposed.

There are plenty of great collarbone tattoo ideas out there, so you will need to think about the meanings that you want to come across to outsiders and the look that you’re going for. What’s great is that if you have a design in mind, chances are there is a way to tweak it a bit to make it work as a collarbone tattoo. Ideally, though, it is a horizontal design if you want it to go along your collar bone, or a vertical design if you want it to go down across your collar bone.

Some of the most popular collarbone tattoos out there today contain birds or just the feathers of birds. One example of this is getting two of your favorite birds on each side of your collarbone to give it a symmetrical look. If you do decide to go with birds or feathers, you’ll want to choose a species that has a meaning that makes sense for you.

Similarly, some people opt to get wings as their collarbone tattoos. You can get just the wings on each side of your collar bone or the bird’s body straight down the middle of your chest with the wings on either side. If you want to get a larger piece for your chest and collar bone, then definitely look into getting wings.

Another extremely popular collarbone tattoo idea is to put a meaningful flower above the collar bone or along the bone. If you didn’t know this already, just about every flower out there comes with a bunch of great meanings. We recommend checking out all of the flower tattoo meanings and narrowing your choice down to the one that looks the best and has great meanings that you want to share with the world.

The collar bone is also an excellent place to put words, quotes, or lyrics. Most people who go this route get the words so they go perfectly across the liens of their collarbone, giving the tattoo a very cool look. These collarbone tats look just as great when they are above or below the bone as they do when they are directly on it.

Yet another great idea for a collarbone tattoo is to get a small symbol right above or under the bone. Heck, you can even get an actual bone tattoo in this area if that’s what you like. There are plenty of great symbols to choose from, so all you really have to focus on is designing it in such a way that looks natural in that area.

The collar bone is a fantastic place to get symmetrical designs that can go from one side to the other, up and over the shoulder, or even wrap around your entire body. These can be anything from animal tattoos to abstract line designs. Again, it’s best to get your idea drawn up first before you commit to it so you can see how it looks as a collarbone tattoo.

With any of these collarbone tattoo designs, you will want to think long and hard about the overall look you want so you can get the placement just right. You might imagine that the tattoo will look good closer to the middle of the chest when in fact it looks better further to one side. These are the types of things that you will want to talk to your tattoo artist about.

Collarbone tattoo ideas male

CollarBone Tattoos for Men. If you are looking for grand collarbone tattoo ideas that’ll never fail to make an impression, this deer head tattoo definitely fits the bill. This tattoo covers the chest area and reaches out to the collar bones. With great detailing, the tattoo surely showcases your love for this delicate body art. Zeroing in on men, collarbone tattoos for men are a common sight. It takes a lot of nerve to get one on that area. Getting one on the collar bone for a man shows the degree of confidence you have. Depending on the kind of tattoos you spot, it comes across as self-assuring. There are different types of tattoos that can appear on a man. Simple collarbone tattoo. In simplicity, there’s beauty. Even without intricate details and bold colors, collarbone tattoos can still be made as beautiful as can be. Minimalist trend on Collarbone Tattoos. Before, more means best. Now, less is more for collarbone tattoo designs. Keeping my fingers crossed. This hand gesture means one hopes Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins.

Fascinating Collarbone Tattoo Designs, Ideas & Images

Lovely Collarbone Tattoos Ideas With Meaning For Men And Women. Today We Have Some Outstanding Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas For You. Share These Designs If You Like Them.

Collarbone Tattoos For Girls

Collarbone tattoos May highlight among the Very attractive Portions of the body. All these tattoos that can be put on both women and men vary from delicate and yummy to ferocious and strong. Collar bone tattoos aren’t only a form of saying today. A growing number of people especially the youth are currently inclined to have tattoos even ones that are permanent.

Tattoo Of Beautiful Blue Flower

The Pros of Collar Bone Tattoos

Some people choose collar bone tattoos in order to accentuate a certain message. Examples of collar bone tattoos can range from simple words and expressions, all the way up to deeply elaborate pieces of body art. Some people also like the way the collar bone tattoo can serve to accentuate the collar bone itself.

Again, the pros and cons of collar bone tattoos can emphasize certain pros or certain cons over others, since feelings and pain tolerances can vary from one individual to the next. Nonetheless, if you are going to discuss the pros and cons of collar bone tattoos, the following pros are likely to come up in conversation.

