4th Gen Z women recommend their favorite jeans-if you still wear these jeans in 2020

4th Gen Z women recommend their favorite jeans
Gen Z
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Because we all have our favorite pair.

For almost every woman, their favorite jeans are as important to them as everything else directly attached to us.

For me, taking my favorite jeans is equivalent to cutting the hairstylist five inches more than I requested.

When talking to my girlfriend about their favorite jeans, it evokes a strong inner reaction-in your teens and twenties, you may have found a store that sells jeans that are suitable for women.

Each brand has a unique way to suit women’s waist, buttocks, thighs and calves, and as women, we spend a lot of time and money in pursuit of a suitable body.

For these four Z-generation women, looking for their cowboy soulmate is no exception.

Paige Ryan

Paige Ryan
“My favorite jeans are from Universal Threads at Target! They are cut and tailored to suit the south in spring and autumn! Unfortunately, they are now worn on the inner thighs, but I got a similar eagle from American. ”

Lauren Gherna

Lauren Gherna
“I’ve always been a girl in American Eagle short high-waisted leggings! I like the extra space because they cover up all my unsafe areas, and they come in various washes and colors (mainly denim, black and white) ). Tomorrow I will wear black or white clothes and send you photos!”

Jenni Kustanovich

“Joe’s Jeans is my favorite jeans company. I’m obsessed with fit and touch. And, interestingly, on my 16th birthday, my parents bought me a lot of nasty joe jeans because they are my favorite.

Dao. Although you are most likely to find me in an Alo leggings, your next bet will be Joe’s jeans.

These jeans are very tight, and I personally like tight clothes, because you know…anxiety…I like feeling It’s like a person hugging me all the time.

In the end, this pair of jeans will last forever and won’t clump together or lose their color (I will find a photo and send it out).”

Sana Khadilkar

“I’m also a fan of American Eagle jeans, but my favorite jeans are the ultra-tight high-waisted jeans from Old Navy! The jeans are super comfortable and elastic, and the pockets are really not too bulky.

Suitable, but not too tight. They are my first choice when I think they look good.

I also like that they have some unique colors to choose from. I will find the pictures and send them to you!”


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Madison Franz

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