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10 tricks to be more sociable and fun

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10 tricks to be more sociable and fun
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We explain 10 keys to put shyness aside and start being more communicative.

Being a person with the ability to communicate with others, knowing how to speak in meetings and meeting new people is what defines sociable people .

If, in addition to these qualities, we add a certain self-confidence, spontaneity and desire to live, we can be in front of a sociable and fun person: the kind of people who make us have a good time and who manage to arouse the sympathy of almost everyone.

Being sociable: an advantage for different areas of life

In addition to the clear advantages that being sociable can bring in leisure settings, it should also be noted that, increasingly, companies value sociability and communication skills .

In a world where machines replace human work, the virtue of knowing how to communicate well and connect with interlocutors is gaining importance, and it is for this reason that corporations look for professional profiles that are empathetic and open-minded people who help them to know the tastes of your potential clients or who know how to connect with managers of other companies.

10 tricks to be more sociable, fun and empathetic

If you are a bit shy or reserved, you should know that social and communication skills can be learned. In fact, connecting with other people is one of the most trainable skills we have. We are social beings by nature, and if you put these tips and tricks into practice, you can improve in this regard .

1. The importance of trusting yourself

This may be easy to say, but it is not so easy to put into practice if you start from a slightly diminished self-esteem or you have become used to thinking that meeting people is not your thing. You have to know that we all have things that make us unique and special, curious stories and a vision of reality that distinguishes us.

If you are able to value yourself, you will be able to get closer to those people you want to know for sure, and it will be much easier to be able to connect personally and emotionally .

2. Don’t be afraid to chat with strangers

One of the things that will decisively help you improve your social skills is to jump into the ring and start talking with people you don’t know very much. For example, you can try talking to people who build you more confidence, about topics that are comfortable for you, such as some current news or something that genuinely draws your attention to your interlocutor. You will see how the vast majority of people react positively to your questions.

Little by little, if you practice this point, you will notice that it costs you less and less to start conversations and you dare to speak with individuals who previously imposed more on you .

3. Look into the eyes of your interlocutor

It is important that you get used to having eye contact with the person you are talking to. Not only will you transmit greater security in yourself but it will allow you to connect and generate empathy with your interlocutor.

Also keep in mind that it is very positive that you can have touches of humor . The person you talk to will surely value your humor and empathize with you more. Of course, it is not a good idea to exceed certain limits in humor. At least in the first contacts, let’s use a kind of joke that is pleasant and that can not cause discomfort.

4. Be genuinely interested in your interlocutor

Do you like someone else to genuinely care for you? You will most likely answer yes to this question. We like to feel valued, and therefore we feel good that there are other human beings who want to know us better .

If you like other individuals to be interested in you, other people are exactly the same. Therefore, it is a good idea that you are the one who facilitates the interaction . Without making it appear that you are questioning them, a fluid and pleasant communication can give you the tools to be more sociable and fun. Above all, touch on issues that can unite you, such as common interests.

5. Don’t just interact with your close circle

You should be encouraged to engage in conversations not only with the people around you most of the time, but also with people you meet in more informal contexts and situations . If you always surround yourself and talk to the same circle of people, you will tend to stay in your comfort zone .

Look for places and situations where you can meet new people and put into practice your sociability and your ability to communicate and empathize.

6. Stay in touch

If you know someone with whom you would like to meet again on another occasion, do not hesitate to ask for some form of contact (facebook, phone, email …). In this way, you will have a fast way to get to know that person again and, if you both want, you can meet again somewhere and resume your friendship.

In our age of technologies and social networks, many friendships can be kept alive over time thanks to this medium . Take advantage of it.

7. Join group activities

If you carry out activities with more people (such as training courses, team sports, gatherings on a topic that interests you …), you will force yourself to meet new people and cooperate .

This can be very useful if in your daily life you do not have places to expand your horizons. Surely joining one of these groups, or even going to the gym, can be very helpful when it comes to developing your sociability .

8. Be someone who is nice to be with.

Don’t underestimate the importance of smiling, being gentle, and having good manners with other people. It is easy to deduce that we are all attracted to those people who make us feel good .

This is one of the most important tips if you want to develop your sociability and empathy, because if you are kind you will notice that others begin to give you the same good treatment in return.

9. Practice whenever you can

Your family circle and your closest friends can be a good test bed to open up and socialize. All the aforementioned techniques and tricks can be put into practice with them: take an interest in their lives, keep in touch if you are not close to them, empathize with them , do unusual activities …

If you have an exciting and active life, you will not only be more sociable and interesting but you will attract more people to want to meet you.

10. Don’t worry if some interaction doesn’t go as expected

Losing the way to relate to others also implies accepting that not everything always goes the way we want . In fact, you have to keep in mind that sometimes the people you are trying to interact with will not be in the mood. It happens to all of us sometime and we don’t have to think about it any more.

Nothing happens! Don’t take responsibility for it. For every person who is not in an open state of mind towards you, you will find several who will want to meet you. Learning to be more sociable and fun also means fighting shyness and being more open with others, even if sometimes someone may not be very nice to us. This should not affect us.

If you are kind, open and friendly, you will meet people who will contribute positive things to your life . This is not a 100-meter sprint, but an attitude that you have to raise in the medium and long term. You will notice how your life changes for the better as you progress.

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Dating Tips for a Life after Quarantine




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Did you realize that around half of Americans feel restless about getting back to ordinary life?

In addition to the fact that it is unnerving to realize that the infection is still near, however many individuals additionally Priority Confidence with regards to social cooperation’s. On the off chance that going to the store and conversing with your clerk feels odd, entering the dating scene can appear to be an inconceivable accomplishment.

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It is safe to say that you are thinking that it’s hard to reappear to the dating scene? Continue perusing to learn 5 dating tips that can help you rest easy thinking about going out.

1. Have Reasonable Expectations

Living day to day after isolate can feel serious because many individuals are attempting to compensate for some recent setbacks. Accordingly, dating can be a tornado and it’s not difficult to romanticize an individual with who you regularly wouldn’t invest energy. Stay in line with what you Priority in an accomplice and hold your Expectations in line.

2. Make Solace and Safe Dating Your Priority

While a few group Priority to surge back to life, others fear exploring a reality where the infection is still out there. If you fall into this camp, advise yourself that you’re not odd or alone with these sentiments. Regardless of whether you Priority to define limits that individuals you date need to get immunized or you stay with open-air scenes, you’re in charge of how you date.

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3. Dress Up to Boost Your Confidence

Probably the best dating guidance for the post-Quarantine world and life, by and large, is to Dress up so you can feel certain. Regardless of whether you purchase another outfit, discover your fantasy aroma here, put on cosmetics, shave, or slip on your number one shoes, there are a lot of ways you can have a positive outlook on your appearance.

4. Visualize the Date Before You Go

Some of the time the most startling part about dating isn’t individuals yet the obscure. This is the reason it tends to be alleviating to set aside some effort to visualize how an ordinary date would go while being mindful so as not to make ridiculous situations that increment uneasiness. You can even work on noting some normal first date questions like how you help work and what your diversions are so you feel more ready.

5. Be Aware of Social Cues

Since a great many people have limited their social contact for longer than a year at this point, we could all utilize an update on meaningful Cues. While you’re on dates, put forth a cognizant attempt to see non-verbal communication and change yourself to make a casual environment.

These Dating Tips Are Sure to Pull You Out of Your Quarantine Funk

There’s nothing amiss with dialing back and changing your strategies if dating feels diverse in the wake of being in detachment for such a long time. If you follow these dating tips for life after Quarantine, you can partake in your public activity without limit while limiting your uneasiness.

Since you have an approach for returning yourself available, why not get familiar with some new style and excellence counsel? Look at our blog so you can feel you’re most excellent consistently.

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Buy Super P Force (Sildenafil+Dapoxetine) Online | Uses |Side effects |Storage




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Super P-Force is a recently planned and intense oral prescription that contains Sildenafil and Dapoxetine as the dynamic medication fixings utilized in the therapy of erectile dysfunction and untimely discharge. This is a notable medication worldwide and is utilized by individuals who are experiencing untimely discharge and have erectile dysfunction.


Sildenafil goes about as a phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) catalyst inhibitor and thusly forestalls the debasement of cGMP in the corpus cavernosum. It chiefly loosens up the smooth muscle cells by setting off the arrival of nitric oxide from the endothelial cells in the male penile locale and moreover builds the progression of blood towards the male penile district. Thus, helps in keeping a firm erection.


Dapoxetine is an energizer that has an immediate activity on the synapses of the cerebrum. Thusly helps in bringing down the reasons liable for untimely discharge.


Additional Super p force is another type of half-breed mix treatment for erectile dysfunction and untimely discharge. Containing the dynamic fixings of Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine, patients can encounter a solid erection and more authority over the length of intercourse. Dapoxetine is clinically demonstrated and supported in numerous nations to treat untimely discharge and permits intercourse to last more.


Super P Force has contraindications. Try not to take it on the off chance that you have a background marked by the accompanying: cardiovascular disappointment, hypertension, hypotension, pallor, disfigurements of the penis, leukemia, coronoary course infection, retinitis pigmentosa (an uncommon eye sickness), myocardial localized necrosis, heart issues, and sensitivities. Never join this medication with different meds that contain sildenafil.


The safe showed a portion of Extra Super P-Force inside a 24-hour time span is 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate/100 mg Dapoxetine. This medication will become compelling for 1 hour in the wake of taking it and impacts might be perceptible get-togethers. Compelling nursing time is 4 – 6 hours. Continuously take Extra super p force with an enormous glass of water. Stay away from huge or greasy dinners near when you expect to take the medication. Liquor will lessen the adequacy of this medication and whenever taken in overabundance could prompt tipsiness, languor, diminished mindfulness, and modified judgment


Incidental effects are facial redness or flushing; migraine; hindered nose; dryness in eyes; gentle queasiness; deferred discharge or trouble to discharge. These normal incidental effects are associated with parchedness and ordinarily, lessen by expanding water admission.


Super P-Force Oral Jelly ought to be required each day, 30 minutes before the sexual activity. Its belongings last as long as 4 hours. Along these lines, there is no compelling reason to take Super P Force again inside 24 hours.


Just men are permitted to take Super P Force. Ladies and youngsters are restricted from taking this medication. It likewise works just when the individual is physically animated.

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Nights with Mussorie escorts




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Mussoorie companions are well-known for his or her outstanding women-to escort solutions where they recognize the clients’ needs lots before. So, if you’re searching for an escort company in Mussoorie afterward don’t hesitate to use them as they’re very professional likewise as will definitely provide you with all the entire satisfaction you’re seeking. Mussoorie escort service is that the best.


Yes, they’re great in bed, they’ll certainly cause you to go wild together with your dark dreams additionally provide you with a fine-looking feeling with their soft gentle touches. do not feel reluctant to request a sensuous lady-to-male full-body massage in Mussoorie. The Mussoorie telephone women are clever enough to provide you with a bust massage therapy or nude Nuru Massage therapy also. Rishikesh escort service and Dehradun escorts service are a must-try after Mussoorie.


I like partying, particularly if you supply me with a drink and take me to a nightclub, i might like to spend the entire night with you. I certify you’ll not deny taking me to your private space or to a resort where we’ll have a beautiful time with one another. i’m a broad-minded lady, so I’ll supply you with sex services also which can certainly cause you to freak out on the careless weekend breaks. So don’t turn over to solicit from me out on a careless Sunday, and I’ll concern your area whenever you desire me to.


I Belong to Mussoorie Escorts Solution

Female escort services in Mussoorie are experts in whatever they are doing and also whatever they provide. Our major objective is to grant you limitless enjoyment until you go displeased having sex. you’ll be able to have any sort of shots once you hire the decision women in Mussoorie. But detain mind that we never ever request any extra tips from our esteemed customers. If you are feeling that our lady has supplied you with an awesome sex service, then you’ll be able to present her with some nice earrings if you propose to. she is going to certainly prefer to stay back with you for longer. Also, you’ll request girlfriend solutions in Mussoorie where the new female companion in Mussoorie will definitely act as if she is your genuine girlfriend furthermore as you’ll experience a pretty time along with her.


Companions Firm in Mussoorie- Why rent Them?

Whenever you’re seeking a Mussoorie companions service, you need to be seeking some actually hot chicks having big boobs, busty butt, and a moist pussy. The Mussoorie escort firm will supply you with the important young female versions in Mussoorie who will definitely load your long nights with severe enjoyment and also pleasure. Our Mussoorie call girls have fantastic energy to satisfy you to the core. they’ll certainly supply you with body massage therapy followed by naughty gender.


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College Hot Girl Sex Video | Adult Toys Videos




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Watch Indian sex video of hot college girl totally naked getting fucked in her teacher bedroom, when no one was in the room and they felt much privacy doing foreplay with much enjoyment. Just watch this video and enjoy the adult toys videos with sexy teacher and student which will make you men shake your dick after watching Badwap Sex Toys Video.

If you want to make your sex dreams come true, we will help you with our unique stock of sex toys in India. For men and women, singles and couples, you will find here everything to order.

Buy sex toy online in India for men or women we have a huge collection in men sex toys, vibrator, Dildo, Sex lubricant, and BDSM Kit, with 100% Discreet and Cash on Delivery services.

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Reason behind Girls become sex workers or Call Girl?




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The most common reluctance of prostitutes is that they are all willing to accept a few dollars for streetwalkers, drug addicts, controlled by brokers, and their services.

In fact, the “oldest profession” falls into several categories. Yes, there are people on the streets who have a terrible life. However, there are women who have sex outside of massage parlors, small hotels, and their apartments. At the end of the spectrum are escorts, professional sex workers in Bangalore. Often, they work for themselves and spend so much that they can spend thousands of dollars a night. Sometimes her clients are politicians, sports celebrities, and Hollywood movie stars.

Workers There are many reasons to become call girls, sex workers, and escorts service Bangalore. Some of them have said that they are attracted to the large amount that they can earn when they are young. Others see it as a way to pay for university studies and further advancement. Most states state that they intend to leave their business once they have received the amount they need. They also find themselves helping men save their marriages they can’t find at home or helping them overcome loneliness when they are on business trips.

At the other end of the spectrum of prostitution are streetwalkers. Many of them are addicted to drugs, and many were forced into prostitution against their will. Girls under the age of ten are separated from their country and sold into prostitution away from their ancestral home.

Again, it is important to avoid generalizations about how women are brought into the prostitution business. Studies show that prostitutes were sexually abused in large numbers as children. It is a fact of sexual abuse, more than anything else, that illustrates why and why some of them become prostitutes. These are people who are addicted to drugs and develop at the same time, or already have serious health problems, at least not HIV and other STDs.

Finally, there are those who see prostitution as a way out of their poverty. When they choose to sell themselves, it is the financial need that drives them. These are people who are unable to find a job and are sometimes the sole breadwinners in the family.


Many men commented on the original article stating that not all reasons for paying for sex were listed. Inspirational factors for him were:

1. to believe that they are ugly and unable to have sex at any cost.
2. want to have sex but without any emotional involvement that a girlfriend, marriage and family has arrived; Want unique sex without any responsibilities.
3. Believing that their genitals are too short and any average laugh will make them laugh and reject them.
4. Long without leaving time for dating and romance, Working hard hours.

From my point of view, the biggest concern about these men is not that they pay less for sex, but that they forget about the plight of these men. They convince themselves that prostitution is an option and that none of the people who see them are exploited. In some cases, they may be right. Much depends on where they go and who they see. In my opinion, it is a mistake to make any assumptions about the women they are going to meet.

These are difficult issues that lead to controversy. Here are the people who advocate legalizing and regulating the sex industry. There are others who resent it for moral or religious reasons.

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8 Reasons You Should Masturbate Tonight!




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Out of every five males one male use to engage in solo pleasure a minimum of 4 times a week. On the other side, only 5% of women who are aged between 24 years – 29 years old like to indulge in solo fun, as per the survey conducted by Indiana University’s National Survey of Sexual health and behavior. Believe it or not, that’s the percentage of women who like to engage in solo sex the most.

Hey girls! What are you waiting for? Masturbation is extremely healthy for your body and it is more than just a gateway to O-town- you can get lots of other benefits too. Even for the women who have a male or female partner, it can bring more pleasure to the relationship. Therefore, it is recommended that all the women must make time for the “me time” at least 2-3 times a week.
Today, we are presenting you with the 8 reasons to make some pleasure time for yourself tonight:

1) It gives strength to the pelvic floor – You know the drill that engaging in exercise using the kegel balls makes the deep muscles in the vagina in good shape to achieve orgasm health benefits whenever you need and step up the love game with your partner. Moreover, indulging in masturbation regularly helps keeps the physical and orgasmic function like lubrication in the vagina always tuned up so you can get ready for the next sensual adventure quickly, says Johnson.

2) You can relax and chill out – Exploring your pleasure points under the belly can help boost the levels of endorphins and promote the mood-boosting hormones in order to reduce stress, feeling of depression, and anxiety. You can sleep better at night after having achieved the orgasm benefits.

3) Masturbation can assist in reducing pain – The feel-good hormones that get secreted and make you feel happy can take away all the discomfort and inconvenient issues like headaches, menstrual cramps, and rheumatoid arthritis. Getting excellent orgasms can really do wonders for your mental and physical well-being.

4) You can explore your deepest sexual pleasure – When you don’t have much to do and you are alone, your mind is free to explore the unconventional and whatever you want to think will rev up your heart. The same goes with masturbation; it is a stimulating pleasure that starts with a wild imagination and is a good element for sexual health. The urge for trying different sexual acts can contribute to the more worth trying sexual positions in the future when you are with your partner. This way, you can experiment with your body and try out stuff that you have never tried before and have mind-blowing sexual activities.

5) You don’t need to look for the signals to get into the right mood – You can take your partner to the candlelight dinner at some expensive restaurant, but the real thing about masturbation is that you don’t need to impress anyone and you can achieve all the sexual delight by the solo joyful acts.

6) You will get to know how they work best – when it comes to understanding men and figuring out their sexual needs, it is quite easy to do that, but when it comes to women, they are much more complex. Clitoris and vagina are not the only pleasure points on the body of women, between these two there are numerous other pleasure points to discover so that you can stimulate her and make her want you more. Your job is to figure out what gets you turned off. We need to find it ourselves and we can discuss the same with our partners… This way it opens the gate for active communication between the two partners and they can enjoy sex
longer and more passionately.

7) There is no risk – Engaging in solo sex is the safest sex act that one can indulge in. There is no chance of getting pregnant when you engage in foreplay fun and because you are only going to use sex toys like a masturbator or sex toys for men, there is no risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, you don’t need to panic about things like “what’s going to happen if the condom breaks in the middle?”

8) Your sex drive will increase dramatically – You don’t need to care about giving pleasure to your partner. When you are masturbating, there is only you who is going to get all the pleasure. A lot of people have doubts like is this the way I should masturbate? What I am doing, is it normal? And the answer is very easy and straightforward. It is always “yes”. If you are a woman, no matter you are using a finger or a vibrator, you need to lie on your back, press your vagina and thrust it against the pillow, and squeeze your legs so you can head to the O-town and ensure that you are doing it the right way.

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How the pandemic affected the sex work




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Few experts did extensive research during the early days of 2020 before the pandemic with many sex escorts in Birmingham. The focus of the research was to talk with some of the online sex workers and they analyzed more than 11,500 profiles of online sex workers for understanding the industry and their way of operation.

Estimations show that the total number of sex workers in the country during 2016 was a little more than 70,000 so the sample they presented was a substantial portion of the entire industry. The results and the following works which they did, offered some valuable insights into the united kingdom’s sex industry along with the challenges and the necessary chances which the escorts have been facing during the pandemic. One of the most shocking findings was that almost more than half of the ladies working in the region were from other countries. The majority of them have come here from eastern Europe followed by Spain. Many of them have traveled to the continent for some weeks of work and decided to return back to their home where they have their family members depending on them. The main source of income for them was sex work.

