4 Signs you are getting pocketed in a relationship

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4 Signs you are getting pocketed in a relationship

4 Signs you are getting pocketed in a relationship

Being in a relationship and putting in all the effort to make sure the relationship goes smoothly and joyfully is beautiful, it shows how much you are engaged and considerate for the bond that you share with your partner. However, it must be very puzzling if your partner avoids interacting with you in public and refuses to introduce you to family or friends while you have been outgoing and accepting of your relationship and vocal about it on social media and in your personal circles simply because you are confident about your partner.And if they don’t do the same, there are chances that your partner is reaping benefits out of your relationship and you are being pocketed.

Here are four indications that your relationship is being taken advantage of and you are getting pocketed:

reject plans with friends

1. They try to avoid plans with family or friends

Whenever you are excited to go out and have a joyous time with your partner and you ask them to invite their friends or family just because the more the people the more the fun, right? You engage with people and know different stories and of course you bond with their closed ones. But if they avoid all such plans and try to avoid the involvement of their friends or family, it’s a sign that you are being pocketed.

You meet somewhere secluded

2. You always meet somewhere secluded

Going out to places that are exciting is much needed to keep things spicy and fun.

But if your partner insists to meet and chill at places that are secluded or away from their locality and they try to avoid getting togethers where there are people who might know you or your partner, it’s a sign that your partner is refraining from engaging with you in public.

3. They don’t talk about their family or friends at all

Conversing about your family or just talking about memories with your friends is something that is just so normal. When you go down the memory lane and you want your partner to know how you were and what all you did before you both came together is something that builds understanding and strengthens the bond.

But if your partner always avoids conversations related to their friends or family and doesn’t share much about their past is a clear sign that you are being taken advantage of.

You are not on social media

4. You are not on their social media at all

Together, taking pictures is a natural thing to do, and you know it’s for memories, right?And what is wrong in posting those beautiful clicks on your social media if you are confident about your partner. It is puzzling and a warning sign of pocketing if your partner doesn’t post or keep you current on their social network.

Even though there may be many plausible explanations for pocketing, which can be very mystifying, you should address your partner if you notice a pattern. Issues may be resolved through communication, but alway keep an eye out!