5 Bedtime Eye Care Routine Hacks that’ll change your Life

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5 Bedtime Eye Care Routine Hacks that’ll change your Life

Bedtime skin & hair care routine is what we’ve grown up listening to & following, right? Did you ever wonder that your eyes need some attention too!


It’s less often that we realize our eyes undergo a lot of stress from the moment we wake up in the morning until we get back to sleep. So, don’t you think our eyes deserve to care?


This blog is all about the relaxing bedtime rituals you should follow with your eyes for better sleep & healthy eyes. Let’s begin!


5 Life-changing Bedtime Eye Care Routine Hacks to Follow


  1. Turn Technology OFF


When its night time & we’re all set to enter the charging mode for our body, chemical signals called melatonin are sent to our brains by our bodies. During this time, if we’re wide awake till late at night & keep staring at smartphone or laptop screens, melatonin production is suppressed. It is the way of telling our body to stop secreting melatonin twice. Thus, we cannot go to sleep or sleep well for as long as we should because of delayed melatonin production due to blue light.


To not let this happen, fix timings for your digital device usage. The ideal duration is to turn off your technology usage before at least an hour of bedtime. You’re more likely to feel sleepy & your eyes will rest in healthier mode too.


  1. Pamper your Eyes with Gentle Exercises


Your eyes are too sensitive as compared to other body parts. It would help if you handled them gently. Let’s say, for example, if you close your eyes for a while & massage them gently with your thumb, the nerves surrounding your eyes will improve blood circulation to your eyes. You’re likely to feel good after this practice.


Meditating for at least 10 minutes before getting on your pillow is one of the best relaxation techniques for your eyes & mind. Close your eyes & rotate your pupils in a circular motion. That’s it.


If you’re willing to make your eyelashes appear beautiful naturally, apply Careprost eyelash growth solution after massaging your eyes to the upper eyelash base. Believe it or not, you’ll get voluminous & longer eyelashes you’ve been dreaming for. As you see, eye exercising drives amazing benefits.


  1. Remove Makeup without Fail


Makeup beautifies your look & we don’t doubt it! Well, it’s always a good practice to remove your makeup before bedtime. Nowadays, you’ve got several options with mild cleansers & makeup removal tissues. Choose the one that suits your skin.


Start removing your eye makeup first & make sure that you’ve cleansed mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc. It is essential to take off eye makeup for maintaining healthier eyelashes too. Once you’re done removing makeup, apply moisturizer all over your face for fresh skin in the morning.


  1. A Light Facial always helps.


Numbers of serums, moisturizers & masks are available for gently massaging your face before bedtime. Find the right one according to your skin type & make it an inevitable part of your bedtime routine.


For instance, if you’re using serum oils, begin with your chin first. Now glide your hands towards temples with gentle & firm pressure in flowing strokes. Pinch your thumb & index finger of each hand along your eyebrow length & work it from inner to outer corners. Repeat this at least 5 times. This is just a bit; you can find many tutorial videos on Youtube that’ll guide you with a relaxing bedtime eye care routine.


P.S. we’re only sharing some tips & don’t mean to offer a substitute for professional help.


  1. End your day with a happy note – Read!


Reading books is the oldest yet evergreen therapy your eyes will love to receive. Head over to your home library & pick a book you’ll like to read. As you’ll start reading, your eyes will get rotation & slowly, you’ll get into a mood for sleep. If you’re someone who’ll rather listen to music, stretch, have a warm bath, or meditate, then does it as you like?


The Takeaway


We hope you have enjoyed reading these quick tips for bedtime eye care essentials. As you’ve discovered, they’re straightforward to implement & say “I love you” to your eyes. If you’re looking forward to affordable eyelash growth serum, don’t forget to count on meds4care.com.


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