100 Questions to know if my boyfriend knows me well

100 Questions to know if my boyfriend knows me well
100 Questions to know if my boyfriend knows me well
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Ready to find out how well your boyfriend knows you? Ask these simple questions and find out quickly!

On the internet, the lists of questions to find out if you and your friend have a true friendship are gaining more and more popularity, there are also the ideal questionnaires for all people who have doubts in their relationship and who ask themselves: ‘does my boyfriend know me well? and do you understand me? ‘ .

And if you are part of that group of curious people who want to find out if, in fact, their partner knows them well or if they need more information about them, you are in the right place!

We share a list of quick and effective questions to know if your boyfriend knows you as well as he claims, or if he needs a little extra help. Ready to start the quiz?

  1. How would you describe me in 3 words?
  2. The person I admire the most is …

3 . What is my favorite dish?

  1. And what is my favorite dessert?

5 . The food or drink that I just can’t tolerate is …

  1. What is the biggest fear I have?

7 . The place in the world that I most want to know is …

  1. Do you know what my favorite movie is?
  2. What do I love the most about my body?
  3. And what do I like the most about my personality?


11 . I think my worst flaw is …

12 . Do you know what my favorite animal is?

13 . What is the TV series that you could watch over and over again?

  1. Can you imagine which is my favorite cartoon from childhood?
  2. What do you think we have in common?

16 . How do you think we complement each other? (Considering our differences).

17 If I could change one thing about my life, what do you think it would be?

18 . The best concert I’ve ever been to is …

19 . If I could travel to the past or the future, where do you think I would prefer to go and why?

20 . My favorite color is …

21 . What do you think I like the most about you?

22 . The kisses that I like the most are …

23 . Name one of the moments in your relationship that you think has made me the happiest.

24 . Something that I would never forgive my boyfriend would be …

25 . How much do I want to have children?

  1. How do you imagine me in the next 10 years?

27 . And where do you think we will be in 5 years?

  1. What is my favorite book?

29 . My favorite actress or actor is …

30 . The most special friend I have ever had is called …

31 . If I made a million dollars tomorrow, what would be the first thing I would buy?


32 . What is my favorite sexual position?

33 . And what is the sexual fantasy that I would like to fulfill?

34 . What would I not give up for you?

35 . How happy do you think I am?

  1. And how happy do you feel next to me?

37 . Would you change something in our relationship?

38 . In what time of the past or future would I have liked to be born?

39 . The worst bear I have ever committed in my life is …

40 . Singing or dancing … what do I like the most?

41 . City, beach, country or forest? Where would you really prefer to live?

42 . What else would I have liked to study or what other profession would I like to dedicate myself to?

43 . Some talent that I would love to have been born with is …

44 . If you found out that I was pregnant, what would you do?

45 . What do I like more, day or night?

46 . And what bothers you the most about me?

47 . Do you have a secret that you would like to reveal to me?

48 . Which of my friends do you like best and who of them do you not tolerate?

49 . What do I think of marriage?

50 . Why do you like to be my boyfriend?

51 . What is my favorite childhood memory?

52 . My preferred nickname is …

53 . What is the drink that I can never resist?

54 . Do you know what my zodiac sign is?

  1. Mention something you know that disgusts me.

56 . My least favorite music is …

57 . What was the subject that made me suffer the most when I was a student?

  1. Do you know what my favorite perfume is?

59 . How much do you know about my love past?

60 . How important is family to me?

61 . And how special are my friends in my life?

62 . One activity that really relaxes me is …

63 . My favorite place in the world is …

64 . Do you know what is the clothing item that predominates in my closet?

65 . How jealous am I, really?

66 . Something I really want to be gifted with is …

67 . Do you know what the first time I got drunk was?

68 . What is my opinion on spirituality and religion?

69 . How happy am I currently in my job / as a student?

70 . Something you know I would never do, even if they paid me millions of dollars is …

71 . My famous crush is …

  1. Mention any of the dreams or goals that I still have to fulfill.

73 . With which member of my family do I most identify?

74 . What is it that makes me the most angry?

75 . One of the great achievements I have had in my life is …

76 . Is there something I regret about my past?

78 . Tell me something in which you consider that I am very creative.

79 . In what way do I like to help others or the world?

80 . Halloween or Christmas? What is my favorite celebration of each year?

81 . How bold do you think I am?

82 . What kind of clothes would you never wear?

83 . Who has broken my heart and who have I broken?

84 . What would I prefer to happen to my body when I die?

85 . The best quality I have is …

86 . And what is my strongest weakness?

87 . Do you know anything about how my first time was?

88 . My favorite superhero is …

89 . The worst movie I’ve ever seen is …

  1. What has been the pet that I have loved the most?

91 . Describe our romantic relationship with a song.

92 . Diet or exercise, what would you rather do to lose weight?

93 . How many moles do you remember that I have?

94 . The hottest moment we’ve had in our relationship was when …

95 . What is the emoji that I use the most?

96 . What do I think about fidelity?

97 . Mornings, afternoons or evenings, what time of the day do I enjoy the most?

  1. How, where and with whom would I like to spend my old age?

99 . Do I consider myself addicted to something?

100 . What makes me so unique and special?


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