It was also noticed in some Escort Agency sex workers from Europe used to charge 30% less compared to their British colleagues though their profiles were having more views by people on average. The main reason for the lower charges was due to they felt less job security and needed a minimum income for covering the stay, flights, and other costs. These workers used to offer more challenging services to their clients like domination sex, unprotected sex, and other fantasies. In various ways, they were again the most challenged by the pandemic.

Sex service during the pandemic

It is a huge fact that the pandemic has been creating a lot of problems for the hospitality and restaurant industry like pubs, motels and other areas which used to bring people closer. The sex work also faced challenges as the people were not allowed to interact with people outside their houses physically in the country and other places during a big part of the pandemic. Again, during the crisis, unlike most of the other industries, sex workers were not eligible to receive government supports. This is because they do not have records of their taxed income slab and failed to be benefitted from the income support scheme of the United Kingdom for self-employed people. This is even more likely to have created problems for the various sex workers living in the region whose primary residence has been abroad. Many factors just like the concerns of health along with limited mobility have been decreasing the demands for sexual services during the pandemic. It was reported that many of the escorts opted for offering online sex services. But still, there was a huge amount of offline sex work and it was found following up the research. Though it is not that easy to create a comprehensive stat about the number of sexual transactions with evidence like comparing the regular reviews from clients left on some of the most renowned escort booking panels after they received services in the years 2019 and 2020 shows no substantial decrease in the number encounters.

One of the top jobs which have never seen a decrease in demand or supply is sex work. History shows that it was in demand even during the major wars and famines. Even with the outbreak of the pandemic, many more people are interested to offer sex work and newcomers are coming in huge numbers. The market has been seeing the level of business fairly constant and the supply has potentially gone up. It can be said that sex work has now become much more competitive after the pandemic. This means that the workers will have to work now with lower pricing or increase the number of risks involved. The preliminary analysis shows that the gap between the lowest prices and highest prices has increased.

Vaccines for the sex workers

In many parts of the world, the COVID-19 vaccination has been prioritized depending on the type of job, age, and pre-existing health conditions of the people. Analysis has shown that the majority of the sex workers along with the most demanded escorts are in the age group 18 to 36. But this puts them on the back of the line for a vaccination. Governments need to recognize these people as super spreaders and speed up the vaccination priority for them. This is something which is very important and needs attention as currently the usual healthcare support like sexual-health nurses and General Physicians have been disrupted.

Some of the best London Escort Agency has again started to arrange vaccines for their staff to help them get more clients and improve the financial situation. You should look for them definitely.

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14 Motivational Books That Could Change Life In Unbelievable Ways

Abbax khan



14 Motivational Books That Could Change Life
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So on one fine day, lying on your cozy couch, you suddenly realize you need motivation, and then you Google ‘motivational books’.

If that’s what brought you here, then your mind won’t even let you reach the end of this blog; you clearly aren’t serious about motivation. But in any case, your mind is literally on fire and you have that profound hunger to grab motivation, you’re warmly welcomed here!

Books being the most ideal and highly convincing sources of direction motivation, we are going to dive into them. In the next few seconds, you are going to probe the most inspiring motivational books that would change your future in days. These motivational books are going to transform your personality and outlook in look immensely. You’d only see one thing in life – success!

But at first, we need to comprehend why you need to create that profound hunger for motivation in life. We are going to first have a look at how motivation can gear you up in life?

How Motivation Can Gear You Up?

Once you know the benefits of doing something, you do it even better. Once you see the outputs of doing something you put the input even harder. Thus, to get started with motivation, you first need to know its benefits and outputs, that’s where you take one step ahead to success. Have a look!

  1. Motivation brings out the best in you. You sometimes underestimate your potential so much that you don’t even know what you’re actually capable of. But when you receive some kind of motivation from someone or something, you may start doing things you’ve never done before or do the existing things with much more effort. Motivation literally pulls out dedication and hard work from you.
  2. It increases your self-confidence. Once you are motivated by say some motivational books, you start feeling as if you could achieve whatever you wish for. You become assertive and eventually start gaining confidence within yourself. Motivation makes you realize that you can do something really great in life. It makes you believe yourself.
  3. Motivation brings success to your feet. This is the biggest reason we all need motivation – to achieve success, isn’t it? You all know how significant success is and value it intensely. Once you are motivated immensely, the spark within you turns into the fire then you know that success is just a mile away. You reach to your goal anyhow.
  4. It ebbs negative thoughts and laziness. In fact, motivation ceases every cons you’ve got. It makes you cut the strings of negativity, dejection, depression, boredom, laziness, anxiety, stress, etc. It fills immense positivity in you. You become a much better person indeed You see successful people aren’t great, they become great in the process of achieving success and motivation inspires them in that process.

Well, I could continue talking about how miraculous motivation is and how it transforms your life but I guess you definitely don’t wish to read an essay on that. So, let’s hop to the point you were eager for. Let’s probe the best motivational books for you:


The reason I put this one on the top is that this book changes my life immensely in every way. Well, I tried implementing the thoughts of this motivational book in real life, and guess what, it resulted in ‘dream comes true’ instances! So, with my personal experience and in fact, with the experiences of millions of people who made this book popular, you must go for THE SECRET  by Rhonda Byrne  ASAP!


Stephen R. Covey elucidates the 7 highly life-changing habits that could transform your life. When THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE was published in 1989, it gave rise to different perspectives in the lives of millions of people; it made them realize how easily they could divert their life in the correct path; it changed their thinking. No wonder why the book is still showering its magic to date.



Napoleon Hill gave birth to this book in 1937 and as the title of the book suggests, it gave people practical ways to get rich and wealthy. But not just that THINK AND GROW RICH also teaches people how to become grab triumph in their respective fields or facets of life.


John C. Maxwell has tried to instill a myriad of answers to the question – HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK. He has beautifully poured down the lives of varied profoundly successful people and how they overcame their woes in order to achieve success.


Paulo Coelho puts in mind-blowing the story of Santiago who is an Andalusian shepherd who probes for a worldly treasure. It is a magical story and entails a new meaning whenever you read it. The Alchemist has become a widely translated international bestseller.


In 1997, Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter unraveled the secret to being wealthy and being financially intelligent.  RICH DAD, POOR DAD talks about the significance of financial education, financial independence, and fabricating wealth by investing in assets and starting businesses


When all-time motivational source Napoleon Hill and millionaire CEO W. Clement Stone put hands together to fabricate a renowned partnership, the result was SUCCESS THROUGH A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. The motivational book convinced the entire globe that with the apt mental attitude, anybody could fly towards completing his dreams. That is what the book is all about.  It’s a must-read if you’re always surrounded by negativity.


Worry may cause a nervous breakdown, tooth decay, affect the nerves of your stomach, High Blood Pressure, etc. are some of the rare facts that you would get exposed to in this book. It suggests ways to eradicate stress and anxiety from your life in the most convincing way ever. It would unravel golden rules to bring peace and stability to your mind, heart, and soul. It’s a beautiful attempt by dale Carnegie.


Mark Manson leaks some raw and refreshing concepts in this motivational book. In this world, where are so many things we could give a f*ck about, the author leads us to the path of setting priorities, accepting realities, and yet entailing immense positivity? This motivational book has especially been popular among teens.


This is one of those intriguing motivational books that are so intriguing and absorbing that you just can’t control going to the next page. Here, Robin S. Sharma speaks about the story of Julian Mantle who is a lawyer pushed to get exposed to the spiritual crisis of his imbalanced life. On his extraordinary voyage to an ancient culture, he probes some truly wise and practical lessons that are unraveled in this motivational book.


The #1 New York Times Bestseller by  Jen Sincero untangles the magical ways and benefits of believing in yourself. It talks about twenty-seven chapters that are stiffed with hilariously inspiring stories, best expert advice, facile exercises and some easy-going swear words. Fundamentally, this motivational book will present to you the path to how to build a life you totally would be in love with.


Norman Vincent Peale has helped millions of people on this planet with THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING to achieve fulfillment in their lives. This motivational book solely aims to shower doses of positivity and satisfaction in a reader’s life forever and thus embraces an intriguing guide to do that.


This amazing book by David J. Schwartz gives honestly practical ways to explain every facet of life whether it’s your marriage or your work-life. It makes us believe in the universal fact that you don’t necessarily need to gain intelligence or talent to grab success; it’s the way you train your mind and heart that leads to success in one’s life.


Eckhart Tolle fantastically untangles a simple truth of life that living now, in the present is the most optimum hug to jubilation and peace. Though the message is quite simple or previously known to many of us, what makes it outstanding is the way  Eckhart Tolle refreshingly and ardently puts this concept into our brains permanently. So if you’re always tensed about the subsequent future and have no idea or are not willing to live in the present, this book is perfect for you my mate!

So I anticipate that you would read all of these (or at least a few of them) eventually to absorb the kind of motivation you were looking for. I suggest you make reading motivational books a habit, in fact reading any good book would do. But just keep on reading. Books develop you holistically.

The last thing I wish to say is,

You know how tough it is to survive the intense competition all around you. You may try your best to excel in this competition but sometimes, you just get overwhelmed. Thus that is the time in your life when you need immense motivation. The easiest, quickest, and most convenient source of motivation would obviously be motivational books. Reading each line thoroughly, comprehending its meaning and essence would definitely ooze out the fire in you. This fire would help you excel again!


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What should you not do when dating?




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Dating can specifically be mine and everyone knows what it is, so people kind of know these dating tips, or so they specifically thought. There definitely are some things you can and cannot do, and even one day they may for the most part be thrown away by very very few definitely unfortunate events, basically contrary to popular belief. Also, with the introduction of online dating, there really are now generally more things that you should consider, definitely contrary to popular belief. Therefore, dating tips for men can also for all intents and purposes be helpful when it gets messy or complicated in a particular major way. Socialization and relationships basically are inherently complex, especially when you definitely want to bond with someone sort of special in a very major way. These post-runs offer tips for people who really want to essentially prepare well, which definitely shows that dating can for the most part be a mine and everyone knows what it is, so people, for the most part, know these dating tips in a subtle way. Below specifically are expert advice and ideas, scientific facts, and particularly general really derivative tips for decent people, or so they essentially thought. Gentlemen for the most part keep reading, which kind of is fairly significant.

If you’ve probably particularly belonged to the much older generation you’re fairly more for all intents and purposes prone to definitely more people competing in person instead of studying the unfamiliar world of dating website apps in a sort of major way. However, if you definitely belong to the younger generation, the thought of starting a conversation with a basic physical stranger can for all intents and purposes be scary at times, sort of contrary to popular belief. In fact, meeting people in very real life and online really is hardly the best way to compete, which mostly is fairly significant. Sign up for some online dating services, and for all intents and purposes try to socialize and essentially meet people in sort of real-life at the same time in a particularly big way. Dating Tips For Men


 If you definitely do not like talking to bar guests, really start a new business based on a hobby or passion, particularly such as book copy or exercise-related, demonstrating that if you’ve probably kind of belonged to the sort of older generation you’re fairly more really prone to much more people competing in person instead of studying the unfamiliar world of dating website apps in a basically major way. You need to train yourself to essentially be basically comfortable with particularly real-life people, demonstrating that however, if you basically belong to the younger generation, the thought of starting a conversation with a fairly physical stranger can literally be scary at times, very contrary to popular belief.


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Signs and Symptoms of HIV in Women




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Women account for 1 in every 5 new cases of HIV each year. While most of these cases are as a result of unprotected sexual activity, about 20% of the cases are as a result of illicit drug use (sharing needles). Sadly, about 10% of women infected with HIV are unaware of their status, making it more likely for infection rates to increase.

The symptoms for HIV is similar for both men and women, however, there are some signs and symptoms that are specific to women alone and usually occur in either the early or later stages of infection. To find out more about HIV and its specific symptoms for men or women, visit your nearest sexual health clinic.

Acute HIV infection

This is also known as acute seroconversion and is the first of the three stages of HIV immediately after exposure to the virus. During this first stage, defensive antibodies are produced by the immune system to help in the fight against the virus and subdue the infection.  The acute seroconversion phase lasts for 7 to 14 days, and during this phase, people who are infected may begin to experience symptoms that are referred to as acute retroviral symptoms or ARS. These symptoms are just like the flu symptoms and can include mild fever, body ache, rash and swollen lymph nodes.

Disparities in infection rates

Although the acute symptoms in both men and women are generally the same, the variation is in seroconversion rate. Women who are heterosexual are twice more likely to get infected per sexual act as compared to men who are heterosexual. This is partly due to the increased size and porosity of the vaginal tissues as compared to that of the penis.

This does not only confer to the higher rate of infection among women but also in the faster progression of the disease. According to a journal reviewed in 2014, women with HIV have a 1.6 fold greater risk of progressing to AIDS than men.

HIV and STD co-infection

If there is an accompanying STD infection in addition to the HIV infection, the symptoms of such STD infection will begin to manifest during the acute seroconversion phase. Although studies have suggested that about 1 in 7 people who are infected with HIV are co-infected with a type of STD as at the time of diagnosis, this situation is not entirely uncommon.

In the cases of women with HIV, the most common STDs that accompany it include Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and trichomoniasis. Besides being co-infected, having any of these STDs or non-sexually transmitted ones like bacterial vaginosis can increase the chances of a woman getting HIV by 2 or 3 fold. The thing to note is that having these infections will not only undermine the barrier function but will also increase the concentration of immune cells at the site of the infection, which is the cervix. Some of the concentration of immune cells are CD4 T-cells, which are the very cells that are targeted and infected by HIV.

In the case of co-infection, HIV can be identified, not by its own symptoms but by the signs and symptoms of the STD.

Symptoms Chlamydia Syphilis Gonorrhoea Trichomoniasis
Vaginal discharge X   X X
Bleeding between periods (metrorrhagia) X   X  
Strong, fish-like odour       X
Vaginal itchiness (pruritus)       X
Painless vaginal sore (chancre)   X    
Pain with sex (dyspareunia) X   X  
Burning sensation with urination (dysuria) X   X X

For this reason, anyone who seeks diagnosis and treatment of STD should also get tested for HIV as recommended by the CDC.

Chronic HIV infection

After the acute seroconversion phase, the HIV virus will have been brought under control by the immune system, and the virus will have established a set point during which viral activity will remain more or less stable for a couple of months or years.

The next stage of infection following the acute phase is the chronic stage and is also referred to as clinical latency. This stage of infection is one in which the infection progressed silently with few or no symptoms. At this point, the virus continues to infect and deplete CD4 T-cells that are relied upon when the body needs an immune response to a trigger. As the CD4 T-cells continue to deplete in quantity, there is an increased risk of opportunistic infections as well as immune suppression. Opportunistic infections are so named because they only infect a weak immune system as a strong immune system would be able to subdue them.

Signs and complications of HIV in women

Chronic HIV infection has the symptoms related more to the development of opportunistic infections than the virus itself. This means that the secondary infections affecting a woman’s health and menstrual cycle usually develop as a result of prolonged immune suppression and chronic inflammation.

Note that CD4 T-cell count of 500 -1,200 cells per cubic millimeter is seen as normal, whereas a cell count of 250 – 500 per cubic millimeter is seen as a sign of immunosuppression. Also note that the types of opportunistic infections seen at a CD4 T-cell count of 250 -500 is more or less the same for both men and women. They include infections like herpes zoster, herpes simplex, bacterial and fungal infections, tuberculosis and HIV related meningitis. The symptoms for women include the following.

Vaginal ulcers: the virus most commonly associated with genital herpes is the Herpes simplex virus type 2. The risk of herpes increases in people with HIV with a CD4 count of less than 500. The first manifestation of HIV in women is usually vaginal herpes. This is usually the case when the infected person is co-infected with herpes simplex virus type 2.

Abnormal periods: Menstrual problems like the absence of menstruation (amenorrhea) and irregular menstruation (oligomenorrhea) is experienced more by women who have been infected with HIV. As the CD4 cell count drops, the risk increases. The key risk factors are said to be untreated HIV infection and low body mass index.

Bone problems: Osteoporosis is characterised by bones that break easily, loss of height, back pain and stooped posture. Although women who are in their post-menopausal stage are at an increased risk, those women who are infected with HIV face the risk four times more. Additionally, certain HIV drugs and hepatitis C infection have also been linked to increased bone mineral loss.

Impaired fertility: women with HIV are less able to control the effects of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) even with the help of treatment. This is as a result of the suppression of the immune system by HIV. For this reason, women who are infected with HIV and also have PID can face serious complications like infertility and ectopic pregnancy. In simple terms, this means that women with HIV suffer complications of PID than women without HIV.

Genital warts: Genital warts are commonly linked to Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and are also known as condylomas. Studies have shown that women with HIV are at greater risk of having HPV than those without HIV. This, in turn, increases the risk of cervical cancer.

Premature menopause:  this condition is defined as the onset of menopause or the experience of menopausal symptoms before the age of 40. This can sometimes happen for women who have HIV, women who have a low CD4 count or women who smoke. However, women who have HIV and are healthy tend to experience menopause around the usual age of 50.

Recurrent yeast infection: vaginal candidiasis is a condition that results from the overgrowth of a fungus called candida. The decline of the CD4 cells also leads to the frequency and severity of the yeast infection. This yeast infection is the counterpart to the one experienced by both men and women called oral thrush.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

This is the third stage of the HIV infection and is characterised by symptomatic disease. All the immune defenses have been wiped out at this stage, leaving you in an immunocompromised state. Also, at this point, you are vulnerable to common and uncommon illnesses because your immune defences are low. Without the means of protection, you run the risk of having life-threatening illnesses which include infections and even cancer.

According to CDC, when you have the following, then you must have progressed to AIDS;

  • When you have one of the 28 conditions that define AIDS irrespective of your CD4 count
  • When your CD4 count is below 200 cells per cubic millimetre

AIDS-defining conditions are those diseases that are rarely seen outside of immunocompromised people, and include common opportunistic infections that have spread from their typical sites of infection.

Symptoms of aids in women

There is little variation between symptoms of AIDS in men and women. The variations are simply evidence that shows that women experience more significant cognitive decline and are more likely to experience signs of HIV encephalopathy (AIDS dementia complex) than men.

Invasive cervical cancer is one AIDS-defining condition that is exclusive to women. It is an advanced stage of cervical cancer whereby the cancerous cells have spread to the tissue in the deeper part of the cervix or other parts of the body. Note that ICC can affect women with HIV as well as women without. However, the risk is about 7 times greater for women with HIV.

Non–HIV related conditions

Several non-HIV-related conditions are commonly seen in people who have a long term infection. These conditions include cancers as well as diseases related to ageing that often develop 10 -15 years earlier in people with HIV.

Generally, this means that HIV can increase the risk of non-HIV-related diseases and cancers like heart attacks, stroke and cardiovascular diseases if left untreated. Women are mostly affected in this case. For example, women with HIV are at greater risk of developing heart disease more than men. Also, women with HIV who engage in anal sex are more likely to develop anal cancer. All this is a result of co-infection.

The key to living longer, even with HIV, is early diagnosis and treatment. In the absence of a cure, HIV patients, especially women, can live as long and as healthy as possible.

Find out all you need to know about HIV when you visit this website.

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What Are My Chances of Contracting HIV?




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What is HIV? 

Human immunodeficiency infection (HIV) assaults and debilitates the resistant framework, making an individual more powerless against genuine sickness. Untreated HIV can prompt AIDS, which happens when the insusceptible framework is so feeble it gets vulnerable to genuine contaminations and a few malignant growths. 

There’s a pestilence of HIV in the United States and around the planet. As indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, more than 1.1 million individuals in the United States are living with HIV, and 1 of every 7 of them don’t know about it. An expected 39,782 individuals in the nation were determined to have HIV in 2016 alone. 