  1. Potential for Expression is Immense
    Naturally, those who want to express larger messages than something like an arm can accommodate will want to look for larger areas on their body. To that end, the collar bone affords a strong opportunity to express a large message.
  2. Distinct
    Then again, it doesn’t have to express a large message. The collar bone area is such that a small message or piece of art can be just as distinct a possibility for someone as a larger piece of art or larger message.
  3. Guaranteed to Get Attention
    Regardless of the tattoo, you decide to get, if you opt for the collar bone, you’re opting for a part of the body that is going to get people’s attention.
  4. Gender Neutral Area
    Some people will tell you that there is no such thing as a gender-specific part of the body for tattoos. However, others believe that certain parts of the body are more popular for tattoos with one gender than with another. If you are in the second camp, you will be pleased to know that collar bone tattoos are popular with both men and women.

Tattoos For Collarbone

Small Bird Tattoo on Collarbone

Star Tattoo Collarbone

Moon Phase Collarbone Tattoo

Shoulder Collarbone Tattoo

Heart Collarbone Tattoo

Arrows Collarbone Tattoo

Snake Collarbone Tattoo

Dragon Collarbone Tattoo

Feather Tattoo on Collarbone

Butterfly Tattoo Collarbone

Olive Branch Collarbone Tattoo

Roman Numerals Collarbone Tattoo

Rose Tattoo Collarbone

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Understanding The Differences Between Lab Grown and Mined Diamonds

Odyssey News



Understanding The Differences Between Lab Grown and Mined Diamonds
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Shopping for a diamond can sometimes feel like hunting for treasure. There are so many different qualities that a diamond can have, and it can be difficult to know what you’re looking at.


To make things more confusing, there are actually two basic types of diamonds: lab-grown, and mined. But while synthetic diamonds may appear identical to their natural counterparts in most ways, they do have some key distinctions that you should understand before buying any gemstone.


Understanding the differences between these two is important if you want to find a high-quality cut gemstone.


This article will give you an in-depth look at both sides of the diamond equation, including how the source affects the price and why.

What Is a Lab-grown Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are grown in labs from scratch. They are man-made, not mined from the earth. They are also grown with a great deal of care and precision. This is why you will find them having many of the same qualitative qualities as mined diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds are created using a laboratory process. These diamonds are grown by exposing a diamond seed to carbon in a lab under controlled conditions. The carbon is turned into diamonds that are then polished and set as a gemstone.

What Is a Mined Diamond?

Diamonds are found naturally in the Earth, and they were first discovered over a century ago. Since then, diamonds have become one of the most valuable gemstones in the world.


A mined diamond is one that is mined from the Earth. They are mined from blocks of the diamond-bearing rock called “diamond ore.” To find the diamonds, the miners drill down and collect the “ore.” Then, they use a process called “concentration” to separate the diamonds from the ore.


Mined diamonds do not come from a laboratory, and they have not been manipulated in any way. Therefore, mined diamonds are completely natural, and their properties are largely determined by the Earth.


Most mined diamonds are mined from deep beneath the surface of the Earth. However, there are also some mines that are closer to the surface. Due to the intense heat and pressure that is exerted on the diamond, the surrounding rock is often changed. That is why mined diamonds are often found in different types of rocks.

Pros of Lab-grown Diamonds

There are many benefits to buying a lab-grown diamond over a mined diamond.


One, of course, is that the lab-grown diamonds are 100% natural. That means no trace elements have been added to make the diamond more attractive for people to wear.


Another is that lab-grown diamonds are far less expensive than mined diamonds. That is because the process to grow diamonds requires a lot less expensive raw materials than mining diamonds from the Earth. And since synthetic diamonds do not come from natural sources, there are no negative environmental consequences associated with the production and use of synthetic diamonds.


One of the most important things to note is that lab-grown diamonds are pretty much the same quality as mined diamonds. So, in some ways, lab-grown diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds because they are the same quality as mined diamonds.

Therefore, lab-grown diamonds are often used as a more affordable alternative when more expensive mined diamonds are not needed.


Another largely overlooked benefit is that because synthetic diamonds are made in a lab, they have a specific sonic quality — a sonic frequency — that is different from the quality of mined diamonds. This sonic frequency makes the synthetic diamond useful for a variety of applications, including medical devices and musical instruments.


Synthetic diamonds are also extremely durable. They are not affected by natural disasters such as rain, wind, or extreme temperatures. This means they do not deteriorate like natural diamonds do.

Pros of Mined Diamonds

There are a lot of amazing benefits of natural diamonds over synthetics.


For one, natural diamonds are more beautiful, more valuable, and more sustainable than synthetics. As such, they command great value in the market and could be a great investment choice for anyone who finds the glamour and glitz of this industry financially alluring.


And because they are natural, mined diamonds have a higher level of shine and brilliance than synthetic diamonds.

