3 Health and beauty brands with the best website designs

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Health and beauty industry as we all know it is growing at a very fast pace and is also going to grow for a very long time. There is no such person who does not have any beauty regime made for themselves that is what they wish to follow. But the twist lies in the truth that people buy them despite knowing they all somewhat have chemicals included in them. 

With all the competition they are facing every brand is still doing its best to stand out of the crowd. This is not just for once but in this dynamic industry, it is going to increase with more competition. 

So now we will start with the companies who have done their best to stand out of the crowd and have been able to stand out for a very long time. 

Design essentials- A health and beauty expert

This is one of the best websites that have products of hair care. They specialize in the products that have a quality and quantity both, for the hair care of people out there. The website needed support for designing their website for so long o after getting enough guidance from Shopify Plus and BigCommerce, they finally came up with the best design. 

Sholanda Armstrong, digital marketing director of the company mentioned that her family started this business almost 30 years back and they never dreamed of letting it go in the near future. They wanted an e-commerce platform that would help them to become more successful.  

Furthermore, with BigCommerce they have been successful to build a site that is easy to navigate and has been successful in making connections with the customers in ways that were never possible. 

The Dairy Fairy- A one-stop for mothers

Started by Emily Ironi who is a California-based mother. Her website is a story of her struggles as a mother and her growth in this industry is pretty much visible on her website. She is recently selling her products on two platforms- one is her website and another one is Amazon which is also one of the best cashback websites in India. She has got something interesting to tell all the entrepreneurs out there, she mentioned that having a great website design and maintaining that website is not just a way to get more customers. For her, it is also a way of interacting with the customers who have any doubts related to the website. 

Emily Ironi also mentioned her journey with Amazon, she says it is becoming more of a competition as it is coming with its brand. She has got many of her friends who are in the same baby product industry who are operating 100% with Amazon but now that Amazon is becoming more of a competition for such people they have moved out and now they are trying to start their websites.

 Health and beauty is a dynamic industry, getting a real tough competition in the market. That also brings us to the point that none of the businesses in the market have got less competition. 

NodPod- Sleep Therapy website

You might be wondering what this website has got to serve the shoppers but it has one of the few things that any website would ever have. Melissa Bamberg, the owner of NodPod was very much inspired by the Apple stores because of the innovation it introduces in the market. It seems like health and beauty are the priority of the owner of this website. 

She also mentioned that she is fond of the revolution that Apple stores bring in the market. The sleep pads it started its journey were blue. So she goes on to mention that she is from a family background of artists so it is safe to mention that she already had the clue which color would work out well for her. 

Nodpod that she sells is something that you can put on your eyes whenever you are going to your bed, it can help you give a night of better sleep. The real deal that she thought would be was the logo of the website that took away a lot of months. This much time was taken by the logo because she wanted to make something that would represent the product. 

The last thing that she wanted to decide was the name. The brand name that hit her was NodPod that is made from 2 different names nod which is a synonym for sleep and the pod because of the shape of the eye mask which looks like a pea pod. So once she got all these three things sorted she was all set to launch her website- color, name, and logo. The wait and patience she had to show were all worth it once the website design was ready.

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