HIV transmission happens from various perspectives, including through condomless sex and by sharing needles. The danger of transmission differs relying upon a few variables including:

  • sexual practices and the HIV status of sexual accomplices 
  • sharing needles for drug use or tattoos 
  • utilization of PrEP, PEP, condoms, or having an imperceptible viral burden

It’s imperative to comprehend the danger level dependent on real factors in forestalling the transmission of HIV.

How is HIV sent through sex? 

HIV can be communicated through semen, vaginal emissions, blood, and butt-centric discharges. At the point when an individual doesn’t utilize a condom during sex, it’s simpler for semen, vaginal liquids, blood, and butt-centric discharges to enter their body — either being ingested across the mucous layer of the vagina or rear-end or entering the circulatory system straightforwardly. 

Butt-centric sex is a realized danger factor for contracting HIV if other counteraction techniques are missing, particularly for the “responsive” accomplice whose rear-end is being entered by the penis. 

Vaginal sex can likewise prompt HIV transmission if other counteraction strategies are missing, particularly for the “open” accomplice whose vagina is being entered by the penis. 

Both butt-centric and vaginal sex can likewise convey a danger of HIV transmission for the “insertive” accomplice (that is, the individual whose penis is embedded into the rear-end or vagina). 

Oral sex (either mouth on penis or vulva/vagina) is believed to be extremely okay. Rimming (mouth on accomplice’s butt) is additionally thought to be okay.

Lining versus beating 

“Beating” and “lining” are normal names for positions in butt-centric sex. The individual fixing is the accomplice embeddings their penis into the butt/rectum of their accomplice. The individual lining is in the open position the one whose rear-end/rectum is being infiltrated by the other accomplice’s penis. 

HIV can be sent to either accomplice paying little heed to who is besting or lining, particularly during butt-centric sex without a condom. Lining conveys more danger than a garnish. That is on the grounds that the covering of the rectum is delicate and can tear effectively during butt-centric sex, regardless of whether blood isn’t noticed and there is no torment. These infinitesimal tears can make a course for HIV-containing liquids, like semen, to enter the body.

Male versus female accomplices 

While having vaginal sex without a condom with an accomplice who has a penis, the vaginal films are bound to tear (regardless of whether blood isn’t obvious) than the accomplice’s penis. 

In condomless butt-centric sex with an accomplice who has a penis, the rectal layers are additionally bound to tear (regardless of whether blood isn’t obvious) than the accomplice’s penis. Tiny tears make a simpler way for HIV and other STIs to enter the body when uncovered. 

It’s feasible for a cooperate with a penis to contract HIV during vaginal and butt-centric sex. On the off chance that a female accomplice is living with HIV with a discernible viral burden, it very well may be conveyed in her vaginal discharges. In the event that her accomplice has open wounds on their mouth or penis, they can make a door for vaginal discharges or other natural liquids with HIV to enter the body. 

Uncircumcised men are at higher danger of contracting HIV from condomless sex than circumcised men. The fragile layers of prepuce can tear during sex, making a pathway for HIV to enter the body.

Forestalling HIV transmission through sex 

On the off chance that a condom is accurately utilized during sex, the odds of contracting HIV and some STIs will be significantly lower. There are additionally various techniques for security during sexual action including utilization of pre-openness prophylaxis (PrEP), post-openness prophylaxis (PEP), and treatment as avoidance. 


PrEP is a day-to-day antiretroviral drug that an HIV-contrast person can take to reduce their risk of contracting HIV. According to the CDC, Trusted Source Props reduces the risk of HIV from day to day by about 99%. For more tax, go to buy tenvir-em online.

The US Preventive Services Task Force currently suggests a routine for all individuals on the extended risk of an HIV contract.


Energy alludes to taking solution antiretroviral meds after a new conceivable openness to HIV. It’s for use in crisis circumstances and should be begun with 72 hours of conceivable openness. 

Treatment as avoidance 

“Treatment as avoidance” alludes to taking antiretroviral drugs to lessen the viral heap of an individual living with HIV. Diminishing the viral burden assists an individual with HIV stay solid, and it likewise brings down the danger of that individual communicating HIV to a sexual accomplice. 

At the point when their viral burden is diminished to such a low level that a blood test can’t recognize it (imperceptible viral burden), that individual will not have the option to communicate HIV to an accomplice. An imperceptible viral burden for all intents and purposes dispenses with the danger of HIV transmission, regardless of whether the other accomplice isn’t on PrEP and condoms aren’t utilized.

Does having another explicitly communicated disease (STI) increment hazard? 

People with other STIs might be bound to contract HIV. 


In the first place, some STIs like syphilis and herpes cause ulcers, or bruises, to create in the genital region or mouth. These bruises make an opening in the skin, making it simpler for HIV to enter the body, whenever uncovered. 

Second, when an individual has contamination, their insusceptible framework conveys certain cells to help battle it. These phones are called CD4+ cells. They’re the very cells that HIV targets. At the point when their invulnerable framework is effectively fending off another contamination, they might be more vulnerable to HIV. 

On the off chance that an accomplice has HIV with a perceivable viral burden and is additionally has another STI, the danger of HIV transmission increases. Individuals with both HIV and other STIs may in general have higher centralizations of the infection in their genital liquids. Therefore, they’re bound to send HIV to their sexual accomplice.

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Distance love letter: Express what you feel in 2021!

Ody Team



Distance love letter: Express what you feel in 2021!
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If for any particular circumstance you are estranged from a person you love very much at the moment, what you need immediately is a love letter from a distance !

Nothing better to show your feelings than some beautiful words that reflect everything that is in your heart.

You can choose many ways to send your message: by email, by WhatsApp, publish it on your social networks or, if you can and prefer, send it by traditional mail.

So do not hesitate, write your own love letter from a distance or choose one of these that I now show you and send it to that special person in your life, be it your boyfriend, your husband or even your friend.


If you don’t want to spread your message too long, this short distance love letter is perfect for you.

If you want to use your own words, coming out of your inspiration, be sure to also discover how to write a love letter .

My love:

‘ve told you that I love you so many times that at this point I don’t know if you believe me … and you should.

The time that I am with you is not enough for me, the kisses you give me seem few, the hugs very short … but none of this has to do with any disability of yours; on the contrary, I am the nonconformist, because when it comes to you always, always, I am going to want more, I am going to want everything if you can give me everything.

You know that you have the key to my heart, I give it to you this and every day (because it is not only today when I am in love with you), so that you can always open, so that you can always enter, so that you always have a place here, with me, and, above all, so that you always come back.

Yours in the distance



If you and your boyfriend have been forced to separate during a time in which the relationship continues despite the space that distances you, nothing better than a long distance love letter to tell him everything you feel.

My life:

My love transgresses borders to reach you.

Even if it is only through these letters, here I send you all my heart, so that you always have it in your hands. His care, his protection and keeping him beating strong for this love that we have for each other will now depend on you.

I die of nostalgia at times for your departure, but I live happier than usual almost always because I know that I have your love and you have mine, because I hope that sooner rather than later we can finally be together the two of them again.

Most of the time I would like to have wings so I can fly to where you are and give you all the love I have in store waiting for you. But I know that we have to know how to be patient and trust that what destiny brought together nothing and no one will be able to separate it, much less this cruel distance that is now between us.

I have so many plans for our future together! Right now the only thing I think about is taking you by the hand and going for a walk without direction or time to return, only with the pleasant sensation of the heat of your skin in contact with mine, and the certainty that everything is going with you. be fine.

But my dreams will come true, the day of our meeting will come, and our wishes will be fulfilled, I have no doubt, because there is no other way out of this love than being together.

Meanwhile, here you always have your girlfriend loving you and wanting to shorten this distance with just a few lines, even if only for the moment you read them or I write them.

A huge kiss from your biggest love,

Your girlfriend.


Distance love letter: Express what you feel in 2021!

Distance love letter: Express what you feel in 2021!

If for any particular circumstance you are estranged from a person you love very much at the moment, what you need immediately is a love letter from a distance !

Nothing better to show your feelings than some beautiful words that reflect everything that is in your heart.

You can choose many ways to send your message: by email, by WhatsApp, publish it on your social networks or, if you can and prefer, send it by traditional mail.

So do not hesitate, write your own love letter from a distance or choose one of these that I now show you and send it to that special person in your life, be it your boyfriend, your husband or even your friend.



If you don’t want to spread your message too long, this short distance love letter is perfect for you.

My love:

I’ve told you that I love you so many times that at this point I don’t know if you believe me … and you should.

The time that I am with you is not enough for me, the kisses you give me seem few, the hugs very short … but none of this has to do with any disability of yours; on the contrary, I am the nonconformist, because when it comes to you always, always, I am going to want more, I am going to want everything if you can give me everything.

You know that you have the key to my heart, I give it to you this and every day (because it is not only today when I am in love with you), so that you can always open, so that you can always enter, so that you always have a place here, with me, and, above all, so that you always come back.

Yours in the distance



If you and your boyfriend have been forced to separate during a time in which the relationship continues despite the space that distances you, nothing better than a long distance love letter to tell him everything you feel.

Here’s one that may help you, but you can also try making one yourself if you first investigate how to tell him that you miss him .

My life:


My love transgresses borders to reach you.

Even if it is only through these letters, here I send you all my heart, so that you always have it in your hands. His care, his protection and keeping him beating strong for this love that we have for each other will now depend on you.

I die of nostalgia at times for your departure, but I live happier than usual almost always because I know that I have your love and you have mine, because I hope that sooner rather than later we can finally be together the two of them again.

Most of the time I would like to have wings so I can fly to where you are and give you all the love I have in store waiting for you. But I know that we have to know how to be patient and trust that what destiny brought together nothing and no one will be able to separate it, much less this cruel distance that is now between us.

I have so many plans for our future together! Right now the only thing I think about is taking you by the hand and going for a walk without direction or time to return, only with the pleasant sensation of the heat of your skin in contact with mine, and the certainty that everything is going with you. be fine.


But my dreams will come true, the day of our meeting will come, and our wishes will be fulfilled, I have no doubt, because there is no other way out of this love than being together.

Meanwhile, here you always have your girlfriend loving you and wanting to shorten this distance with just a few lines, even if only for the moment you read them or I write them.

A huge kiss from your biggest love,

Your girlfriend.


If you want that special person in your life to spend a long time thinking about you, do not hesitate to send him this long distance love letter , which is full of romance!

My love:

Every minute that passes I feel closer to you, because every minute that passes, despite this heartless distance that now separates us, brings us much closer to the moment of meeting again, the moment of being together again, the moment of to hug and caress each other again as we could some time ago.

The circumstance that we have to live in these moments is true that it is very difficult, but that does not mean it will be impossible for both of us to overcome. The love we have for each other will give us enough strength, and patience, to overcome this obstacle that now stands in our way, that now stands in our destiny together.

Many people have told me that this love in the distance has no solution, that it will only cause us to weaken and finally separate. But I do not pay attention to what many may say.

What do they know about what you and I feel? What do they know about this love? What do they know about what we can endure and what we are willing to do to stay together, to meet again, to continue walking hand in hand?

And how can I find it impossible to be with you again? How can I not believe that our paths will be one again? How can I think that our love will be weakened by this distance that now separates us? If every morning when I wake up my thought is only one, the image that comes to my head is always the same: you.

You are only on my mind every second of all my days. And at night, when I am not the owner of what I want to think, when I do not direct my subconscious, at night you also appear, to dream, this time asleep, with you again, with our next meeting, with our love.

I never thought it would be my turn to face a challenge like this, to be separated from the person I love the most in the world. But I also never thought to love the way I love you, I never thought I would have the strength to move on and fight because we will see each other again, because this time we will definitely be together forever.

And it is that your love gives me the strength to carry on. Without that I would not know how to endure so much loneliness that I carry inside, because even though I am surrounded by people I always lack the most important one, I always lack you.

Love can make us suffer a lot, but it can also give us the greatest joy of our lives. Now we have had to live a part that carries a bit of pain and suffering implicit in being separated.

But I know that soon, sooner than we expect, we will be able to overcome this barrier of distance and be the happiest people on Earth, even if no one else, and only you and me, know it and have the certainty of it.

Be patient, my good, and wait for me a little longer. Be patient and never lose faith that we will be together again, that our love will triumph and this enormous obstacle we will be able to overcome.

That will only happen if we are together through our soul, if we decide to be together in the future, if we want with all our might to continue loving each other and then fight for this love that unites us.

Soon all this will have happened and it will be nothing more than the story of what our love was weaving. Soon there will only be a memory of this circumstance that kept us apart.

Soon we will be able to tell everyone about the hardest test that distance has put us. And soon, very soon, I will be able to hug you again and tell you in your ear how much I love you and how much I need you to be able to live.

I miss you, but I trust that love is stronger and we will finally be able to be together.

Always yours, even if thousands of kilometers separate us,

Your beloved.


The sacred bond of marriage transgresses spatial boundaries. So do not hesitate to show him how much you love him with this letter to my husband , or send him this love letter in the distance that I now propose:

My husband:

I trust that you are thinking of me right now, and if not, after these lines you will undoubtedly have me in your mind for a while, before diving back into your usual routine away from me.

We have been through so much together, good and bad. And it is incredible sometimes that our love has managed to survive, has emerged and has kept us strong enough to face life. But it cannot be otherwise, because when you truly love as we do, there is no circumstance in the world capable of appeasing that love.

Now we are separated and it is perhaps the hardest test we have had to face since we met. The days and nights seem to be eternal, waiting to see you again, to have you in my arms, to feel your skin again.

But I know that it is only for a time, I know that it is necessary and I know that we will overcome this difficult test and that our love will come out of it intact, or perhaps much stronger than before.

I have so many caresses in store for you! So many kisses are accumulating on me that when we meet again I will not give you a chance to even speak. I have a hug on pause, stopped, just for when you are very close to me again.

Do not despair, my sun, do not decay, do not lose faith. Sometimes life takes us in unexpected directions, but these paths that now seem so distant only lead us to the same end, to the same destination: to be together again and forever.

Everything will pass and faster than you think, and soon, very soon, I will be able to tell you very closely this that I am writing to you now: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Yours forever waiting for your return,

 your wife who adores you.


A long distance love letter to dedicate can be the perfect opportunity to tell him how you feel. The one that I show you below, can be ideal to express your feelings for that boy, or also this letter to declare my love to a man .

Love of my life:

There are days when I miss you much more, when I need you close. Today, for example, is one of those days. I’ve been thinking and thinking about you all morning, and when I get like this, many things come to mind.

Who are you? I wonder at this hour. I do not know you, I am terrified to think that you are a stranger to me, a total and complete stranger … but I want so much to meet you! That appeases all the fears you may have.

I want to know every detail of you, I want to know your hobbies, discover those routines that make you return to even the simplest things something sacred and special.

I want to decipher what you think before saying a word, making us communicate just by looking at each other, that we understand what each one feels without having the need to speak.

I want to be able to identify the different ways you have to laugh and what causes that laugh. I want to know you to such an extent that I get to know everything that makes you angry, and the different scales of that anger.

I want to know what worries you or saddens you, and to be able to make you smile even in the worst moments, to make you forget, even for a second, the problems that overwhelm you, to make you come out even if you are in the background. darker hole.

I want to know what makes you vibrate, what makes you live, what turns you on, what point in your body makes you shudder. I want to know your tastes, your wildest or most absurd preferences, and your deepest hatreds. I want to know what you dream, what you want, what you want and hope to achieve.

I want to be able to recognize your voice among thousands of people speaking at the same time, identify your steps even if they don’t see you coming, feel your presence even if you are far away, far away… every little detail, however small, I want to know it.

I also want to share every detail of me, if you agree, of course. I want to share each experience lived and those that are to come. Show you the colors that my eyes see. Learn things together. To be able to share my space with you, my things, my books, my melodies, my crazy things … I want to make you participate in every second of my life without this becoming an burden for you, because I want to be part of yours as well and a very important part, wait…

A waiting kiss that I want to give you at all times and always loving you,



The love for a friend who is far away can be reason for you to send him a love letter from a distance . Show him how strong is the friendship that lasts regardless of time and space through these lines:

My friend:

It seems that it was yesterday when we met, although I cannot remember the exact moment, nor can I know, no matter how much I scrutinize my brain, how we managed to become friends.

There have been so many and so many moments shared! The memories I have now are so good!

It has been wonderful knowing that I can always count on you and offer you my hand so that you can take it whenever you need it. It really has been magical knowing that I have your shoulder whenever I want to cry, that your strong arms will hold me if I am going to fall.

But only now do I realize how much you miss me. Only now can I really perceive the great emptiness I feel when you are not there. Only now that you are far away, that this distance separates us in a mean way, is it that I can feel how much I love you, how much I need your company, how much I wish I could share our adventures together, our secrets.

You don’t know how I feel these days, you don’t know the loneliness that invades me every hour. It’s like a piece of me has been taken, because a piece of me has gone with you.

This love that I have for you, this great love and affection that I feel for you, will not be erased simply because you have left.

Perhaps the way we communicate will change. We may no longer be able to hug or wipe each other’s tears with a handkerchief. But what we can do is keep in touch, and keep hoping that one day we can meet again.

Because now, wherever you find me, I know that I have a friend in another part of the world, I know that I have a friend that I can trust, I know that I have a friend in the distance whom I love with all my heart and that each Even though it is far away, it will be more present than ever

A hug from

your friend who loves you.

If what happens to you is that you have fallen in love with your friend, that you feel something much stronger than a friendship, but he has gone away, the best thing is that you immediately learn how to conquer a friend and send him this love letter remote :

My friend:

I remember that morning we met. It’s been some time since that, but the truth is that we became friends and that feeling has lasted for many years. What I could never imagine is that that feeling would be stronger and stronger and that now that you are far away I would dare to confess to you what I have been able to decipher in my heart.

I never thought this would happen to me. I never thought something like this would come up between the two of us. But the truth is that this friendship and it has expanded in my heart to reach limits that not even I knew existed.

I had not realized the love I feel for you. I had not realized that in my heart, more than a friend, you have become the man with whom I want to share my days.

Only with this separation, only after you have left, only after you have moved away from me, have I understood the need you make me and I have understood, once and for all, that this love that I feel for you is a friendship sincere, but it’s also the deepest love I’ve ever felt.

I am in love with you and I had not realized it. I am in love with you and the trigger to finally notice it was for you to move away from me.

I do not know if it was the closeness, I do not know if it was the touch, or the affection that you have shown me so many times. But the truth is that my heart has blossomed love for you.

I don’t know if you feel the same, I can’t imagine what’s going through your head right now. But I had to tell you. Perhaps this distance was what prompted me to do it. Perhaps face to face I would never have dared and concealed this strong feeling that is in my heart.

I do not pretend that you feel the same, I do not pretend to force you, because it is impossible, to reciprocate this love.

I just want you to give me an answer, I just want you to think a bit and find out if the same thing happens to you. If not, at least I would like to continue with this beautiful friendship that has united us. I, for my part, will try.

I love you and I miss you so much, in every possible way,



I know it can be difficult to be in a relationship and not be able to be with that guy because space separates them. It is normal that you feel dejected at times and very sad, and it is not bad that you let your partner know with a letter for a long distance love like this one that I propose.

My special recommendation is that you also know the pros and cons of long distance relationships  so that your relationship works well.

My love:

These days that we have spent together have been wonderful, but even before you left I was already beginning to miss you.

These days I have felt like in the clouds, wanting not to get up in the morning from bed, for fear of losing the dream that having you with me has represented, that we are together, to extend one more second if possible being hugged with you, your smell, your voice, your skin …

I am no longer satisfied. A week, a fortnight, a month … I’m not satisfied, I don’t want there to be a time limit, I don’t want to think while I’m with you that we have to part again. I know that it is difficult and that there are things that are not in our hands, but I am not satisfied. I know that the time has not been short this time, but it will always be insufficient for me.