Which Diamond Is More Costly?

This one is a no-brainer. Lab-grown diamonds are much less expensive than mined diamonds, and that is why they are often used as a cheaper alternative when more expensive mined diamonds are not needed.


Synthetic diamonds are produced in abundance and have no limit to the amount that can be produced. They start at around $43 per carat, and the price per carat depends on the quality of the synthetic diamond.


Mined diamonds start at around $1,200 per carat, and the price per carat depends on the quality of the diamond.They are the most expensive because, for starters, they are rare as compared to synthetic diamonds. There are also other expenses to consider such as the costs of mining, the cost of cutting, company expenses, and the costs of marketing the diamonds.

To Sum It Up

For many people, buying a diamond is one of the most important decisions they’ll ever make financially. Dealing with the ever-changing world of diamonds can be confusing and overwhelming for anyone shopping for a gift. That’s why it’s important to understand the differences between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds.


Lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds seem to have the same qualities, but each has its own important differences you should be aware of before making a purchase. While synthetic diamonds may appear to be identical to their natural counterparts, they do have some key distinctions that you should understand before buying any gemstone.


For example, when you buy a mined diamond, you miss out on a significant opportunity to save money, while also receiving the same quality as a lab-grown diamond. You get the best of both worlds with a lab-grown diamond, while still enjoying the same quality and price tag of a lab-grown diamond. However, mined diamonds are much more glamorous which is exactly the point why people buy diamonds, right?







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Elsa Schiaparelli Exhibition Surrealism Paris

Ody Team



Elsa Schiaparelli Exhibition Surrealism Paris
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PARIS — A woman wears a long thermometer on a hook hanging from her ear, her chin upturned and eyes gently closed, in a photograph taken by the artist Man Ray around 1920, not long after the influenza pandemic of 1918.

One hundred years later, another woman hangs on her ear a negative Covid-19 rapid test, decorated with rhinestones and a dangling gold heart. This photo was taken in late 2021.

These are the images — which have nothing and everything to do with the designer Elsa Schiaparelli — that came to mind while walking through a new exhibition dedicated to the Italian-born couturière, who founded her label in 1927.


Schiaparelli was a designer who put things where they should not have been: hands-on belts, aspirin on necklaces, cicadas on buttons, claws on the fingertips of gloves. But these “little jokes,” as The New Yorker wrote of her style in 1932, “turned out to be big influences.” (The jokes were also, at times, so practical that they became less funny: During Prohibition, Schiaparelli sold an evening coat with a bustle able to conceal a flask; later, she made a jumpsuit to wear in air raid shelters.)

But the designer has also developed a reputation for being “underrated,” said Olivier Gabet, director of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which will present “Shocking! The Surreal World of Elsa Schiaparelli” from Wednesday to Jan. 22.

Schiaparelli at a masquerade ball in Paris in 1952.

“You understand the invisibility of women artists with the case of Schiaparelli,” Mr. Gabet said. Though a handful of museums have devoted major fashion exhibitions to her in the past 20 years, Schiaparelli is less recognized within the history of Surrealist art, he said, despite close associations with Salvador Dalí, Jean Cocteau and Man Ray, whose work is arranged beside hers in the new exhibition.

In fashion, “everybody helped themselves” to her work following the closure of her couture house in 1954, Mr. Gabet said. Schiaparelli turned newspaper clippings into fabric before John Galliano, and a woman’s torso into a perfume bottle before Jean Paul Gaultier. Even today, with her revived label finding a new audience under creative director Daniel Roseberry, her name is not as well known as those of the men she influenced, like Yves Saint Laurent and Hubert de Givenchy.

This exhibition arrives as another attempt to correct that: not just to impress viewers with her original creations and artistic connections — plus a fair amount of Mr. Roseberry’s recent work — but to implant in them the knowledge of how far her curious mind and angular arms have reached into modern fashion. Look around and Schiap, as she was known, is everywhere. Even in a pair of bedazzled antigen test earrings, made nearly 50 years after her death, by a Spanish college student with a D.I.Y. hobby.

The Paris exhibition plays the hits.

Encased in glass is a black Schiaparelli hat worn like an upside-down high-heel shoe. Nearby is a version of the off-white silk organza dress worn by Wallis Simpson for Vogue in 1937, the same year she married the former King Edward VIII; an enormous lobster lolls down the front and back of the skirt. Both pieces originally were designed in collaboration with Dalí.

There is also an assortment of knits that made Schiaparelli a star: One of her earliest designs was a sweater printed with a trompe l’oeil bow around its neck that she first wore to what she called a “smart lunch” in Paris. “Sweater-minded” women, she wrote in her 1954 autobiography, “fell on me like birds of prey,” among them a buyer from a New York department store.

But it is not just Schiaparelli’s surreal style signatures that continue to resurface in fashion (like Marc Jacobs referencing those knits in 2016, as just one example). The legends around her also resonate. In her autobiography, Schiaparelli wrote of being an “ugly” child who planted seeds in her throat, ears and mouth, in hopes of growing “a face covered with flowers like a heavenly garden.” (Surviving near-suffocation, she later designed a summer dress covered in fabric appliqués resembling seed packets.)

The image calls to mind the transformative shrub makeup and floor-length capes seen in Thom Browne’s spring 2022 show. Or, more recently, the Loewe collection of coats, jeans and sneakers covered in real sprouted grass by Jonathan Anderson, its creative director, and the designer Paula Ulargui Escalona.

The way Schiaparelli presented her work, too, is still relevant. She was an early adopter of themed collections, choosing subjects like music, astrology, the pagan (making women look like Botticelli paintings) and the circus.

The 1938 circus show, in particular, with its hired dancers and clowns, has been long cited as an example of Surrealism’s rise amid the threat of war. Describing it as “riotous and swaggering,” Schiaparelli unveiled lavish embroidery inspired by ringmasters and acrobats, and accessories like balloon handbags and ice cream cone hats. It was jubilant and escapist but memorable for its taste of death, too; with Dalí, she debuted a long black skeleton dress with padded ridges mimicking protruding bones.

One month after the circus show, Hitler invaded Austria. While carnival collections and skeletal dresses have recurred in fashion, few designers have found themselves at the same intense intersection of surreal themes and ominous timing.

A bolero from Schiaparelli’s 1938 Circus collection.
Credit…Decorative Arts/Christophe Dellière
A bolero from Schiaparelli’s 1938 Circus collection.

Moschino, fall 2022.
Credit…Valerio Mezzanotti for The New York Times
Moschino, fall 2022.

One recent exception: the theme-prone designer Jeremy Scott. His fall 2022 show for Moschino was inspired by a fanciful mansion come to life, à la “Beauty and the Beast,” with models dressed like grandfather clocks or with candelabras on their heads (courtesy of the Surrealist milliner Stephen Jones), on a set inspired by “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

The show took place on the day Russia invaded Ukraine; backstage, Mr. Scott wore a shirt that read “Gilt without guilt.”

“I design these collections six months in advance — I’m not Nostradamus,” Mr. Scott said recently by phone. “But I do think that, whether it’s war in Ukraine or just the things that happen in our daily lives that may seem insignificant in comparison but still feel so strong and dramatic for us individually, we’re always in need of joy and whimsy. We’re in need of the way that fashion can transport us emotionally.”

Of Schiaparelli’s work, Mr. Scott said he was most inspired by the Dalí collaborations, including her bureau suit, complete with five drawer pockets with plastic knobs — Moschino’s mansion collection included three dresses with drawer handles and ornate gold trim — and the rebellion in assigning new roles to familiar objects.

For her, a lamb chop became a hat. For him, a Champagne bottle became a purse. They’re both in the business of transformation, refashioning women as shrubs, currency, court jesters, warning signs, plates of food — all elegant little monsters. (Cocteau in 1937 called Schiaparelli’s headquarters “a devil’s laboratory.”)

Yet beyond the need to escape reality, Mr. Scott acknowledged surreal fashion also satisfies a desire for attention that is stronger today than in the 20th century. There is “a hunger to stand out,” he said, when “we consume so much information from a small screen in the palm of our hands.”

Walking through the exhibition a few days before its opening, Mr. Gabet was thinking about how young audiences might respond: “I’m not sure the name Elsa Schiaparelli is so familiar to them,” he said. “If they know the name, it’s through Daniel’s work.”

While the exhibition was planned before Mr. Roseberry’s appointment in 2019, it includes much of his work, like Lady Gaga’s outfit for the 2021 Biden inauguration (fitted navy jacket, oversize dove brooch, low-slung red ball skirt) and the intensely gold sculptural minidress-coat worn by Beyoncé in British Vogue this month. Mr. Roseberry’s most public achievement at Schiaparelli has been bringing a freaky sophistication to the often staid world of red-carpet and celebrity dressing.

“It’s really woken everybody else up,” said Brett Alan Nelson, the stylist who dressed the singer Doja Cat in a breast-baring black Schiaparelli gown for the Billboard Music Awards in May. Her accessories? A gold bag shaped like a planet, earrings shaped like ears wearing earrings, and shoes shaped with toes.