I love you, however repetitive it becomes, I will not tire of saying it over and over again, because those two words that seem very simple summarize the greatest thing I have ever felt, and even then they cannot cover it.

Sometimes even words are short and empty of meaning, sometimes it is not enough to repeat phrases like that over and over again because sometimes a silence or a look that lasts seconds far exceeds the meaning of those words …

For you, then, the best of looks, the best of our moments shared in silence, and the most sincere I LOVE YOU of all that I may have told you so far and of all those that I will tell you.

Remember that I am always with you even though we are far away, I am always there, next to you, but in body, at least in soul and thought, just as I always carry you with me and you are here.

The usual kiss, with nostalgia circling my heart and missing you a lot.

Of your love

Any of these that I have shown you here can be the best love letter from a distance , and it does not matter that it is not your own inspiration, we are here to help you!

You just have to choose the one you prefer and send it to express all your love to that special person who is far from you.

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200 funny questions for your boyfriend [2021 update]

Ody Team



200 funny questions for your boyfriend 2021 update
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A loving relationship must be very versatile; Although seriousness and maturity are important, you cannot ignore moments of fun, leisure and, why not, those with a touch of madness.

Do not allow monotony to take over your days as a couple, be creative, ingenious and propose the game of questions.

Next I will share fun questions for your boyfriend , they will surely have a lot of fun!


Don’t even think that you saved yourself from answering !; He will also be able to ask you questions, the idea is that both of you get to know each other better, have a good time and strengthen the bond that unites you.


With the following questions and answers, you will have a great time with your loved one.

Both of you will have a great time with an activity as simple as the question game. Look at them!

  1. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?
  2. What is your platonic love?
  3. What would the perfect day be like for you?
  4. Are you comfortable with your body?
  5. If you had a magic lamp, what would your three wishes be?
  6. Do you have any phobia?
  7. What animal do you identify with and why?
  8. Do you prefer the countryside, the forest, the city or the beach?
  9. Who is your favorite writer?
  10. What do you like in me the most?
  11. Have you ever been unfaithful?
  12. What has been the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  13. Do you think you kiss well?
  14. Do you consider yourself ugly, pretty or ordinary?
  15. If you wake up as a woman, what would be the first three things you would do?
  16. Dogs or cats?
  17. If you could be a superhero, which one would you choose and why?
  18. Where in the world would you like to live?
  19. Hot or cold?
  20. Light or dark?



Love and humor are the best combination to have a healthy relationship where both enjoy the bond intensely.

Question your boy and discover hilarious answers!

  1. Do you like blonde or brown women?
  2. How do you like to relax?
  3. Would you be willing to have a polygamous relationship?
  4. What makes you unique?
  5. Who are the most important people in your life?
  6. Sweet or sour?
  7. What would you be willing to do for a million dollars?
  8. Who would you like to see naked?
  9. What is your top 5 favorite movies?
  10. With which celebrity would you like to share a dinner?
  11. What do you dislike the most about my personality?
  12. You sing in the shower?
  13. What is your most precious memory?
  14. How many and what nicknames have you had throughout your life?
  15. Do you have a secret fantasy?
  16. Describe yourself in five words.
  17. When you were in college or university, were you ever attracted to any of your teachers?
  18. Would you like to have children? Many?
  19. Do you prefer money or love?
  20. Did you ever like one of your friends?


The list of fun questions for your boyfriend that I propose below are very interesting.

He will be surprised by such questions, but he will love to answer all your questions.

  1. You believe in aliens? Why?
  2. Have you ever seen ghosts?
  3. What fictional character do you look like?
  4. How many languages ​​do you speak? Which one would you like to master?
  5. What is the first thing you see in a woman?
  6. Do you have a lucky charm?
  7. Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
  8. Which artist would you like to see live?
  9. What is your god
  10. Do you believe in reincarnation and karma?
  11. Do you have any memories of your childhood?
  12. Would you like to change an event in your past?
  13. If you had the chance to resurrect a celebrity, what would it be?
  14. From 1 to 10, how much importance do you give to physical appearance?
  15. If you could change something in the world, what would you change?
  16. Would you like to be immortal?
  17. Which of the five senses do you consider the most important? Why?
  18. What was the first; the egg or the chicken?
  19. Tell me the strangest dream you ever had
  20. What is the most daring or crazy thing you have done for love?


How to drive a man crazy and arouse his curiosity is easier than you ever imagined; you just have to activate your imagination and attract it while having fun.

But how to do it? Read on and find interesting questions so that they get out of the routine and get to know each other better!

  1. What scares you or makes you nervous?
  2. Do you have any talents?
  3. What historical character do you identify with?
  4. Are you comfortable with your profession and job title?
  5. What would you like to eat right now?
  6. Do you lie frequently?
  7. What is your favorite song and the one that you like the least?
  8. Your favorite smell is …
  9. What motto or phrase defines you?
  10. How do you envision this relationship in five years?


Is there a better way to meet your partner than by asking questions?

Well, here is a small compilation for you to identify aspects of your loved one that you did not know:

  1. Why do you think they named you after?
  2. If you could change something in the world, what would it be?
  3. Without which of the five senses could you live?
  4. Which famous actor do you think you look like?
  5. If a bear attacked you, what would you do to survive?
  6. In case you could exchange your life with someone, who would it be?
  7. What song do you hate, but still know yourself by heart?
  8. What kinds of people scare you the most?
  9. Describe your bedroom to me.
  10. What is the aspect of yourself that you like the most?
  11. What are your favorite series?
  12. How do you imagine yourself in the future?
  13. What adjectives describe you best?
  14. How would your friends describe you?
  15. What kind of people are you afraid of?
  16. What do most people think of you that is not true?
  17. Would you have liked to learn something as a child?
  18. What kinds of people do you find particularly attractive?
  19. You know how to dance?
  20. What are you irrationally afraid of?
  21. You have a great sense of humor?
  22. Where would you go to have an adventure?
  23. What do you miss the most about your childhood?
  24. Who are the three people who inspire you the most?
  25. Are you superstitious?
  26. Can you keep secrets?
  27. Is reputation important to you?
  28. What is the worst thing you have bought?
  29. Do you do any exercise routine?
  30. What award or recognition do you think you deserve?


The family is a fundamental part of any person; therefore, it is important that you make a slight approach to the family nucleus of your partner.

These questions will help you!

  1. How many brothers you have?
  2. How would you describe your parents?
  3. What is your favorite brother? Why?
  4. Do you still live with your family or have you already become independent?
  5. Do you have a preference for one of your parents?
  6. Describe your family in one word.
  7. Which member of your family do you prefer to ask for advice?
  8. What kind of values ​​did they instill in your family nucleus?
  9. What family celebration impressed you and do you remember most fondly?
  10. Do you feel unconditional support from your family?


Reflection is necessary at certain moments in life; The questions that I propose below will help you to bring out your boyfriend’s sensitivity a bit and will make him analyze transcendental issues in a fun way.

  1. How would you like to be remembered by people when you are no longer in the world?
  2. If you were given the chance to live forever, would you do it?
  3. What would he not do for all the gold in the world?
  4. If you were an object, what would you be and why?
  5. What is the best and worst time of the year for you? Why?
  6. When was the last time you cried and why?
  7. Do you have a plan in your life or do you like to improvise?
  8. What would a perfect birthday be like for you?
  9. Would you like to travel to other planets if you had the opportunity?
  10. What would you say to your ex partner if you had her in front of you?
  11. What would you give up for love?
  12. How would you like to be in the future?
  13. Do you like to make jokes?
  14. Are you afraid of death?
  15. What are the three things you appreciate most about a person?
  16. What is the most exotic thing you have eaten?
  17. Who would you like to be alone on a desert island with?
  18. Do you believe in eternal love?
  19. Give me your opinion on love at first sight
  20. What melody or song would sum up your personality?
  21. What is the quality that you value the most in a friendship?
  22. What would you like to know about the mysteries of the universe?
  23. Tell me what would excite you to live in the next 5 years
  24. Describe what love means to you in one word.
  25. What title would you give the current chapter of your life?
  26. Tell me something that gives meaning to your life
  27. Who are you missing right now?
  28. What would you like to change in your life?
  29. You believe in Magic?
  30. If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?


There are questions that make us blush because they are a daring touch or simply because they touch aspects of our private life that we do not want to confess.

So if you are going to interrogate your guy with awkward questions, keep in mind that they must have a high degree of confidence. If it already exists, go ahead with the following questions:

  1. Have you had any addiction in your life?
  2. What’s the worst thing you’ve done while drunk?
  3. Have you ever stolen?
  4. Would you exchange me for a million euros?
  5. Who did you tell the last lie to?
  6. What is the worst thing you have done for love?
  7. From 1 to 10, what score would you give yourself?
  8. What was the last thing you googled?
  9. Do you regret having slept with someone?
  10. How long is the longest time you have gone without showering?
  11. Do you think size matters?
  12. How was your best and your worst date?
  13. If you could change a fact from the past, would you do it?
  14. Have you ever been rejected in your life?
  15. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done alone?
  16. What is your most unpleasant anecdote?
  17. Have you ever been expelled from a place?
  18. Have you had a traffic accident?
  19. Have you ever felt lonely?
  20. Do you think you have any psychopathic traits?
  21. Have you ever been arrested?
  22. What was your favorite childhood character?
  23. In your last relationship, did you end or did you end the bond?
  24. Have you had any surgery?
  25. What do you think of feminism?
  26. Have you had a romantic relationship with someone older or younger than you?
  27. Do you consider yourself inferior or superior to someone?
  28. Do you think your life makes sense?
  29. You are happy?
  30. Do you like helping people?


Would you dare to propose a game to your man to get out of the monotony? Check out the following fun question ideas for your risque boyfriend and you are sure to get the heat up!

  1. For what reason would you reject a woman who attracts you physically?
  2. Have you taken nude photos of yourself?
  3. Do you sleep in pajamas, underwear or naked?
  4. Would you go to a nude beach?
  5. Do you have any taboos regarding sex?
  6. What is the most sensitive part of your body?
  7. Do you know how to identify your main erogenous zones?
  8. Have you been intimate or would you like to be intimate in the water?
  9. What do you think about pornography?
  10. Do you like massages?
  11. Are you voyeuristic?
  12. Do you think you kiss well?
  13. Do you consider yourself an open-minded man when it comes to sexuality?
  14. Have you ever overpowered yourself with someone?
  15. Have you eaten any aphrodisiac foods on purpose?
  16. What was the craziest thing you did with your ex?
  17. Two, three or more times a week?
  18. Fast or slow?
  19. Would you dare to have an open relationship?
  20. You’re jealous?
  21. Are any of my friends making you jealous?
  22. Do you have any fantasy that we can fulfill together?
  23. What is the part of my body that attracts you the most?
  24. Describe 3 of your sexual qualities.
  25. What would a perfect night of passion be like for you?
  26. If today was our last day together, would you do or say something to make it special?
  27. Describe 3 of your sexual qualities.
  28. You are sensitive?
  29. Have you ever doubted our relationship?
  30. Tell me one of your secrets.


Romanticism will never go out of style; Don’t overthink it if you want to add a special touch to your relationship! and ask him everything you need to know about your partner without fear.

Cheer up! It is very likely that this simple game will help you to strengthen the affective bond that unites you.

  1. What is your first thought when you wake up next to me?
  2. What do you feel when we hug?
  3. Do you believe in soul mates?
  4. Why do you think we meet on the road?
  5. What was the first impression you had of me?
  6. How would you describe our first kiss?
  7. Is there a song that reminds you of our love?
  8. Tell me 5 reasons why you like me
  9. Would you have a long distance relationship with me?
  10. Where would you take me on our honeymoon if we got married one day?


Seduction and flirtation are essential to know how to revive the flame of love as a couple ; the following questions will awaken more than a feeling of love, you’ll see!

  1. Would you rather hug me for 10 seconds or kiss me for 5 seconds?
  2. What is your favorite place to kiss?
  3. Would you like to bathe with me?
  4. How would you describe my scent?
  5. The weirdest thing you love about me is …
  6. What is the most romantic thing you would do for me?
  7. Do you feel anything when you read one of my love messages?
  8. Have you dreamed of me?
  9. I make you happy?
  10. Do you think I’m nice?
  11. What kind of flower would you describe?
  12. When you are alone, do you think of me?
  13. Do you talk about me when you are with your friends?
  14. Would you like me to take the initiative in some matters?
  15. Do you love me or do you love me?


The commitment as a couple is a very important step in the relationship; however, before committing, a process of awareness is necessary.

To help you, we have devised a series of key questions to ask your loved one before committing yourself, get to know them !:

  1. How do you handle stress?
  2. Are you able to keep your anger under control?
  3. How do you handle disagreements?
  4. Do you consider yourself a loyal person?
  5. What do you think about marriage?
  6. When you break up with someone, how do you do it?
  7. If one of your friends flirts with me, what would you do to fix it?
  8. When do you think you would be ready to live together?
  9. Would you like us to have pets in the near future?
  10. You know how to cook?
  11. Are you good at living with another person?
  12. What do you think of the children?
  13. Do you like the country or the city to live with your partner?
  14. What kind of father do you want to be?
  15. Do you like to save?
  16. Are you emotionally and sexually satisfied with me?
  17. How do you think your relationship with my family would be?
  18. Do you consider yourself an orderly man?
  19. What is your philosophy of money within a marriage?
  20. How do you imagine our wedding?


Have a fun time with your boy while you interrogate him; This will help them discover new facets in the relationship, open up to dialogue and be more honest.

Also, find out how interested your boyfriend is in you, both with the questions and by consulting the Love Interest Calculator .

  1. What is my zodiac sign?
  2. My best quality is …
  3. What does your family think of me?
  4. What do you think of me?
  5. What place or country would I like to travel to?
  6. Do you like the way that I dress?
  7. What do your friends think of me?
  8. Is there something you don’t ask me out of fear?
  9. Do you feel free to talk to me about any topic? Why?
  10. What is the second profession that I would like to study?
  11. Can you imagine a future with me?
  12. Are you comfortable with me and with the relationship?
  13. Do you feel that you can trust me in all aspects?
  14. In what aspects do you think we are most compatible?
  15. Am I loving enough with you?
  16. What is your biggest fear regarding the relationship?
  17. What bothers you the most about my previous ex-boyfriends?
  18. Do you accept me as I am?
  19. What do you expect from me?
  20. What is the most attractive thing about me?
  21. Do you remember how our relationship started?
  22. Do you feel for me things that you had not felt before? Which?
  23. Which is my favorite color?
  24. What are my hobbies?
  25. What is my favorite movie?
  26. What are my favorite tv series?
  27. What is my favorite literary work?
  28. If you could play any instrument, what do you think it would be?
  29. What is my platonic love?
  30. Do I have a phobia?


Will your boy pass the funny truth or dare questions test ? Will he reveal all his secrets and execute all the challenges?

Remember that the goal is for both of you to have a good time and refresh the relationship in a different and entertaining way. Take a look at the questions!


  1. Do you think i’m sexy?
  2. At what age did you give your first kiss and with whom?
  3. Have you ever felt harassed by a woman?
  4. What would you like to do right now?
  5. Have you ever been caught in a compromising situation?
  6. If you meet your ex at a party and he asks for a kiss, would you give it to him?
  7. If you had the opportunity to go out on a date with a famous woman, who would you choose?
  8. Have you been attracted to any of your friends?
  9. Have you been unfaithful?
  10. Do you think i’m sexy?


  1. Choose a part of your body to pass yourself an ice cube.
  2. Do 20 squats in your underwear.
  3. Get me something to eat in 10 minutes.
  4. Imitate me for 5 minutes.
  5. Go outside, for a few seconds, in your pajamas.
  6. Cover your eyes with a blindfold and guess what I’m doing.
  7. Choose the clothes you want from my wardrobe and dress me as you wish.
  8. Make a list of the parts of my body that you like the most and justify your answer.
  9. Kiss me and sing your favorite song at the same time.
  10. Make an engaging Facebook post that engages me.
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10 things that will make your husband (or any man) tremble with FEAR of losing you

Ody Team



10 things that will make your husband (or any man) tremble with FEAR of losing you
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After several investigations, interviews and studies, the specialists came to the conclusion that there are 10 qualities that ALL men look for in a wife. This list brings together the things they consider most important in a woman, and most of them, if found, are taken tooth and nail from her.

Sociologist Christine B. Whelan, from the University of Pittsburgh, along with Christie F. Boxer from the University of Iowa, have found the answer to the million dollar question. Read on and discover what are the traits most sought after by men in his wife.

1. Loyalty

Yes, we protest that they are not faithful, but it seems that they look for this same quality in us women. Before physical appearance, maturity, intelligence and everything else, what men look for most in their wives is exactly what we look for in them: LOYALTY.

2. Someone you can count on through thick and thin

In these characteristics, both men and women pursue the same thing, with the same intensity. Men are looking for someone who can be an unconditional partner, who will always play on the same team. And beware of this one, many of us think that it is the easiest of all, ignoring situations in which we, for example, believe people’s gossip before hearing the truth from our husband’s mouth.

Having this trait means that we will always play for the same team, not just when it suits us.

3. Emotional stability and maturity

Men are amused by the witty and immature women they don’t take seriously in their lives, but it’s just that, a diversion. The woman they want as a wife must be mature and emotionally stable.

4. Intelligence

Times have changed, and intelligence in a woman is a highly coveted characteristic in the male world. Nothing is more seductive than a woman who cultivates herself intellectually. With the advent of the Internet, and the reach of all the knowledge of the world, there are no excuses not to improve ourselves (and not only for your husband, but for your own good and that of your whole family).

5. Willing to please

This trait has been in the 5 priorities that men have since 1939. This does not mean that they are looking for a slave, but that they are looking for someone willing to commit to the happiness of the couple. Someone who is willing to meet in the middle of the road to achieve the common good of both. Be careful, this only works if he is willing to put the other half.

6. Ability to socialize

Both men and women have placed this trait in the number six position of priorities. The truth is that the secret of a couple’s success rests in part on the ability that both have to integrate with the rest of society. Married couples who have friends in common and who share a common social life have a much better chance of being fully happy.

7. Healthy habits

Health has a great impact on the life of a couple today, and both men and women value good habits when it comes to eating and your own personal care.

8. Physical appearance

Near the bottom of our priority list is physical beauty. Contrary to what most of us tend to believe, physical appearance is not one of the preferred traits in men when it comes to finding true love. Obviously there are things of much more weight than the measurements and the color of a woman’s hair.

Although there must be a certain chemistry between a couple that is generated by a physical attraction, but that is not the most fundamental thing for a man to fall in love with a woman.

9. Good mother

Although this trait does not top the priority list, chances are that a woman who meets the above conditions is going to be a good mother.

10. Ambition

The desire to progress together and to improve herself is an important trait. As you can see, all these traits are not only important because men value them, but because they all unconditionally benefit you as a person, as a wife, as a woman and as a mother.


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6 reasons why a man falls in love with you

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6 reasons why a man falls in love with you
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Maybe it was your smile, or your voice. Or the shine of the moon on your hair. Maybe it was spontaneity, or your way of being. Something captivated him so much that he fell in love with you. And maybe he doesn’t even know how to explain it himself, but when a man falls in love, he does it with all his being, seeking that the woman he loves is truly happy.

Men and women fall in love differently. The brains of both are different and experts have been studying for decades the behavior of neural functions in terms of love and the differences that exist in both genders.

Love is in the brain

According to Dr. Eduardo Calixto González, Doctor in Neurophysiology and Brain Physiology at the University of Pittsburgh, it is brain activity that intervenes in the process of falling in love and that determines that men and women fall in love differently.