(That wasn’t a new direction for Doja Cat, a “weirdo” who prefers “art pieces” to “pretty dresses,” Mr. Nelson said: For her role hosting the MTV Video Music Awards last year, she wore a series of mind-bending looks, including a bistro chair hat, chicken-feet boots and a dress that looked, in her words, “like a worm.”)

In text accompanying the Paris exhibition, Mr. Roseberry said he had kept Schiaparelli’s signatures at “arm’s length.”

“I kind of had this image of her passing the torch,” he said. “I don’t think she would be interested in seeing her work reissued over and over again, a century later. I think she would be championing the new, and I can only hope that that would include me.”

There is already a whole genre of emerging designers pulling more directly from, and remixing, her work. Vivetta Ponti in Milan makes hands-shape collars and painted-nail gloves. (The Schiaparelli originals are part of the Paris exhibition, along with a photograph by Man Ray believed to be the inspiration.)

Olivia Cheng of the New York-based brand Dauphinette makes jewelry from preserved plants and fruit encased in clear resin, similar to a Schiaparelli necklace of insects pressed into plastic. Just as Schiaparelli affixed metal bugs to a suit collar, Ms Cheng affixed beetles to the bodice of a while silk organza dress for her fall collection. Except the bugs she used were real, obtained from Thailand and dead of natural causes. (“I don’t think a lot of people liked them quite honestly,” Ms. Cheng said. “When something is real, it almost makes it a little less pretty, a little more chaotic.”)

Collar by Vivetta.
Collar by Vivetta.

Dauphinette’s beetle bodice.
Credit…Naoko Maeda
Dauphinette’s beetle bodice.

Last year, the brand Area sexed-up the butterfly motif of the 1920s with outrageous bling-y glasses. For its most recent collection, the co-founder and creative director Piotrek Panszczyk said Area treated the “corny idea of flora and fauna in fashion” similarly — blowing up and reworking the kinds of flowers Schiaparelli used as embellishments into something harder, more “kooky” and “mysterious,” like a spiky crystallized miniskirt set (though still in a color similar to her signature shocking pink).

Still, it is not easy to sell surreal fashion or “little jokes” en masse — or at least at the volume required to make a living. Carolina García Caballero, the 21-year-old student who made the antigen test earrings, felt so overwhelmed by the online response and demand (catalyzed by Katy Perry commissioning a pair) that she decided not to sell them, even after gathering hundreds of negative tests and shooting photos for an online store. Instead, she said, “I chose myself and my mental health before money,” finishing her comparative literature degree, working at a poke bowl restaurant and making plans to travel around Europe.

While the artist Carly Mark co-founded her fashion line Puppets and Puppets in New York City in 2019, actually producing it has been a more gradual process. (The first season, nothing was for sale.) A retailer once asked her to put a cake hat into production, she said, but she couldn’t figure out how to get the costs low enough.

The chocolate chip bag by Puppets and Puppets.
Credit…Puppets and Puppets
The chocolate chip bag by Puppets and Puppets.

Then came the cookie bag: a critically acclaimed simple black handbag affixed with an “unsettlingly perfect” resin chocolate chip cookie made by the artist Margalit Cutler, priced at about $350. Ms. Mark said she had been thinking about the circular logos on the center of bags by Telfar or Tory Burch, when it occurred to her “to make fun of the placement of a logo by placing this surreal object on it.”

“As funny and attractive as a cookie on a bag is, it’s also fake, and you’re aware of that. I’m laughing at you, but you’re in on the joke,” she said. “I think that was very much the way Elsa’s brain worked. It’s inspiring she was able to do that during a period in time when women didn’t have the same power, necessarily, that we do now.”

For Ms. Mark, surreal fashion is not about escapism or attention, but finding a way to express personality and sense of humor. It’s about finding communities of like minds, like Schiaparelli and the Surrealists did in the 1930s.

“We’re born into these bodies, and we get to present them to the world in whatever way we want,” Ms. Mark said. “How do we adorn our outsides to match what we’re feeling on the inside, so that people might understand us more easily?”

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What Color Shoes With A Light Blue Dress? 11 Styling Tips!

Odyssey News



What Color Shoes With A Light Blue Dress
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If you’ve ever wondered what color shoes go with a light blue dress, you’ve come to the right place! ShoeTease is the destination for all that is a shoe and dress styling, after all 😉

In previous posts, I’ve covered a slew of purse, shoe, and dress combos. These include posts about what color shoes to wear with navy dresses and what color shoes for blue dresses go best.

But today, let’s focus on what color shoes work best with a light blue, powder blue, baby blue, ice blue or sky blue dress. Or whatever color the kids are calling it these days!!

I’ll be handing out helpful tips on how to choose accessories for your light blue dress with the right shoes, jewelry & purses for all sorts of occasions, including bridesmaid styling!

Light blue dresses make picture-perfect bridesmaid dresses, look fab for cocktail parties & are the perfect tea party look! There are so many types of baby blue dresses to choose from. From satin dresses, to floral numbers to pretty lace frocks and more.

And which shoe color to choose when putting together your pastel blue dress outfit is a combo of 2 things: a mix of personal preference & which occasion you’ll be wearing it too. Wearing a light jean dress? See my post outlining what shoes to wear with denim dresses.

1. Light Blue Dress with Silver Shoes

Light Blue Dress with Silver Shoes

A light blue dress with silver shoes is one of my fave dress-to-shoe combinations. The cool tones in the shoes match perfectly with the cool hue of the pastel blue dress. It creates a breezy, effortless look that’s anything but boring.

You can choose matte or shiny metallic silver shoes with your baby blue dress. A shiny silver shoe will be more glam in addition to making more of a fashion statement!

I would definitely consider these strappy “Lorain” silver heels from Nordstrom that are currently 40% off. If you’re looking for a closed-toe option, these silver pumps designed by J. Reneé also from Nordstrom are a popular choice for my readers.

The great thing about pairing a silver pair of shoes with a light blue dress? You’ve not got one of the most versatile shoe colors to dress up any other dress color, including a navy dress!

Purse & Jewelery Styling Tips: I would match my silver shoes with silver jewelry. As a purse choice, I would opt for white, black or purple if you’re feeling la-di-da! A yellow clutch could look really fun too, if pops of color are your thing!

2. Light Blue Dress and Gold Shoes

Light Blue Dresses with Gold Shoes

If you’re wanting a shoe color to light blue dress combo that is in tune with the most popular metallic as of late, you can opt for a gold shoe. Or even a rose gold shoe, if you’re feeling up to it!

A light blue dress and gold shoes works great for a wedding or cocktail party look. Gold or rose gold shoes also bring out any warm tones that your dress might have, if it has a warm colored pattern. Rose gold shoes makes the look that much more flirty.

Purse & Jewelery Styling Tips: I would match my gold or rose shoes with the same shade in jewelry to keep things coordinated.

As for a purse, as with a silver shoe, I would opt for either a white or black bag, but even a beige one would work well with this dress & shoe color pairing.

3. Beige Shoes with Pastel Blue Dress

Light Blue Dress with Beige Shoes

Beige shoes with a pastel blue dress? Yes, please! You can never go wrong with beige or blush shoes, on any skin tone. And blush or beige shoes with a pastel blue dress are no exception.

Understated & elegant, a great pair of beige shoes is what every gal needs in her closet.

Whether it’s a closed-toe pump like Sam Edelman’s “Hazel” pointy pump or a classic strappy stiletto like Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist sandal or lower heeled version called Nudist Song, you can’t go wrong. These are some of the best shoes to wear with dresses!

Purse & Jewelry Styling Tips: Since your nude or blush shoes have some warm tones to them, I would match them with either gold or rose gold jewelry.

4. White Shoes with Light Blue Dress

Light Blue Dress with White Shoes

White shoes with a light blue dress will give a simple elegance to your outfit. You can’t go wrong with a white strappy sandal (love this one!), simple pointed pump (this one’s very popular) or even a sleek ankle boot for this pale blue shoe combo.

Purse & Jewelry Styling Tips: Because the pairing is simple, any minimal jewelry type will work well. As for purses, yellow or pink would be a fun choice (especially for a celebratory occasion) but you won’t go wrong with silver or black.


3 women wearing Light Blue Dress with Black Shoes

The great thing about wearing black shoes with baby blue dresses is that you most likely have a pair in your shoe closet already! If you’re going to a cocktail function, I would opt for a strappy sandal. This stiletto style from Nordstrom is gorgeous!

This way, your black shoes will contrast well with your pale blue dress, but not too much. If you’re looking for a more casual shoe option, a black boot or pump would look lovely as well.

Purse & Jewelery Styling Tips: I personally love silver jewelry with this light blue dress combo, but any metallic hue will do.

My first purse color choice would definitely be white, but you can also pair a black or beige clutch with your outfit as well. Even a bright yellow or pink one if you’re feeling bold!