According to the expert, in falling in love chemical substances such as dopamine come into play, which generate reactions in neurons. This substance causes that, when released in the brain, an activation occurs in the prefrontal cortex related to reasoning, that is why during this process the negative aspects of the person we like are erased.

Men and women fall in love in different ways. While they are governed in the first instance much more by the visual, we seek to see the whole. The specialist assures that women carry out biological, physical and psychological evaluations to find a partner, while their brain tells them that the physical issue is very important, because at the biological level it ensures the perpetuation of the species.

But it is not just a question of good physique

Although science says that men look first to the woman’s physique, and we cannot change this, we also know that they eventually fall in love with other issues.

You know that a man is in love with you when he feels that he can take care of you, that he can make you happy. A man in love is seen from miles away, and we know very well that this infatuation has nothing to do with the beauty standards set by culture and society.

They fall in love faster

Although over time, movies and romantic novels have tried to convince us that it is women who fall in love more quickly, science explains that the opposite happens.

According to a study published in the Journal of Social Psychology, men fall in love more quickly than women. Which throws away the idea that women are weak and men resistant to love.

Factors that make them fall in love with a woman

1 The whole set

According to Doctor Eduardo Calixto González, it takes a man from 8 seconds to 12 minutes to evaluate a woman so that her brain processes that selection. In that time, although dopamine does its thing and evaluates the physical question in the first instance, it will also take into account other general aspects.

Thus, your way of being, your voice, your attitude to certain circumstances, can leave him fascinated, or drive him away forever.

2 Your way of seeing life

Men are attracted to those types of women whose thoughts about life coincide with his, or simply that it is so opposite that it opens a new world before their eyes.

So he can be captivated by your ideals, or by your conversations about politics, or about your life story. Men are attracted to those women who can make him see life differently.

3 The desire to protect yourself

Men are protectors by nature. And although we know that we are strong and free and do not need protection from the male, we cannot deny that there is something pristine and internal that makes us feel safe and confident when a man wants to take care of us.

When a man wants to protect you, he is falling in love. Something tells him that he wants to take care of you, and that you are his treasure. If he feels that desire, he will not be able to deny that he has fallen into the nets of love.

4 Feel that you can contribute something to your life

A man falls in love with a woman when he feels that she is happy with him. Men like to please by nature. That is why there is nothing more gratifying for them than to see the woman they love happy, because they feel like they are victors.

When you are happy, enjoy his company, and are interested in him, this will be a major factor in his brain telling him “Hey, this is the girl!”

5 The way he feels next to you

He may not be able to explain it, but when he feels that being by your side radiates peace, or feelings of joy, passion and excitement, he probably begins to fall in love (or already is, madly).

When you value his attitudes, you tell him how much you like him about him, when you validate his feelings and accompany him, he will not be able to let you go, because he will feel that you are a diamond in the rough. They value feeling accepted and loved, so this will be a key point for the love to deepen.

6 you are authentic

Finally, there is nothing that makes a man fall in love more than a woman who is authentic and sure of her ideals. When you do not seek all the time to be like another, or do what another woman does, and instead only follow your convictions, you are showing that you are a confident woman of what you want in life.

Men like forward-looking women who are authentic in their actions. This makes them feel more secure and confident. And they will fall madly in love with that freedom you have to be who you are.

There is no exact formula that makes a man fall in love, since each one falls in love differently, although many share several of the points mentioned.  The important thing is to be yourself and let a man fall in love with you for who you are . The rest will flow freely. And if it’s love, it will stay forever.

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Couples challenge: 20 questions to see who knows who best

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Couples challenge: 20 questions to see who knows who best
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Ask your partner these questions to find out how much they know about you and to discover together those things they need to know about the other.

Sometimes we think we know everything about our partner, or sometimes we think that our partner knows everything about us. However, as the saying goes “you never finish knowing someone.” Are you ready for this challenge as a couple?

The communication is a fundamental part of a good relationship. When we start a love relationship we get to know each other little by little and after a while we discover that we know in depth many things about each other.

However, many things are overlooked, that for the good of the couple it is good to know them. For example, we women love that men remember details that we once told them, because for us it was important to trust that.

Therefore, what we propose in this article is to carry out this questionnaire as a couple to see how much they know about each other and what things still need to be known. Not only will they have fun for a while, but they will put their memory to the test (although there may be a few complaints as well!)

The 20 questions to know who knows who the most

Ask your partner these questions to find out how much they know about you and to discover together those things they need to know about the other. They can answer simultaneously, or first answer one and then start over with the questions to answer the other.

1 What was the name of my best friend from childhood?

2 How old was I when I had my first pet?

3 What is my OCD or mania?

4 What can’t I stop doing before going to bed?

5 What is my weak point?

6 What part of my body does not make me feel comfortable?

7 What do I value the most in you?

8 How much importance do I place on physical appearance in a relationship?

9 I find a suitcase with money. What do you think I’m doing?

10 What do I do every day but don’t like to do?

11 What time did we meet?

12 What is my favorite movie?

13 What is my most special date?

14 What do I like most about our relationship?

15 What do I like least about our relationship?

16 What do I regret?

17 Would I forgive you for infidelity?

18 What do you think I would do if I had a lot of money?

19 What things make me cry or make me very sad?

20 Describe yourself and describe me in 3 words

And the results are …

With this questionnaire, two things may have happened: either they are proud to know each other so in depth, or they discovered that there are still many things to discover, work on and talk about. And either of the two options is valid.

This type of “games” as a couple lets us reveal everything we want the other to know about us. Knowledge in the couple is a powerful tool that we can use to love, care and give affection at all times.

Knowing their tastes, their hobbies, their sadness, their bad memories and even the name of the teacher of their childhood are small elements that add up when it comes to strengthening the relationship. When you bare your soul it is because you really feel comfortable with whoever is next to you.

When there are hidden things it is an alarm signal

Not all couples are open and frank when it comes to talking about their life. The reluctance imposed by one of the members of the couple may come from the fear of reproaches , or simply as a way of shielding themselves from certain issues.

For example: there are many people who do not like to talk about their privacy, family problems that occurred in their childhood, trauma or even the name of their first girlfriend or boyfriend. In this case, we can respect the silence or encourage the person to understand why this resistance to sharing certain things.

Many times we hear cases of couples who when they separate say “it was not the person I thought”, or “I was totally unaware of it after we got married.” Therefore, many simple questions can help us to know in depth the history of a person, as well as their way of thinking and acting in life.

Confession in love

It is important to listen to our partner when he is predisposed to tell something about his life that he had never told, or what he needs to vent. It is also nice to have those relaxed talks where the happy anecdotes of childhood and adolescence are remembered. Remembering them as a couple is enriching and adds a lot to the construction of the relationship.

Confessing with those we love is a pure and simple act where we bare our hearts and expose all our feelings, because we do not fear, and we trust. You don’t tell anyone your things, much less your fears, fantasies, hobbies or stormy memories.

Always keeping this communication bond open in the couple will make it always stand up. Whether they are beautiful memories, or things that need to be talked about in the present relationship, let us never stop looking into each other’s eyes and using the word to tell each other – with respect and affection – everything that needs to be heard.

Do not forget that the lack of communication raises a wall in the couple that ends up separating us. Let’s not listen just to answer; Let’s listen to the other to understand and help.


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Discover the benefits of Tantra with Mensalus

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Discover the benefits of Tantra with Mensalus
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An approach to this oriental tradition based on well-being and sensuality.

Although the word “Tantra” can be used incorrectly in the West as it is associated only with sex , in reality this practice is much more than that.

Tantra is a way of experiencing life and becoming it, thanks to its techniques that help to find liberation. However, it is true that Tantra, unlike other spiritual paths, does not renounce sex. Rather, the opposite occurs, since he understands the body as sacred and sex as a source of pleasure, elevation and meditation .

During the month of January, Instituto Mensalus de Barcelona starts two six-week workshops with the aim of making known the secrets of Tantra and conscious love . The first one is intended for men and women, so that participants can benefit both in their sexuality and in their personal relationships. The second is oriented towards women, so that they learn to enjoy a greater  mental , emotional, energetic and physical balance . Without a doubt, an unbeatable opportunity to improve emotional well-being and intimate life.

Connect with oneself and with others

Tantra is a philosophy that was born in India and has its origin in Buddhism . It is a practice that helps us to be aware of the energy that surrounds us and that which comes from within us. It is pure existentiality, it is being in the present moment, in the “here and now”. It is a positive attitude towards life , including our sexuality, always from a non-judgmental and self-acceptance mentality. In other words, it is living fully.

The self-knowledge that Tantra gives us and the non-judgmental way of thinking characteristic of this practice gives us a greater understanding to live in freedom, develop ourselves and, therefore, love in a more pure way. The benefits of Tantra are simply based on experiencing life, connecting with yourself and with others.

Tantra and emotional balance

Tantric practice expands our perception of the world and improves our health, our sexual happiness, rejuvenates us and brings us positive energy for everyday life. As a path to self-knowledge and personal improvement, our self-esteem increases, as well as the ability to live each moment, to make decisions and seek harmony. It is a method to find emotional balance and inner peace, which dresses our life with love, fulfillment and enjoyment.

With Tantra we can focus and relax from our own center and from there connect with our body, mind and spirit, which are often forgotten in a society like ours. Therefore, it pursues learning and effective management of our internal events , allowing us to react in a more conscious way both in our sexuality (which it teaches us to use with maturity) and in day-to-day eventualities. Tantra brings with it a renewal of our physical and mental energy, a deepening of our emotional connection, and an openness to the spiritual realm that puts our lives in a more realistic and serene perspective.

If you are interested in this practice and are curious to know more, Instituto Mensalus de Barcelona gives you the opportunity to experience it yourself.

Tantra courses at Instituto Mensalus de Barcelona

Instituto Mensalus is a leading psychology center in the Barcelona area that, in addition to psychotherapy, offers different courses and workshops on psychology and personal growth, both for professionals in this field and for people interested in improving their own well-being.

Knowing the benefits of the practice of Tantra on an emotional level and mental well-being, this center teaches two courses that aim for participants to improve their sexual life and personal relationships , connecting with the joy of living, compassion, acceptance and awareness of your own body, your emotions and feelings. Both workshops begin next January (2017).

Below you can learn more about these courses:

1. Workshop: “Sexuality and Tantra, the art of conscious love”

This workshop is aimed at men and women who are interested in improving their sexuality and quality of life, and is ideal for couples who want to grow in their intimate life (although it is not essential to attend with a partner). Sexuality is necessary for our well-being and happiness, and with this course it is possible to take a quality leap in moments of intimacy , because it helps to connect with one’s own body and one’s own essence, to be able to use sexual energy as a tool towards the spiritual path and the expression of love.

During the six weeks of duration, different techniques are put into practice that help to discover that sexuality and pleasure are the way to spiritual growth, without ties and without erroneous beliefs that affect our sexual and general health.

2. Workshop: “Tantra, living the woman that I am”

This workshop is intended exclusively for women , so that they are aware and enjoy their body and the expression of their sexuality, away from the prejudices and taboos that have characterized our society for years.

The methodology has been designed to empower women and allow them to connect with their feminine, spiritual, receptive, loving and even wild essence. In this course, the participants will rediscover and explore places of their body, mind and spirit perhaps unknown to them. All this through different exercises and tantric and Taoist rituals, which will awaken their sensuality through their senses .

In short, with this six-week training they will improve their capacity for self-knowledge and sexual expression, they will free themselves of emotions that do not allow them to live a full life, they will be empowered in the face of life, they will improve their connection with themselves and, in general, their well-being. .

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Know the amount we should practice according to age (scientific study)

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Know the amount we should practice according to age (scientific study)
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The body changes over the years, and with it our most intimate habits also evolve.

Love is one of the great motivations of the human being, and finding our better half is one of the vital goals of many people. Relationships go through good and bad times, and although we value many things about the people who will accompany us for the rest of our lives, sex is, without a doubt, one of the most important.

In fact, the benefits of sex are many , and researchers have, on multiple occasions, found that good sex is an important factor in keeping a couple together. Of course, it is not the only one. A debate around this issue is still alive today: “What is more important, quality or quantity?”

In the following lines we will answer this question and delve into the amount of sex that most couples tend to have according to age .

Does more sex equal more happiness as a couple?

It is said that living beings are characterized by being born, reproducing and dying. But human beings are complex beings, and our experience cannot only be understood by the neural connections of our brain. Human beings think, memorize, feel, get excited … and the sexual experience goes beyond simple intercourse and the fact of reproducing ourselves .

Therefore, an active sexual life favors happiness and well-being in the couple. But … does having more sex mean enjoying greater happiness? Many individuals may agree that the happiest couples are those who are most passionate and who have a large amount of sex a week. However, this is not what a group of researchers from the University of Toronto Mississauga in Canada assures. According to the results of their research, sex makes us happier to some extent.

Their study had a sample of 30,000 subjects, as the scientists analyzed data from three studies: a survey carried out in the United States, which included the period from 1989 to 2012 by subjects aged between 18 and 89 years; an online survey created by the researchers themselves and a third study that lasted 14 years, also answered by American couples.

The results of the study suggest that it is necessary to have sex with a certain frequency , but having sex once a week is enough to maintain balance and happiness in the couple. That is, more times a week does not necessarily make couples happier, but less than a weekly session does negatively affect the well-being of those in love.

The importance of age and happiness regarding sex

In reality, determining the amount of sex a person can have per week to be happy can be complex. In fact, recent research claims that some factors influence this amount, and age is important. Depending on the age, a person tends to have more or less sex. When we are young, sex is perhaps the most important thing in the relationship, but with age we value other things about the couple and we have other needs. For example, having someone close and starting a family.

This study was carried out by the Kinsey Institute for Research on Sex, Reproduction and Gender of Rosario (Argentina). That age influences the amount of sex we have makes sense, since as we get older we have more responsibilities, we have lived longer, testosterone drops and we have more family responsibilities. So it is not surprising that the Kinsey Institute found that between the ages of 19 and 29, the average number of sexual encounters per year is 112 , that is, about twice a week.

However, those couples who are in the age group of 29 and 39 years have an average of 86 sexual relations a year (1.6 times a week). So young people have more sex than older people.

Do married people have less sex?

This study also found an interesting result. And it is often said that married people tend to have little sex. Well, according to the data of this research, 34% of married couples have sex two to three times a week .

Likewise, married people, even if they don’t have a lot of sex, are usually just as happy as married people who make a lot of love. In fact, the benefit was the same for married couples who had sex 3-4 times a week than for couples who had sex less frequently.

On the other hand, the results also yielded the idea that older and married women are happier than younger ones . According to the scientists “because they surely know themselves and their partners better and, although they have less sexual relations than the younger ones, they feel greater satisfaction than the younger ones.

The benefits of having sex

Having sex not only provides psychological benefits , but the immune system of our body improves, we rejuvenate, we improve our cardiovascular health, our physical condition and much more.

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The 13 benefits of having fun, according to science

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The 13 benefits of having fun, according to science
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Passion in moments of intimacy with a partner can benefit us in many ways.

Having fun is one of the most enjoyable activities that human beings can carry out. And it is that having sex brings you multiple benefits for your health, for example, it helps you reduce stress.

When you get home after a stressful day at work and have a passionate night with your partner, the tensions that have arisen throughout the day seem to disappear .

Benefits of having fun

But there are many other reasons why we should have sex. Below you can find 13 benefits of having sex. Do not miss them!

1. Improve your immune system

Having sex has myriad health benefits, and one of them is that it improves the immune system. High levels of the hormone DHEA , known as an anti-aging chemical that the body produces, appears to be the key to being and staying healthy. During sex, the body produces large amounts of DHEA, so the level of this chemical in the blood increases up to 5 times its normal amount.

2. Improve your mood

In addition to the hormone DHEA, during sexual behavior the body releases a series of neurochemicals in the brain that produce pleasant sensations and improve well-being. Since having sex activates what is known as the brain booster area or region , sex increases the levels of  serotonin or  endorphins among other neurotransmitters and, consequently, makes us feel more active and lively.

Likewise, American researcher Debby Herbenick found that adults who made love first thing in the morning were more optimistic during the rest of the day than those who did not have morning sex.

3. Rejuvenate

Having a good dose of sex on a regular basis rejuvenates you and makes you feel and look younger. This is what a study by Dr David Weeks, a clinical psychologist at Royal Edinburgh Hospital, showed.

Their results were presented at a psychology conference and showed that people who have an active sex life appear 5 to 7 years younger . However, the researcher of this study, which by the way lasted ten years, stated that what is important is not the quantity of sex but the quality.

4. Improves fertility

Having sex improves fertility, as studies in this line of research show that the more quantity of sex, the better the quality of the sperm. According to the data from this study, sperm quality is better when the last sexual encounter has been less than 2 days ago . Therefore, long periods of time without physical contact and without ejaculation, cause the quality of the semen to deteriorate.

5. Fight the cold and flu

Having sex can be the best medicine to fight the flu and cold, since having sex once or twice a week increases, up to 30%, the levels of an antibody called Immunoglobulin A (IgA), which acts as a protector against cold and flu.

6. Extend your life

Not only is frequent sexual practice enjoyable, it helps you live longer. This is what a group of Australian researchers think, who found that those who had sex at least three times a week, suffered up to 50% less chance of dying from some disease .

7. Improve your physical condition

Sex is one of the best sports. 30 minutes of sexual action burns up to 100 calories . Not only this, but the different postures that you can carry out help you to work different muscles of the body.

8. Reduce pain

Having sex reduces pain thanks to the release of endorphins, called natural opioids because they are produced by the body itself. Research shows that muscle and neck pain improve with sex, and women also experience less period pain when they have sex.

9. Improves cardiovascular health

As if it were a sport, practicing sex is health and improves people’s cardiovascular capacity. A group of scientists who published their study in the journal Epidemiology and Community Health claim that having sex once or twice a week cuts the risk of a heart attack in half , compared to those who only have sex once a month .

Another study, conducted in Israel, found that those who have sex twice a week are up to 30% less likely to have a heart attack.

10. Increase self-esteem

Having sex makes you feel much better about yourself and it is essential for us to feel that others value and appreciate us. According to the University of Texas (United States), people who have more sex enjoy better self-esteem.

11. Improve your skin

According to research carried out by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, sex has a positive effect on the skin’s renewal process , as does aerobic work. Researchers found that vigorous sex causes the body to pump higher levels of oxygen around the body, increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to the skin. In turn, it favors the development of new cells in the skin region, causing it to look healthier.

12. Reduce stress

One of the physical and psychological benefits of sexual practice is that it reduces stress. This beneficial effect of having sex is what a publication in the journal Psychology talks about .

The article explains that the results of the research show that people who had had sex in the last 24 hours suffered less stress than those who had not had sex. The key seems to be that touching and stroking during and after sex reduces the body’s levels of cortisol , the hormone that the body secretes in stressful situations.

13. Helps you sleep better

Sex helps you sleep better because it can make us feel more tired after sexual activity, and it also stimulates the production of melatonin. The functions of this neurochemical are varied, but one of the best known is that it contributes to inducing deep sleep.

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Physical and psychological benefits of masturbation

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Physical and psychological benefits of masturbation
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Masturbation has been a taboo subject for centuries, but it’s time to talk about the bright side.

The pursuit of pleasure is one of the main objectives of the human being . Men and women live not only from reflection and hard work. Pleasure, in its many facets, is associated with happiness and is (or at least should be) something we should all be looking for.

There are many ways to feel pleasure, including sex, either with other people or with yourself. We will talk about this last possibility today, delving into masturbation and its many positive effects on our physical, psychological and physiological health .

Masturbation: Pleasing yourself has its advantages

Masturbation is a sexual behavior that can be defined as any form of sexual self-pleasure obtained through any type of direct physical stimulation. This sexual behavior is widely practiced, since 95% of men and 63% of women have ever masturbated .