6. Light Blue Dress with Brown Shoes

Light Blue Dress with Brown Shoes

If you’re going to a more casual (read: not cocktail or formal) event, the shoes for a light blue dress this time around could very well be brown shoes.

Brown, dark tan, caramel or whichever descriptive you’d like to use is a great pairing with a powder blue dress.

If they match your skin tone, they’ll elongate your legs too! Brown shoes with a light blue dress is the perfect combo for a garden party or work outfit.

If you want to wear brown shoes with your dress, but make it a bit more formal, you can opt for a pair of bronze shoes too!

Purse & Jewelry Styling Tips: Any type of jewelry would work with this combo, so you can reach for gold, silver or even pewter. As per a purse color selection, you can match with your shoes or opt for a beige, white or black bag.

7. Purple and Contrast Blue Shoes

Light Blue Dress with Navy Shoes Shoes

If you’re looking to push your light blue dress styling to a whole new level, navy blue or purple shoes are where it’s at.

Unexpected and fun, you can’t go wrong with accessorizing your pastel blue dress with these similar, but still well suited shades. I would choose a darker navy shoe color or a darker purple heel with this combo.

Of course, if you’re looking to style a pastel blue dress outfit for an elegant event or a bridesmaid look, you can easily pair it with light blue heels.

Purse & Jewelry Styling Tips: With this combo, I would keep purse colors simple: either black, white or beige. Silver jewelry would keep the tones cool, while gold jewelry will add some warmth to your look.

It’s really up to you what jewelry metal type you’d like to style your pale blue dress and blue/purple shoes with!

Other Color Shoes to Wear with a Light Blue Dress

8. Matching Light Blue Shoes

Matching your pale blue dress to your shoes will give you an elegant head-to-toe look for that wedding or cocktail party. And if you’re wanting to be very bold, you can style your light blue dress with some fur colors too. These include:

9. Coral Colored Shoes

Coral is an unexpected shoe color that goes with many dresses, including light blue dresses. It’s a fun combo, but be careful that the shade of pastel blue doesn’t clash the coral hue of the shoes.

10. Yellow Shoes

All yellow shoes with a light blue dress look great. However, mustard yellow is a personal favorite, but even a sunny yellow can look fabulous.

11. Pastel Pink Shoes

Perfect for a garden party, tea party or bridesmaid in a wedding with pastel colors! If you think this is too much, you’re better off sticking with blush pink, to keep the colors more subtle.

Final Words on Shoes for a Light Blue Dress:

I hope this article helped to shed light on what shoes to wear with a light blue dresses and pastel blue dresses. As you can see, there are many shoe color choices that can work.

Some are more daring than others, but whatever is best for the occasion and your mood is what I would choose!

What Color Shoes To Wear with a Light Blue Dress

You can find some great designer light blue dress styles from Net-a-Porter, or more affordable ones at Nordstrom that you can purchase below:

Shop Light Blue Dresses:

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How to Style Baby Blue Dress: 15 Refreshing & Attractive Outfit Ideas

Odyssey News



How to Style Baby Blue Dress
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Sometimes, it is easy to only wear the mainstream colors and stop being creative with using rare and beautiful colors to your advantage. For example, to look refreshing and approachable, a great item to wear is the baby blue dress. It is actually a great thing that it is not a mainstream colors, or it may lose its uniqueness and magic in it. It is also something that is very easy to style and pull off. You can either wear it casually or to cocktail party. To show you more ways to style it, I have put together a list of some of the best baby blue dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s jump right in now.

Baby Blue Cap Sleeve Lace Swing Dress

To kick start this list of refreshing outfit ideas, I am going to show you a very easy-to-pull-off outfit. Something that you don’t need to be in your best shape to look good with. To form this look, wear a baby blue cap sleeve swing lace dress that looks breezy and doesn’t focus on your waistline. Pair it with silver open toe heels to complete the outfit elegantly.

Baby Blue Fit and Flare Mini Dress with Lace Hem

baby blue fit and flare mini dress with lace hem

Here is another really beautiful outfit that is suitable for wearing to a cocktail party, or even a prom. It is a two-layered dress with the outer layer being a baby blue fit and flare mini dress and the inner layer being a white lace skirt. Pair it with white pointed toe heels and a white clutch bag to look extra refreshing.

Baby Blue Halter Neck Fit and Flare Mini Dress with White Open Toe Heels

baby blue halter neck fit and flare mini dress with white open toe heels

For a low-key sexy look that doesn’t really require you to show much skin except for arms and collarbones, you can wear a baby blue fit and flare halter neck mini dress. Pair it with a silver cuff bracelet and a pair of white ankle strap open toe heels to complete the outfit elegantly and refreshingly.

Baby Blue Deep V Neck Maxi High Split Dress

Here is an extremely sexy outfit that you can wear to a prom to become the center of attention. The dress here is a maxi criss cross spaghetti strap deep v neck baby blue chiffon dress. Pair the dress with silver open toe platform heels to complete this remarkable look.

Blue Square Neck Mini Shift Tank Dress with Red Heels

If you want to achieve a more youthful look, usually a very simple look can give you a better chance of doing that. For example, you can simply wear a black mini shift tank dress that has a cool square neck cutting. Pair it with red open toe heels and a silver purse to complete the simple look.

Light Blue Fit and Flare Chiffon Mini Dress with Pale Pink Leather Jacket

To look chic and ladylike, you can add some pink element to your baby blue outfit. For example, you can wear a baby blue fit and flare mini chiffon dress with a pale pink leather jacket draped over your shoulders. Pair these pieces with pale pink pointed toe heels and a pink leather clutch bag to complete the outfit.

T Shift Dress with Pale Pink Open Toe Suede Short Boots

t shirt dress with pale pink open toe suede short boots

To look minimal and attractive, here is an outfit that you may try. More importantly, it is an outfit that is very easy to pull off. To form this outfit, simply wear a baby blue t shirt dress with a pair of pale pink suede open toe short boots that come with some strappy details around the ankle area.

Semi-Sheer Crochet Mini Skater Dress

semi sheer crochet mini skater dress

Here is a very unique two-layered baby blue dress. The inner layer is a two-piece dress that consists a crop top and a mini skirt. The outer layer is a semi-sheer crochet layer that glue the whole mini skater dress together. Simply pair the dress with white heeled sandals to look refreshing and attractive.

Pleated Sleeveless Mini Dress with Silver Metallic Belt & Felt Hat

pleated sleeveless mini dress with silver metallic belt and felt hat

To achieve a more playful and creative look, here is an outfit that you may want to try. Start the outfit with a baby blue mini pleated dress. Wear a silver metallic wide belt to make your waistline more obvious, resulting in a lean look. Wear black heels and a black felt hat to add an artistic touch to the look.

Baby Blue Off The Shoulder Fit and Flare Lace Midi Dress

baby blue off the shoulder fit and flare lace midi dress

For those of you who have beautiful shoulders and collarbones, here is an outfit you can wear to a cocktail party to look low-key sexy and beautiful. The dress here is an off the shoulder baby blue fit and flare midi dress. Pair the dress with white clutch purse and a pair of pale pink open toe heels to complete this amazing look.

Baby Blue Blazer Dress with Faux Fur White Clutch Bag

baby blue blazer dress with faux fur white clutch bag

For those of you who love to power dress to work and have to attend a company event like an annual dinner, you may not be very comfortable with dressing in a very ladylike way. To solve the problem, you can wear a baby blue blazer dress to look beautiful while still looking pretty powerful. Pair the dress with a white faux fur clutch bag and strappy open toe pink heels.

Semi-Sheer Long Sleeve Fit and Flared Pleated Mini Dress

semi sheer long sleeve fit and flared pleated mini dress

This is a very girly semi-sheer dress that you can wear as a cocktail dress to stand out from the crowd. In detail, the dress is a baby blue fit and flare pleated mini dress that has lace semi-sheer detail at the neckline and sleeves. Pair it with a white clutch bag and white open toe heels to add a refreshing touch to the outfit.

Sleeveless Baby Blue Sheath Scalloped Hem Lace Dress

sleeveless baby blue sheath scalloped hem lace dress

This is a very simple yet slightly mature cocktail party outfit. To form this look, you can wear a baby blue sleeveless lace sheath knee length dress that comes with scalloped hem details. Pair it with a silver cuff bracelet and silver open toe heels to look slightly more eye catching.

Baby Blue Collar Mini Dress with Mustard Yellow Purse

baby blue collar mini dress with mustard yellow purse

To achieve a vintage look, you can wear a baby blue short sleeve swing dress that comes with a rounded collar design. Pair the dress with a mustard yellow leather purse and pale pink heels to complete the ladylike and vintage outfit.

Baby Blue and White Floral Printed Half Sleeve Swing Dress

baby blue and white floral printed half sleeve swing dress

To look breezy and refreshing, you can wear a baby blue and white floral swing dress that comes with wide half sleeves. Pair the dress with nude strappy heeled sandals to complete this attractive and simple look.

Here are the baby blue dress outfit ideas that are simply amazing. You will be surprised by how easily they can make you look so refreshing and breezy when you try them on.

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