Masturbation as a habitual practice usually begins during  adolescence , with boys starting earlier than girls as a trend, with an average starting age of 14 and 16, respectively. A curious fact is that women tend to masturbate more frequently when they are in a stable relationship, on the other hand, men tend to masturbate more when they lose a romantic relationship and become single again.

This sexual behavior is not specifically human, as it is also seen in other animals , especially mammals.

Historical view of masturbation: religion and taboo

Masturbation has been condemned throughout history , giving it a negative connotation and causing or attributing various physical and mental problems to the people who have practiced it.

Thus, for example, the Christian religion has historically persecuted it, considering it even a worse sin than incest or rape in times past. Culturally, masturbation was considered the cause of health problems such as vision loss or infertility, which science strongly denies. Despite this, in times when information and access to scientific sources was a utopia, people firmly believed that masturbation would bring them severe problems, and therefore repressed their instinct to practice it.

But not only religion has transmitted negativity and generated a cultural taboo towards this sexual behavior: several scientists and health professionals have written extensively about the negative effects of masturbation on the health of people who practice it. For example, Tissot , in 1758, considered masturbation as a cause of brain softening .

This practice was also theorized to be one of the causes of  homosexuality , and Kraepelin explained that masturbation was a symptom of various mental illnesses. Sigmund Freud also wrote about this sexual behavior, and had the theory that masturbation was normal in  childhood , but a symptom of immaturity in adulthood, especially in the case of female masturbation.

Physical and psychological benefits of masturbation

Clinical research has been able to show that masturbation is beneficial both physically and psychologically , and in fact, it is widely used as a technique in  sexual and couples therapy

These are some of the benefits of this practice.

Physical benefits

  • It causes an analgesic effect and can help with menstrual cramps, since it causes a reduction in inflammation of the genital area.
  • It allows to maintain a healthy state of the genitals: it helps to maintain good lubrication in the case of women, and a good reflection of erection and ejaculation in the case of men.
  • Some studies indicate that masturbating helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent infections, due to the higher levels of immunoglobin A that can be observed in people who have more orgasms.

Psychological benefits

  • It helps improve sleep, especially in the case of men, due to the release of  serotonin and opioids.
  • It has a relaxing effect and a feeling of well-being, helping to release both sexual, physiological and psychological tensions.
  • It helps to explore and learn about one’s sexuality, promoting positive attitudes towards sex and genitalia, and being able to improve sexual functioning in the couple.

10 games in bed to share with your partner

A situation of fun and stimulating games for couples to use all the senses.

No one doubts that having a good sexual life as a couple improves the satisfaction of the members of the same. And it is that the connection that is created between both in the intimate moments helps to overcome many delicate moments.

Sex helps us in many ways, it not only gives us pleasure. According to some scientific studies, the benefits of sex are:

  • It helps to reduce stress.
  • It rejuvenates and helps the couple feel younger.
  • Extends life.
  • Improves cardiovascular health.
  • Improves self-esteem and mood by  releasing endorphins.
  • Helps to have a stronger immune system.

You can delve into these benefits and learn some more in this article: “The 13 benefits of having sex, according to science ”

Games in bed to share with your partner

Sexual relationships are truly enjoyable, but as time in the relationship passes and the monotony gains ground, some couples let the flame of passion go out.

Experts recommend that we be creative so that this does not happen. In the following lines you can find a selection of games in bed that will help you activate your sex life again .

1. Sexual temperature

One of the classics of games in bed is playing with the sensations of our body. To do this it is simply necessary to grab an ice cube or have a hot drink.

It is possible to apply ice directly on the body of the person we want to stimulate, or put it in the mouth for a moment (as with a hot drink) so that when practicing oral sex or licking the partner the sensations are different thanks to the cold tongue or hot.

2. The detainee

Another of the classic erotic games consists of handcuffing one of the members of the couple so that he cannot move. In this game, a stoppage or capture is usually simulated.

One of the two members of the couple is tied hands (and feet in many cases) and is at the mercy of the other person who is responsible for giving pleasure. This situation is very encouraging for many.

3. Dice game

The game of dice is a variation of the previous one. It consists of the two members of the couple being assigned different numbers.

One the two even and the other odd. Then a dice is rolled and the person who wins is the one who will be tied for 5 minutes and will receive the pleasure of the couple.

4. Sex flavors

If the sensations of cold heat can be very pleasant, so can the flavors. There is nothing better than being with the person you love and also delighting the palate with chocolate, strawberries or ice cream.

The taste of each person can change, although some classics are smearing parts of the body with chocolate and cleaning them with the tongue . Also eat strawberries and champagne with the partner in an erotic way. The important thing is not to use your hands but everything else.

5. Oil massage

Massages are always pleasant and relaxing, and are ideal for increasing sexual arousal and creating an ideal climate for sexual intercourse. The massage can be carried out in the same bed, where the person who receives it must be comfortable face down.

There are different types of oils with different aromas that produce different sensations. The touch, smell, and feel of the oil can be very stimulating, and a massage is ideal for foreplay in bed .

6. Sex bomb

The sex bomb is a juice in bed that provokes dynamite of pleasure. It is a simple game, which consists of taking a clock and setting a time interval in which it is not allowed to enter. If, for example, the time without penetration is 20 minutes, only caresses, kisses, bites, etc., are allowed until that stipulated time has passed.

7. Choose a piece of paper

A game that can be very erotic and can excite your senses. It consists of taking two jars or jars (for each of the two) in which to put a series of pieces of paper. Different verbs are written on each piece of paper that have to do with sexual and exciting acts, for example, suck, lick, bite, etc. In the other bottle will be the papers with the written parts of the body. The combination of the two pieces of paper will tell you what you should do to your partner so that he or she feels great pleasure.

8. Blindness

Another mythical game is that of blindfolding , because when one cannot see, the other bodily senses are intensified. The operation is simple; blindfold and let the couple do their job to satisfy us. Imagination plays a fundamental role in this game, which is ideal when combined with the detainee’s game.

9. The battle

The bed can be turned into a fighting ring with this game, where it is not necessary to be violent, but it can be fun. The two members of the couple must undress and hold a cushion with which they must start a battle . It’s not about hurting but about having a good time. This can lead to a relaxed atmosphere that can end in love rather than war.

10. What does my mouth taste like?

This game in bed is ideal to combine with the game of blindness. Well, when one of the two members of the couple is blindfolded, then the other places different foods in his mouth: chocolate, ice cream, strawberries, liqueurs, cream, etc.

The goal is for the person who is blindfolded to guess what the other person has in their mouth. If it is not correct, then the person who was not blindfolded will smear his body with the food and the person who has lost has to lick it and clean the body without using his hands.

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50 fun questions to surprise someone with

Ody Team



50 fun questions to surprise someone with
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If you want a conversation to take a relaxed look, here are more than 40 ideas.

Sometimes finding a topic of conversation with someone can be difficult, especially if we want to get away from common topics such as time, the workplace or hobbies.

Sometimes it is better to try to surprise someone with unexpected questions that can help you understand the person better and establish a slightly less conventional and somewhat more fun conversation .

Questions to surprise and bring up conversation topics

That is why throughout this article funny questions are posed with which to surprise someone .

1. Why do you think they named you after you?

All proper names have a meaning or are derived from words referring to different elements . Many people know or can research its meaning. However, it is not so frequent that an attempt is made to link this meaning with the thoughts, expectations and beliefs of the people who chose it.

2. If you were a product, what would your slogan be?

Although in the world in which we live, personal image is important and on many occasions we can try to show our virtues or “sell” ourselves in jobs or in front of potential partners, we do not usually think of ourselves as if we were a teleshopping product . That is why thinking about what slogan you would have if you left can be fun, trying to synthesize our virtues so that we are as attractive as possible without being truthful.

3. If you directed a movie, what genre would it belong to?

This question can give us information about the way of seeing the life of the person who answers, or about how they would like to see it.

4. What did you want to be as an adult as a child?

Remembering our childhood can be something pleasant and melancholic for many as long as it has been happy. Childhood dreams and ways of thinking can be fun to remember, including those about our dream occupation.

5. What would you ask your self in twenty years?

Uncertainty about how we will be and what we will live over the years is something very common to find in the western population. Imagining yourself talking with a more vivid self about how you got where you are or that we will come to think or experiment over time can generate a lot of questions and aspects that we want to know about our future.

6. If you could travel in time, would you travel to the past or the future?

Time travel is a topic in asking questions when trying to surprise others. However, these types of questions help to show if the person is more focused on determining how things have come to be the way they are (or on thinking about how the past would change) or if they are curious about where we will get.

7. If you were able to change something in the world … what would you change?

The world is not necessarily fair . There are a lot of things that we wish weren’t the way they are, from momentous matters to minor details.

8. If you were told that you are immortal and that none of your actions will be punished, what would be the first thing you would do?

Many times we restrict our desires and impulses out of fear of consequences and social judgment. If our actions had no consequences, what would we want to do?

9. How would you try to seduce me?

While it may be uncomfortable for some people, this question can be fun for both the questioner and the questioned as it is unexpected . It can also lead to facilitate a representation of said attempt, making it easier to break the ice in the event that there is a real interest.

10. If you could have dinner with any historical person, who would you choose?

Knowing a person who is a reference or that causes us interest would give us the opportunity to know how they have been, what they have thought, what they have done or what they have felt throughout their lives. Likewise, it allows you to see the areas that cause concern and curiosity to the person being asked .

11. Without which of the five senses could you live?

The human being has different senses with which he is able to perceive the stimuli that surround him and adapt to the environment. Losing one of them can pose severe difficulties. This question allows us to assess what vital aspects we consider most necessary to perceive .

12. If eating and drinking whatever you wanted had no consequences, what would you eat more often?

Nowadays we know that in order to maintain our state of health and our physical form it is necessary to eat in a controlled and balanced way, avoiding as much as possible the great excesses .. But if the latter were not a problem, we could consume our favorite dishes and drinks much more frequently. This question allows us to know the preferences and culinary tastes of our interlocutor , being a topic of conversation that can give a lot of play.

13. If you had ten seconds for a wish, what would you ask for?

Knowing what you want is sometimes not easy, especially if you ask it to be formulated immediately and without time to reflect. Through this question, the subject is encouraged to think quickly and answer in the most instinctive and least censored way possible.

14. What superpower would you like to have?

Having the ability to perform great feats or possess incredible abilities is something that many children and young people (and not so young) have ever dreamed of. Asking what kind of special skills they would like to have can help you see what they would like to be able to do and what they would use those skills for.

15. How would you check if it was the chicken or the egg before?

It is about making the interlocutor think about how they would be able to solve this paradox , trying to make use of logic or intuition.

16. In what era would you have liked to live?

The history of humanity is extensive and has gone through very different periods with the passage of time . Many people would be enthusiastic about the idea of ​​being born in another time to see what life was like at that time, or to consider that the situation was or will be better than the current one in some aspects.

17. What has been the strangest dream you have ever had?

Our dreams and desires are elements that are beyond our conscious control and that reflect aspects of our personality and psyche of which we are sometimes not aware.

18. An unspeakable fantasy?

Sometimes we have wishes and fantasies that we are ashamed to tell, either because of their strength or because of their content . However, expressing it is a liberating element that at the same time increases the level of trust with the person to whom it is told.

19. Imagine that you were mistaken for a famous actor / actress. Who would it be with?

The type of life, the way of being or even the role or role that he exercises, whether in real life or on stage, makes many famous people and celebrities the object of admiration and even envy. Commenting with who we would like to be confused with allows us to see what values ​​we respect of the other while allowing us to share common and divergent points between the admired and the admirer.

20. What would you do if a stranger kissed you in the middle of the street?

Exposure to controlled situations makes people capable of putting into practice strategies and behaviors that we have previously rehearsed, knowing in many cases how to respond. However, such strategies may not take into account some unexpected situations, such as the proposal.

21. If you could lock someone up for life, who would it be?

An interesting question in which the person asked can reflect their feelings for someone in particular, as well as why.

22. If a bear attacked you, what would you do to survive?

Imagining one’s own performance in an extreme situation may not seem like something fun, but it stimulates creativity and depending on the context and imagination of each one can lead to an interesting and even surprising conversation.

23. What is the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

When we fall in love we are capable of the greatest follies, many of which we are quite happy to carry out. Remembering what we are capable of doing can fill us with melancholy or smile at what we have been able to do.

24. What part of your body do you like the most and why?

Although this question may seem narcissistic, it helps to focus attention on an aspect of oneself that the person asked considers positive , and can serve to increase self-esteem and be aware of one’s own beauty.

25. How would you make someone laugh?

Making someone laugh is usually a small pleasure, leaving a feeling of well-being when such laughter is intentionally elicited or produces well-being not derived from humiliation or humiliation. Imagine how to make someone laugh too, especially if it is someone you love.

26. If you could exchange your life with someone, who would it be?

This question helps to see what things and aspects of his life the person being asked would change , as well as who he admires and what elements of that person make him deserving of respect.

27. What would you do if you won the lottery?

Money is an element that, although it does not bring happiness, contributes to having a quiet life in which you do not have to worry about basic needs. Although this is a very typical question, it can make us think about what we like and would be happy to achieve if we were not limited by aspects such as economics.

28. What animal would you like to be and why?

The fauna and flora of our planet has interested us since the beginning of time , observing the different species and their characteristics. Over the centuries we have symbolized certain values, virtues and defects in these animals. Knowing what animal we would like to be can serve to observe the values ​​and / or characteristics that a person would like to have or the type of life that they consider they would like to lead.

29. If you had to give yourself a name, what would it be?

Each of us has a name that we have received from our parents, relatives or guardians. This name is generally not chosen by the individual himself. This is something we don’t usually worry about. But what if we had to name ourselves? What would we choose and based on what would we do it?

30. What type of publication would you cover?

Our ideal self, our desires and tastes, who we would like to be, in what we would like to stand out … these aspects are not usually communicated on a regular basis. Imagining being the cover of something can help us see what you want or what aspects of yourself you consider or want to be recognized.

31. Who would you want to see naked and who would you hate to see like this?

Imagining the nudity of someone to whom we are attracted to someone or imagining someone who does not attract us as he came into the world can lead to prolonged more or less pleasant conversations. A question that can be uncomfortable, but whose answer can be fun to listen to .

32. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve been caught doing?

We all have little secrets or things that we would be embarrassed if others saw us do , and that on occasion we have been caught doing. While it can be embarrassing to confess, it helps you get to know the person more while also being a fun and engaging conversation piece.

33. What would you do if you had a fit of laughter in an inappropriate situation or in the place of which you cannot get out?

Sometimes we get a little fit of laughter at the most inopportune moments . In tense situations, or at times when it is not appropriate and from which we cannot easily get out (a class, a work meeting). Imagining the scene and thinking and feeling what we would do in such a situation can be fun.

34. What song do you hate but still know yourself by heart?

It is common for most people to have some song or musical genre that they hate or that they find heavy or tiresome. However, it is sometimes possible to catch yourself humming such songs .

35. What is the moment in which you have felt sexiest throughout your life?

Feeling admired and desired by someone who attracts us is something that most people like . Knowing when this feeling has been had can bring to mind pleasant and funny memories for those who are asked.

36. What makes you the most nervous?

The things that irritate or make everyone nervous can be many and varied . Explaining them and contrasting the differences between people can be entertaining and surprising as well as helping to better understand the other person.

37. If you were a ghost that inhabits a haunted house, how would you attract people inside?

A lot of horror movies take place in mansions and haunted houses where a group (usually families or groups of friends) decide to spend the night. In general, these mansions are usually unoccupied and almost empty except for the presence of spirits that usually cannot leave the place. If those who inhabited it were alive they could probably feel bored and alone. The question is to think what a person would do if he were the ghost in order to attract company and have fun.

38. If you could only know one thing about the future, what would you ask?

Knowing what the future holds is something quite common. But those who want to know what the future of the world will be like usually want to know a lot of things. Choosing a single thing is complicated, having to reflect on which element causes us the most curiosity.

39. What would a perfect day be like for you?

We all have things that make our day better or worse. Expressing what would make us happy can cause us to smile when we imagine it.

40. If they played a practical joke on you, how would you get revenge?

Being played certain pranks on us can provoke anger and rage, as well as the desire for revenge **. Thinking about how we would return certain kinds of jokes ** and coming up with a little plan can give us some wicked pleasure.

41. What is the strangest thing you have done to eat something you wanted?

With the stomach you do not reason, and that is why there are times when cravings make us perform strange actions, inappropriate for ourselves. Commenting on these types of anecdotes can serve both to learn more about the other’s personality and to laugh.

42. What is the subject about which you are ashamed to know so little?

We are all ignorant of many aspects of life , and that is why our level of knowledge often has striking gaps that we can be embarrassed to uncover. Anyway, recognizing it is the first step to solve it, and if it also helps us to have a fun time, the better.

43. What has been the funniest fall you have had?

Bumps and falls, if they do not leave sequelae and the damage is slight, can be something very funny; you just have to see that they have their own audiovisual genre, the slapstick. So reminiscing about those little accidents can spark laughter.

44. What kinds of people scare you the most?

What we are afraid of defines us, and if we apply this to personal relationships, it can be as entertaining as it is meaningful.

45. In which city you have not been in would you like to spend a million euros?

Imagining situations in which you have more power than usual can give a lot of play, especially if we add a small hidden test to the question to find out to what extent you know the places you haven’t been.

46. ​​What is the strangest pub or nightclub you’ve ever been to?

To remember an epic night in a filthy place or with some unique characteristic.

47. Do you love your dog (or cat) more than any other member of your family?

Some pets are like relatives.

48. Have you been attracted to a sister (or brother) of a friend?

We all have a friend who has a really attractive brother or sister.

49. What has been your worst drunk?

Almost all of us have had a night when we have lost even our dignity.

50. Have you ever downloaded a dating app?

Typical funny question that few people want to answer.

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105 intimate questions to get to know your partner better

Ody Team



105 questions to get to know your partner better
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A way to expand mutual and affective knowledge in love relationships with a couple.

Psychologists are professionals who have always been interested in learning more about the personality and behavior of individuals. However, normal people sometimes also act as psychologists in their own lives, analyzing the behavior of people with whom they interact or have some kind of relationship .

This happens especially when we are meeting new people, and of course, when we decide to start a love relationship with someone . We like to know about your life, about what it is like and about your needs and tastes. If everything works out, we will spend the rest of our lives by his side.

Intimate questions to get to know your partner

And of course, we all like to know if that special person shares our values, is passionate in intimate relationships or if he or she is a good or bad person with others. Therefore, in this article, we present a list of questions that will provide you with valuable information about what your partner is like.

Now, it is not a question of using all these questions to scrupulously and exhaustively analyze your partner. Rather, they are questions that can stimulate your intimate conversations and can allow you to get to know your loved one better if he or she opens your heart. So keep an eye on the following lines.

1. Describe your perfect day to me

We all have a different image of life, some people are more pessimistic and others more optimistic. Knowing the image that your partner has of his ideal day can help you visualize what his expectations are about it. In addition, in this way you can also know what their hobbies and hobbies are.

2. Do you think that you can have intimate relationships with many people?

A question to get an idea of ​​whether a person is conservative or rather liberal on the subject of intimate relationships.

3. What part of your body do you like the most?

Depending on the answer, it is possible to know if your partner feels safe or insecure about his own body.

4. And … Where would you go to live an adventure?

It allows you to get an idea of ​​what kinds of exciting experiences attract the most attention from your partner.

5. Do you have any intimate fantasy?

To get an idea of ​​what your limits are when it comes to intimate moments.

7. What is the most important thing to you in bed?

We all value one thing or another. While some people prioritize a good body, others prefer loving treatment.

8. What do you like to do the most and have them done to you in bed?

A question that talks about preferences in moments of maximum intimacy.

9. What don’t you like when making love?

There may be situations that seem too much for you. It is best to speak it and understand each other.

10. What do you think is the key to enjoying making love?

Understanding how the person views intimate relationships can be good for a better connection.

11. What do you value most in a partner?

Each of us looks for a series of qualities in our loving partner. It’s okay to find out and find out what the other person thinks.

12. Are you open to trying new things in your intimate relationships?

This shows if the person has an open and flexible mind.

13. How many children do you want to have?

Although it seems strange, there are people who do not want to have children. This information can be useful if you are a lover of children.

14. Do you have any taboo regarding intimate life?

In other words, you have some belief that is preventing you from fully enjoying your sex life.

15. What do you think is your biggest insecurity when making love?

A direct way to know if the person is really not comfortable with their physique or feels some kind of insecurity.

16. How important do you give physicality?

Many individuals value things like, for example, caring, stability, intelligence. However, others value physical attractiveness more than any other quality.

17. How do you like sex and what points make you explode with pleasure?

It is always better for the other person to tell us for themselves how we can please them. Communication is key to a satisfying life as a couple.

18. What does sexual intercourse mean to you?

To find out how important intimate moments of passion are or if you value other things about your partner.

19. What activity makes you more likely to have sex?

A direct way to know how you should approach the preliminaries.

20. What do you think feeds eroticism?

Maintaining eroticism in the couple is one of the keys to a lasting relationship.

21. What do you need from me at this moment?

One way to avoid misunderstandings. It is also useful to know if the person is dependent or if, on the contrary, he sees the partner as a complement.

22. If you could ask for three wishes, what would they be?

This simple question can bring out your innermost needs and thoughts. So you can find out more about your partner and their goals and objectives.

23. If you could go backwards, would you change anything in your life?

We have all made mistakes in our day to day life, sometimes causing wounds that have not been healed. This question can lead us to get to know our partner more in depth.

24. Do you have any perversion that you can share?

We all have thoughts about our intimacy that we would like to share with our partner.

25. What are the details that I have with you and do they remind you of how I feel about you?

We may do something thinking that our partner will like it. However, it values ​​other things. It is good to know what they like and what they don’t.

26. What is your favorite hobby?

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you should already know the answer to this question. However, if you are just starting the relationship, this can give you information about what your new love is passionate about.

27. How was or is your relationship with your mother or sisters?

You can know how he gets along with other people, especially those closest to him.

28. What do you think of her having friends of the opposite sex?

Based on the answer to this question, you can hint if you are a jealous person or not.

29. Where would you like to live?

We all have our own thoughts, hobbies, tastes. The place where we spend the rest of our life can make us more or less happy.

30. What are your religious beliefs? Do you believe in something? Can you live with mine?

There are people who have very strong beliefs towards something. In extreme cases, they can have serious prejudices for coexistence. It also shows if the person is tolerant of the thoughts of others.

31. What would be a good title for your autobiography?

This will help you to know what image the person has of themselves.

32. What do you think about having children? Would you have children with me?

Another question about having children, which helps to know your partner’s opinion about it.

33. Do you practice any sport or hobby? You like dancing?

If you are passionate about dance and you give importance to it in your relationship, knowing if your partner shares your same tastes can ensure success or not in love.

34. How was your previous relationship and why are you alone now?

It is always good to know the past and the reasons why your previous relationship did not go well.

35. What is your short-term and long-term life plan?

You will share your whole life with this person if love triumphs. So you are interested in knowing their future plans.

36. What four adjectives describe you best?

It helps you get an idea of ​​how the other person sees themselves.

37. What is your least favorite state of mind?

This way you will know his concerns and hobbies, and you will know if he is a brave or worried person.

38. What do you think of a betrayal? Have you been betrayed or have you ever betrayed?

You will be interested in knowing what your partner’s vision of infidelity is. Is he tolerant about it or is all or nothing in this sense.

39. Are you night or morning?

If you are nocturnal and your partner is in the morning , it may be difficult for you living to adjust to the schedule.

40. Do you like clutter or loud music? What kind of music do you prefer?

Music says a lot about people’s personalities. Although not always, if you can know something more about the other person if they have deep-rooted tastes.

41. What is your biggest fear?

We all have concerns about something. The best thing is to know what they are and to be able to face them together.

42. If money were not a problem, what kind of life would you like to lead?

Money is obviously important for living. This question gives you information about what your partner’s authentic desires are.

43. Do I offer you everything you need from a partner?

This question does not refer to whether or not you meet the expectations of the couple, but it gives you to understand what it is that they want when they are with someone.

44. Can you tell me three things about my personality that you couldn’t live without?

It helps you understand what he likes most about you and what he values ​​most about you.

45. Tell me what you would like to change about yourself and why

Be it trauma, complex or bad experiences, sometimes people are not entirely comfortable with our lives. Understand your partner in this regard.

46. ​​What aspects would you like to improve our relationship?

Although sometimes it is difficult to recognize it, relationships can be improved. It’s okay to know your partner’s opinion so you can change together.

47. If you could feel something that you feel, what would you choose?

A good way to empathize with the other person is thanks to this question.

48. What has been the best thing that has happened to you in life?

Get to know first-hand what makes you happiest.

49. Where would you go to relax for a few days?

You can tell if your partner is calm or prone to being stressed. You can also find out if there is anything you can do to get him out of the routine.

50. What situations take you to the limit of desire?

In other words, what is the most exciting thing about intimacy? An intimate but useful question.

51. What has been the hardest time you’ve been through?

To understand your partner’s emotions and behavior, it is often necessary to know more about their past.

52. What person has had a decisive influence on you?

Knowing who their role models are, you can get an idea of ​​their values.

53. What is your biggest dream?

To get an idea of ​​your expectations. Are they realistic or not? Let him or her speak.

54. What do you understand by love?

Love is a complex phenomenon, which each person understands in their own way. Like your partner and you do not think the same of a relationship.

55. When did you realize that you had entered adulthood?

A simple way to know if the person is mature or if, on the contrary, he has not yet matured.

56. What do you think generates intimacy?

A way of knowing the way in which the other person understands that special connection that unites two human beings.

57. Is there something everyone fears that you don’t?

Knowing unique aspects of the other person is something that can be achieved by talking about fears .

58. With whom were you most united in your childhood?

An intimate question about early memories.

59. To what country would you travel on foot for love?

Interesting unknown, it helps to better understand the degree to which the other person is considered passionate.

60. Who do I remind you of?

A question that can generate very interesting answers.

61. Do you value friendship or love more?

This will allow you to discover some of its most deeply rooted values.

62. Are you more like cats or dogs?

Each person has a clear preference for one of these two pets.

63. Has something I said or done ever bothered you?

It is possible that you did not recognize it at the time, but it can be a good opportunity to approach certain situations in a climate of trust.

64. What did you want to be when you were little?

Our childhood aspirations may or may not have been fulfilled.

65. Would you parachute?

To assess risk aversion.

66. What is your ideal male or female prototype?

To know your tastes and preferences in depth.

67. Have you ever been bullied when you went to school or institute?

Unfortunately, many people have been bullied. Talking about it can strengthen your relationship.

68. Would you travel 1,000 km just to see me for a few hours?

The degree of sacrifice that can be made for someone we love is, at times, implausible.

69. What is the worst insult you have ever received?

Perhaps there is some weak point or some insecurity that can surface.

70. Do you think that love is a cascade of neurochemicals, or is there something transcendental?

Highly philosophical question to find out more details about your loved one’s worldview.

71. What part of your body do you like least?

By also asking about those parts of your body that you like least, we will learn about your self-perception and insecurities.

72. What is friendship for you?

A question to find out what exactly our partner understands by the concept of friendship and what he specifically expects from them.

73. What is your favorite movie?

Film tastes tell us a lot about what a person is like, and what kinds of movies make them feel better or worse.

74. What was your childhood idol?

Childhood is a very personal space that shapes who we are today, knowing about that period will also be useful to us.

75. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Asking about hopes and dreams, as well as the ambitions of the people we love will also make us better couples.

76. Is there a song that reminds you of me?

Sometimes we can unconsciously associate a song with a certain person, also with our partner.

77. Do you believe in life beyond death?

A question that undoubtedly involves an interesting philosophical debate.

78. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

We are not all lucky enough to get along with our parents, some people may have conflicts with them.

79. What do you think was your first conscious memory?

The first memories of life will mark us forever in later development.

80. Do you still have childhood friendships?

Maintaining friendships from when we went to elementary school or earlier is a good sign, since it indicates that in our childhood we grew up with a positive group of friends.

81. What is your favorite food?

For foodies, culinary preferences are a fact to consider.

82. What do you eat when you are sad?

Some people have special eating habits when they feel sad or depressed.

83. What do you think of homosexuality?

Knowing how tolerant our partner is will also help us to get an idea of ​​what kind of person they are.

84. What nickname did your friends give you?

A special and intimate part of childhood, without a doubt.

85. Do you think you have become the person you wanted to become?

It can be a difficult question to answer for some people, but it will certainly give us a lot of information about our partner.

86. What did you think of me when you met me?

It is always curious to know the first impression that person had when he met us. We can always tell funny anecdotes about it.

87. What would you take to a desert island?

A typical question, but one that will provide us with a lot of information about the priorities of the person with whom we are living.

88. What is your favorite smell?

Olfactory preferences are also an important and intimate part of people, and it is an area in which memory plays an important role.

89. What is your favorite sexual position?

A question that delves, again, into the most intimate preferences of our partner.

90. Have you ever fantasized about a celebrity?

The fact of having a more or less torrid fantasy with a celebrity from the world of entertainment or sports has happened to all of us.

91. What was your favorite subject in school?

We will learn a lot by asking our partner which subjects they found the most challenging.

92. What movie makes you cry?

We all have movies that make us feel intense and special emotions, and that we only share with a select few.

93. At what age did you lose your virginity?

A question that can be sensitive, but that at the same time will constitute one of the most personal confessions that a person can ask us.

94. What countries have you been to?

Some people love to visit new countries and live waiting for the next trip, knowing in which countries they have been will give us a lot of information.

95. Do you like to look at the stars?

A hobby that some people have who are attracted to the sky and who enjoy looking at the sky at night.

96. What do you think of the adoption?

Another question that can be interesting and can help us a lot to get to know the person we love.

97. At what age did you fall in love for the first time?

The first love is never forgotten, so it will always remain engraved in our memory and will be an inseparable fact of who we are.

98. What do you think is your best quality?

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses that the other person thinks they have is also an excellent way to get to know our better half.

99. What is it you don’t like about me?

Asking the other person to rate what they don’t like about us is also an important question, both for them and for us.

100. Have you had relationships with someone of the same sex?

A curious and interesting question, which will undoubtedly reveal secrets that we could have ignored for a long time, about our partner.

101. What is the object you have at home that most reminds you of me?

The answers can be funny or they can refer to a gift that he refers to you.

102. Where do you think our relationship is going?

An open and open question to discover the intentions of that important person.

103. What business do you think we could create together?

There are couples who complement each other well when it comes to work, but for others it would be a very bad idea.

104. What concert couldn’t you go to without me?

Surely it alludes to an artist who is part of the soundtrack of both.

105. What city that we have never visited would you go with me?

To know your partner’s preferences in terms of tourism.

Meyo: an app to improve your life as a couple

Love relationships can be complicated. And although asking questions and getting to know your partner more and more it is evident that it is possible to improve the love life between the two of you, even then it is usually difficult.

It can be difficult for us to say what we feel, we can express ourselves badly and hurt when it was not our intention, we fill with negative thoughts, we become too emotionally dependent on that person … All this ends up affecting not only the relationship, but our state of mind. cheer up.

In this context comes Meyo, an application that is designed to help you in this and many other aspects of your life . So be very attentive to its launch (free) the week of March 16, 2020, as this app is called to completely revolutionize the market.

It is a health app, but, aware that a healthy life is not only not being sick, Meyo also offers guidance and all the tools you need to improve your life as a couple and reduce the conflicts and negative thoughts that sometimes surround women. afective relationships.

Meyo is a personal assistant that helps you to express yourself better, to flee from emotional dependence, to improve empathy, to better communicate what you feel, to open up, to show that you are someone who can be trusted, to be more optimistic … And, ultimately, in everything that a person values ​​when he wants to share life with someone.

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9 tips to regain someone’s trust

Ody Team



9 tips to regain someone's trust
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Regaining that person’s trust can be difficult … but not impossible.

Sandro and Sonia fell in love during their high school years. After college, they both found work. At 26, they had a stable life and decided to get married, so they consummated their marriage. But after more than ten years of almost perfect relationship, their marriage went through a period of crisis, which led Sonia to be unfaithful.

When Sandro found out what had happened, he decided to separate from her. Sonia insisted and Sandro thought that he could forget what happened, so, after living apart for a month, he decided to give him another chance. After three months they separated definitively because Sandro did not regain confidence in Sonia .

Loss of trust can spell the end of a relationship

Interpersonal relationships, especially love ones, can go through bad times, especially when one of the people has lost trust in the other.

In fact, both in friendship and relationship relationships, a lack of trust can lead to a total breakdown , since the degree of intimacy that existed between both actors can no longer be recovered.

9 tips to regain the trust of a person you care about

Sometimes we may regret something we have done that has caused the other person to stop trusting us . If you feel identified and want to regain the trust of that person who matters so much to you, follow these tips:

1. Admit your mistake

Obviously the other person has lost trust in you because you have done something wrong. So do n’t waste any more time trying to hide part of the story to make yourself look less bad . If you want the other person to regain trust in you, the first thing you should do is assume that you were wrong and that the fault is yours, at least partially.

2. Talk about what made you do it

Now that you’ve admitted your mistake, it ‘s time to talk about what made you do it . This way the other person may even understand you. It is common for us to behave defensively when we have relationship problems , and many times the solution was simply communication. Talking about your feelings and thoughts on the subject can make the other person reconsider, because they may also be partly to blame for what happened.

3. Be humble

Being humble is an important point in regaining someone’s trust , because if you get defensive, the conflict can get even bigger. Your goal is that you can talk about what happened and see you as a person who makes mistakes like any human being. So don’t let me see you as a bad person. In fact, you may even have to bite your tongue at first to get rid of the initial anger.

4. Be patient

If you want to regain someone’s trust, you need to let time pass and be patient . If that person who means so much to you feels betrayed by how you have behaved, you will need time for the wounds to heal. Don’t expect everything to go back to normal overnight.

5. Make noticeable changes

If you have managed to get the other person to give you another chance, it is time to make notable changes and show them that they were not wrong by trusting you again . Now is the time to express, not only in words but also in fact, how much you care about that person. This way he will not regret having forgiven you.

6. Regain communication

In point number 2 I have talked about the need to talk about the problem. But now is the time to talk about the relationship , to regain the communication that may have been lost. Knowing the expectations of both of you and talking openly about any topic is the best way to keep the relationship healthy. Remember that now it is easier for him to stop trusting you.

7. Don’t lie

And the reason it’s easier for them to stop trusting you is because you’ve given them reason to doubt. Now any lie will be seen as another great betrayal. So don’t play with fire and be honest. Otherwise you will suffer the consequences of your actions.

8. Become an open book

Not lying is fine, but if you have nothing to hide, why not show yourself as an open book? Think that now it is easier for you to have thoughts and suspicions (sometimes without foundation) that you may be lying. Do not hide conversations on your mobile phone or Facebook , let me see that you have nothing to hide.

9. Don’t ever make the same mistake again

If you’ve managed to get him to forgive you and trust you again, don’t ever make the same mistake again . Because if it is difficult to regain trust once lost, if you make the same mistake again, you better forget about that person. You can follow the advice you just read to get him to give you another chance, but he will rarely give you two chances for the same reason.

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9 habits to connect emotionally with someone

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9 habits to connect emotionally with someone
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How to be more sociable and establish relationships that give us life? We explain it to you.

We all want to be that type of person who wins the hearts of others with a simple smile , who makes friends with little effort and who receives a lot of praise and praise every day.

However, this natural gift to connect with others is enjoyed by a privileged few who, for some reason, manage to have that special aura. The rest of us mortals may not have been born with that natural charisma, but with will and a little effort we can get to connect emotionally with anyone we want to meet.

Connecting emotionally with others: how to achieve it?

Many scholars and ordinary people have tried to explain why some people are more prone to connect emotionally with others, thus being able to better choose their romantic partners and even their friends. What are the qualities that make it nice to be next to a person? In today’s article we are going to try to describe these virtues.

When we think of people who know how to interact successfully with other individuals, we usually notice that they are capable of influencing the thoughts and attitudes of those around them, they are capable of inspiring them and making them get their best version. And oddly enough, all of these people share a set of values, beliefs, and habits .

9 values, beliefs and habits that will help you connect with people

The way of life of people who know how to relate effectively has some things in common that can serve as a guide to begin to evolve and improve in this regard.

Shall we start?

1. The smile always helps

When we are in a social context, the truth is that few things say more in your favor than showing you relaxed and with a smile . When we see someone smile authentically, it is very likely that we are attracted to him, or that it is for a friendship or to share an entertaining chat. Smiling at someone is also a great test of confidence.

In addition, smiles are contagious and make the people around you feel more comfortable . If you want to start a spontaneous conversation with someone, it is best to start with a good smile. Then you will decide where you want to take the interaction; If you just want a friendship or if you see that there may be something more.

2. Don’t be afraid to make friends

In the end, this is essential. If you want to connect emotionally with other people, you must be able to open up to others and build positive and healthy relationships . When you go to talk to someone, ask yourself the question: “How would I like someone unknown to treat me?”, And surely you will see very clearly that you must be respectful as well as genuine when you want to start talking with someone who, maybe, I can be your friend in the future.

It is important that you know how to  value friendship  and be careful and attentive with your friends. Practice  active listening with them, and try to help them out if possible.

3. See strangers as friends

If you walk into a waiting room or the subway, try to look at the faces of unfamiliar people and think of them as friendly faces . This will help you to have an open and proactive mindset, and to overcome your usual shyness or reluctance.

If you are in tune with the people around you, it will be much easier for you to connect emotionally with those who attract your attention the most.

4. Essential: be authentic

There is no use putting on a mask to connect with someone, because sooner or later the mask will fall and you will be portrayed. You should genuinely try to connect with other people, from your true self . That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be more outgoing and open-minded, obviously!

Being authentic will bring you closer to meeting people with whom you can really connect, and forging friendships or courtships based on sincerity.

5. Try to help

Do not forget that the key to meeting people is to contribute something positive to their lives . It should not be something material, but something that can help them in one way or another. Normally, in our society we are very lacking in authentic friendships, of people in our life who can help us if we are going through a bad time or we have some difficulty.

There are always ways to help others, and it is a good idea to be a person with this human quality . Generosity is good in itself, but it also has a reward: it will be easier for you to connect with people who value your effort.

6. Take a genuine interest in others

The best way to be interesting is to show interest and attention towards your interlocutor . You sure have a lot to learn from other people. If you manage to open a window in their world, your interlocutors will see that you are a person with an open mind and with whom it is worth talking and spending time.

We all have stories we want to share, and if someone listens to us… it’s easier for us to connect emotionally with them.

7. Talk, don’t be shy

Be open and don’t hesitate to start conversations with people around you , and even with strangers. Having this attitude will allow you to improve your social skills and you will learn to connect with the passions and interests of others.

8. Get to know yourself and pursue your illusions

It is important that you know what your interests, your strengths and your goals are in life . Because knowing yourself will allow you to guide yourself and know how you can connect and help other people. If you find someone who shares your hobbies, it is very likely that the two of you are crazy for wanting to continue spending time together.

9. Be yourself

Yes, it is very typical advice. But it is still a truth like a temple. Trying to be someone else to please others is a big mistake. Show yourself as you are, even if you have flaws or vulnerabilities . No one is perfect, remind yourself often.

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Toxic friendships: 7 signs to spot a bad friend

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Toxic friendships: 7 signs to spot a bad friend
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We have all had, on occasion, a “friend” who constantly annoyed us. For some reason, something in his personality pushed him to have totally inappropriate attitudes and behaviors that made us feel bad.

Here are seven symptoms that a friendship is starting to be undesirable for you .

1. No reciprocity: they receive and you give

If at any time you notice that the balance between giving and receiving is noticeably tilted, being you the one who contributes and your friend who rarely reaches out, you should rethink the situation . If after putting on the table the lack of balance in your relationship with your friend, he is not willing to change, you can start thinking about jumping ship.

These types of friends who always demand your attention but rarely give it to you when you need it are known as emotional vampires . We talk more about them in this article:

2. They don’t support you because of who you are

Friendly jokes between colleagues are not uncommon, and most tend to take them well. But when criticism and making you feel bad are part of your day-to-day conversations, the relationship will no longer be positive for you .

Toxic friendships can make you suffer. Undermining you can be a mechanism your friend uses to elevate their status above yours. This is usually more painful when it happens in public. It’s important to remind your friend that you want to be treated with respect, and if they are someone you want to keep in touch with, give them time to reflect and change.

3. You cannot trust him with your intimacies

A couple or three of true friendships can be the foundation for a healthy life. The circle of friends of this type is usually very small, a select few who have shown over the years that you can trust them blindly. We tend to have a good number of superficial relationships in which we share more trivial thoughts, experiences and opinions, but those few to whom we entrust our secrets must be truly faithful, in addition to knowing how to trust you with their secrets as well.

Taking into account that human beings are imperfect and can make mistakes, we should start to be suspicious when a friend is not careful on more than one occasion . In this situation, you must be honest with him, show him your disappointment and, if he intervenes, end the relationship or let time pass.

4. They bring out the worst version of you

When you suffer an emotional breakdown or a bad time, you may notice that your best friend is not able to be by your side to accompany you during this trance . Perhaps they prefer that you continue drinking, advise you to meet other people, encourage you to end romantic relationships without trying to improve the situation or advise you that you should have cosmetic surgery to improve your self-esteem . If this is your case, try to promote new and healthier relationships, as you stop spending so much time with your old friend.

5. They tend to disappoint you

When a friend leaves you frequently to meet others, it is annoying, but many of us accept it as something that does not matter as much. If he cancels an outing to a big concert that you were also going to because he has decided to prioritize a date at the cinema with a possible date, we are also usually understanding. If you lend them money to buy a game console and they don’t pay you back, you should stop lending them money and think about this relationship. If these situations occur regularly in the relationship, you will end up tired of their attitude . Experience tells us that this type of friendship is difficult to reconduct.

6. They do not respect your partner, family or children

It is not an easy task to assess how important our relationships are in keeping all the others alive. We trust friends to help us or share moments and experiences. We appreciate the people with whom we share opinions, to the point that they agree with us when we tell them that our partner is irrational or mean.

Sometimes, the friend can exceed certain limits, and that can make us feel bad if he criticizes or despises someone we love . Friendships that call into question your romantic relationship can be difficult for you to break up, especially in moments of special vulnerability. If this happens you should clarify that it makes you feel uncomfortable. If it is the case that the friend sustains these criticisms because of their own insecurities or jealousy, it is necessary to prioritize your romantic relationship and the social relationships that support your decision.

7. The friend wants to have a romantic relationship with you but you don’t

Many people try to be platonic with former partners or friends they would like to date. This rarely happens in an agreed or consensual way, and many times the story ends badly and with negative consequences. But it is a problem that can be prevented if we impose common sense .

When we are honest with ourselves, we can see when a friend wants more than just friendship . When sexual attraction surfaces, it is often impossible to ignore this fact and it is necessary to end the relationship unless you feel the same way. The best advice is to keep your former lovers in the past, unless you really feel like you should be with that person.

Concluding …

In summary, we must value friendships not for their quantity but for their quality: trustworthy friendships who are by your side both in good times and in bad must be taken care of as an essential part of a healthy and happy life.

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Beauty tricks to seduce a man and turn him on in seconds

Ody Team



Beauty tricks to seduce a man and turn him on in seconds
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Believe it or not, your makeup, nail color, hairstyle and perfume can seduce a man in no time. Discover the beauty tricks that will make you achieve it and drive it crazy!

Seducing a man can be easier than you think, as long as you feel confident about yourself and what you are worth, and you lean on some beauty tricks to make the sexiest parts of you shine. Do you know any? Next, we tell you the lip colors, eyeliner, enamels, perfumes and more beauty tips to seduce a man, drive him crazy in seconds and make him lose his mind while he is with you.

Ready to have it at your feet? (Fire emojis).

Natural skin and sensual lipstick

One of the aspects that men like the most is to see naturally luminous skin and fleshy, reddish lips as if they had been bitten. If it is your first date with him, apply a very soft makeup base and look for an ink that evokes the same color of your lips when you press them.

Now, if your date will be much more passionate, bet on long lasting makeup and fire red lipsticks with warm undertones. They never fail!

Aphrodisiac perfumes, a must!

Although it is not a fact that perfumes with pheromones are a potion to seduce a man, it has been proven that fragrances with pleasant scents can attract the opposite sex. Some notes that you must try are musky, woody, spicy and floral with hints of lavender and jasmine to experience their aphrodisiac power.

Yes to collected hairstyles

To attract a man in less than a minute, do an up do and expose your collarbone and neck! These two details (combined with a good perfume) seduce effortlessly. We recommend you make ponytails or half ponytails with a few strands in front to look romantic and groomed at the same time.

The sexiest nails are worn like this

It is likely that a man does not pay much attention to the nails, but believe us that if you have these details you will notice them: they must be somewhat long (not to the point of hurting), almond shaped and with nude, red or wine colors. The simpler the better.

Eyes to conquer

A man can be conquered with the look and to achieve it, you just have to apply small details in your eyes to make them look more elongated, seductive and penetrating. The best advice we can give you is to use pink, brown and wine shadows with soft touches of glitter in the tear, plus a black cat eyeliner.

We also suggest putting some good layers of mascara to make them look super long and attractive.


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100 Questions to know if my boyfriend knows me well

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100 Questions to know if my boyfriend knows me well
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Ready to find out how well your boyfriend knows you? Ask these simple questions and find out quickly!

On the internet, the lists of questions to find out if you and your friend have a true friendship are gaining more and more popularity, there are also the ideal questionnaires for all people who have doubts in their relationship and who ask themselves: ‘does my boyfriend know me well? and do you understand me? ‘ .

And if you are part of that group of curious people who want to find out if, in fact, their partner knows them well or if they need more information about them, you are in the right place!

We share a list of quick and effective questions to know if your boyfriend knows you as well as he claims, or if he needs a little extra help. Ready to start the quiz?

  1. How would you describe me in 3 words?
  2. The person I admire the most is …

3 . What is my favorite dish?

  1. And what is my favorite dessert?

5 . The food or drink that I just can’t tolerate is …

  1. What is the biggest fear I have?

7 . The place in the world that I most want to know is …

  1. Do you know what my favorite movie is?
  2. What do I love the most about my body?
  3. And what do I like the most about my personality?


11 . I think my worst flaw is …

12 . Do you know what my favorite animal is?

13 . What is the TV series that you could watch over and over again?

  1. Can you imagine which is my favorite cartoon from childhood?
  2. What do you think we have in common?

16 . How do you think we complement each other? (Considering our differences).

17 If I could change one thing about my life, what do you think it would be?

18 . The best concert I’ve ever been to is …

19 . If I could travel to the past or the future, where do you think I would prefer to go and why?

20 . My favorite color is …

21 . What do you think I like the most about you?

22 . The kisses that I like the most are …

23 . Name one of the moments in your relationship that you think has made me the happiest.

24 . Something that I would never forgive my boyfriend would be …

25 . How much do I want to have children?

  1. How do you imagine me in the next 10 years?

27 . And where do you think we will be in 5 years?

  1. What is my favorite book?

29 . My favorite actress or actor is …

30 . The most special friend I have ever had is called …

31 . If I made a million dollars tomorrow, what would be the first thing I would buy?


32 . What is my favorite sexual position?

33 . And what is the sexual fantasy that I would like to fulfill?

34 . What would I not give up for you?

35 . How happy do you think I am?

  1. And how happy do you feel next to me?

37 . Would you change something in our relationship?

38 . In what time of the past or future would I have liked to be born?

39 . The worst bear I have ever committed in my life is …

40 . Singing or dancing … what do I like the most?

41 . City, beach, country or forest? Where would you really prefer to live?

42 . What else would I have liked to study or what other profession would I like to dedicate myself to?

43 . Some talent that I would love to have been born with is …

44 . If you found out that I was pregnant, what would you do?

45 . What do I like more, day or night?

46 . And what bothers you the most about me?

47 . Do you have a secret that you would like to reveal to me?

48 . Which of my friends do you like best and who of them do you not tolerate?

49 . What do I think of marriage?

50 . Why do you like to be my boyfriend?

51 . What is my favorite childhood memory?

52 . My preferred nickname is …

53 . What is the drink that I can never resist?

54 . Do you know what my zodiac sign is?

  1. Mention something you know that disgusts me.

56 . My least favorite music is …

57 . What was the subject that made me suffer the most when I was a student?

  1. Do you know what my favorite perfume is?

59 . How much do you know about my love past?

60 . How important is family to me?

61 . And how special are my friends in my life?

62 . One activity that really relaxes me is …

63 . My favorite place in the world is …

64 . Do you know what is the clothing item that predominates in my closet?

65 . How jealous am I, really?

66 . Something I really want to be gifted with is …

67 . Do you know what the first time I got drunk was?

68 . What is my opinion on spirituality and religion?

69 . How happy am I currently in my job / as a student?

70 . Something you know I would never do, even if they paid me millions of dollars is …

71 . My famous crush is …

  1. Mention any of the dreams or goals that I still have to fulfill.

73 . With which member of my family do I most identify?

74 . What is it that makes me the most angry?

75 . One of the great achievements I have had in my life is …

76 . Is there something I regret about my past?

78 . Tell me something in which you consider that I am very creative.

79 . In what way do I like to help others or the world?

80 . Halloween or Christmas? What is my favorite celebration of each year?

81 . How bold do you think I am?

82 . What kind of clothes would you never wear?

83 . Who has broken my heart and who have I broken?

84 . What would I prefer to happen to my body when I die?

85 . The best quality I have is …

86 . And what is my strongest weakness?

87 . Do you know anything about how my first time was?

88 . My favorite superhero is …

89 . The worst movie I’ve ever seen is …

  1. What has been the pet that I have loved the most?

91 . Describe our romantic relationship with a song.

92 . Diet or exercise, what would you rather do to lose weight?

93 . How many moles do you remember that I have?

94 . The hottest moment we’ve had in our relationship was when …

95 . What is the emoji that I use the most?

96 . What do I think about fidelity?

97 . Mornings, afternoons or evenings, what time of the day do I enjoy the most?

  1. How, where and with whom would I like to spend my old age?

99 . Do I consider myself addicted to something?

100 . What makes me so unique and special?


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Will the love in flashzhao high school really last a lifetime OAQ

Ody Team



Will the love in flashzhao high school really last a lifetime OAQ
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Thank you everyone for your love (how do you feel like fundraising?

Make me popular and get more comments from people

When I met my boyfriend last night

I carefully read all the comments with him

He has been calling “Look, see, right, right, right, people tell you to cheer” -3-

Secretly attach a photo with him -///-

We will cherish the happiness of everyone at the moment, Keke

——–(The above is a little thank you text)————-

Many college interactions really entered the auditorium afterwards

But for high school exchanges, except for getting on the bus first and then making up the ticket

In fact, there are very few examples that really just go on like this for a lifetime

I want to ask…Do you really think about getting married and having children in the future?

Anyone who is interacting now, can you share your thoughts with me OAQ

My boyfriend learns to make a locomotive during the night school

And I’m a general high school. Next, I’m going to choose a university department like a test and lottery lottery.

He often said that I will not leave him and I will not give up

I’m willing to be with him for the rest of my life, he will marry me

No matter how gentle the girl is on the road, it has nothing to do with him

Because he already has the best girl beside him -///-

Maybe it’s because I don’t dare to devote my heart

I always feel that there is no way to be so “specialized” like him

It’s still young now, the future is endless

Maybe you can meet better…

Actually, I know that our two personalities complement each other

Many things are very compatible or even super compatible (for fear of being deleted, haha)

Sweet and happy but afraid of the future

I’m afraid that I will have to go to universities in other counties and cities

Afraid of his pawn -3-

The current conclusion is to stop thinking about it

Cherish the current study and confirm the school

But I’m still quite curious about what everyone thinks.

Then just saw the hot

I want to say that mine is also a domineering boyfriend><

If you have a temper, just turn my face with both hands to kiss

Bite your lips directly

Then touch my head touch touch touch touch touch touch

I’ll be fine

But as a girlfriend

Go to the park and ask him to walk the health trail with bare feet

It’s definitely for his health hee hee


In short, I love him very much now and cherish it

I think it’s so lucky and miraculous to be in love with him

Hit a lot unknowingly

The happy little woman bowed down the stage~

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Difficulty finding a partner

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Difficulty finding a partner
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What is difficulty finding a partner?

Many people have great difficulty finding a partner. The human being is a social animal by nature, we have the innate need to be accompanied by other people and to establish social and emotional ties. This also applies to the emotional realm , which makes us have the need to love and be loved. Thus, although not all people have the same emotional needs, in general we tend to seek affection.

Having a partner is also an option that goes beyond purely emotional needs. It is to some extent a social convention, and sometimes even an instrumental solution; In this sense, couples that are formed for mere convenience are not uncommon, whether or not there is love between them. Many times these relationships are based on the fear of loneliness, economic convenience, or any other reason.

Thus, although there are exceptions, most people feel the need to establish a romantic relationship as a couple. This means that many times, when unable to find someone, some people may feel frustrated. Since this is such an intimate emotional realm, this situation can lead to great discomfort ; the inability to find a partner can be related, as a cause or consequence, to problems with self – esteem , insecurity, depression , etc.

Difficulty finding a partner is therefore a problem that affects more people than you think . There are many individuals who, in one way or another, are frustrated with the inability to find someone. However, many times this difficulty in finding a partner is due to attitudes that, consciously or unconsciously, these people develop.

For what reasons can I have difficulty finding a partner?

Paradoxically, in an increasingly interconnected world and in which we have greater facilities to meet and interact with all kinds of people, the difficulty of finding a partner is a more and more common problem. The question, therefore, does not lie in the number of people with whom we interact; It is more about how we develop those relationships, what kinds of attitudes we adopt in our social interactions.

Logically, a problem as complex as the difficulty of finding a partner does not have a single cause. There are many factors that can give rise to this situation, although they could be grouped into two broad categories. In the first place, we could identify behavioral problems, that is, related to how we behave; on the other hand, we would speak of a second category, that of emotional problems, referring to how we feel.

Behavioral problems

  • Not spending time: finding a partner, like everything in life, establishing a relationship requires time and effort. It is easy to say that you have difficulty finding a partner, if you do not dedicate a minimum of effort. Going out to meet people, or frequenting environments where making friends with single people, even if it seems obvious, is a first step; Of course, what is clear is that no partner is found if we stay locked in our room.
  • Lack of social skills: such as shyness or poor communication skills. An important part of seduction happens to show the world our best side; thus, those people who withdraw or avoid contact with others have a greater difficulty in finding a partner.
  • Having an intolerant or inflexible attitude: This is a more frequent problem than is commonly believed. Some people have no difficulty seducing, but are unable to accept potential partners for who they are. Thus, no one wants to be with a rigid partner who tells them what to do or how to act.
  • Have a distrustful attitude: either because of your own personality or because of previous experiences. Starting a relationship always means discovering what a person is like, and we can be right with our assumptions or not. Either way, it is an inescapable risk; If you think that everything will go wrong or that you are going to be cheated on, you may never be able to be in a relationship.
  • Having wrong beliefs about what love is: Sometimes we just have unrealistic expectations. It is not logical to expect your partner to be perfect, nor can you live in a state of continuous infatuation. Romantic relationships, like any human interaction, also involve disappointment and suffering, and you have to be mature enough to accept it.

Emotional problems

  • Low self-esteem: many times, the difficulty in finding a partner arises because we do not even feel worthy of it. It’s hard to find someone who loves you if you don’t love yourself first. In fact, many times people with low self-esteem look for individuals who do not value them as a partner; in this way, their personal self-image is reinforced.
  • Fears and insecurities:  they can be of all kinds. Fear of failure, deception, suffering, commitment or maturing and assuming responsibilities, for example. Either way, these thoughts only reinforce the need to isolate yourself from other people, for fear of being hurt. Starting a relationship is entering unfamiliar terrain, so it is imperative to overcome these fears.
  • Limiting beliefs: other times, we put the barriers to ourselves with our own mental schemes. Believing that we are too old to find a partner, feeling physically unattractive, or thinking that we bore people, are just some of the beliefs that we often impose on ourselves without realizing it.
  • Selfish love: Sometimes the desire to have a partner is driven solely by a need for personal satisfaction. Some people try with their partner to fill other gaps in their life, such as loneliness or sexuality. However, this is not a sincere love, moved by disinterested affection towards the other. These individuals often have short relationships and are abandoned.
  • Little tolerance for frustration: it occurs in those people who cannot bear that things do not turn out as they wish. This can happen as a result of a love disappointment , which is why they stop looking for a partner; or else as a consequence of the couple not acting as they wish, in which case they abandon it. Be that as it may, these individuals often have significant difficulties in finding a partner.

How do you know if the difficulty in finding a partner is becoming a problem?

All people are without a partner at one point or another in their life; Throughout the years, we go through different stages, sometimes alone and sometimes accompanied. Being without a partner is therefore normal and, for many people, even desired. The problem occurs when this circumstance makes us feel bad, suffer or lower our self-esteem.

Obviously, the need to not be alone is more pressing in some stages than in others; in youth or adulthood, for example, having a partner almost seems to be a social demand. In adolescence or old age, however, being single seems much more common. However, the truly critical factor is the need that each person feels to establish a romantic relationship.

In this sense, we would talk about how difficulty finding a partner can become a problem when a series of symptoms or negative behaviors are manifested, such as:

  • Depression: it is a frequent problem of people who want to have a relationship and do not get it. This often affects their mood, generating sadness and discomfort. When this situation continues for a long time, it can lead to authentic depressive states.
  • Insecurity: it is also one of the frequent consequences of difficulty finding a partner. This situation can lead to a loss of confidence in one’s own abilities, generating a distorted self-image. Thus, people in this situation are often perceived as less attractive, interesting, or charismatic.
  • Low self-esteem: it is closely related to the previous point, although it is more serious. While insecurity involves doubting yourself, low self-esteem could be defined as not loving yourself. This problem not only makes those who suffer from it suffer, but also aggravates the difficulty in finding a partner.

Are there different types of difficulty finding a partner?

As we have seen previously, the difficulty in finding a partner can be produced by multiple causes. However, there are interesting theories about this. A well-known author is the American Robert Dilts; It is one of the biggest drivers of Neuro Linguistic Programming . Although NLP has been accredited as lacking a scientific basis, some of its postulates are interesting.

Thus, according to Dilts, there are three types of limiting beliefs that can condition people in their search for a partner:

Hopeless beliefs

This type of belief is associated with the conviction that it is not possible to achieve a goal to which we aspire. The reasoning here would be that, although we fervently want to find a partner, this cannot be due to external factors; it would be the case, for example, of those cases in which we think that there are no attractive single people left, since they are all “caught”, or that “nobody wants to commit to serious relationships”.

The difficulty, therefore, is not so much in the lack of one’s own abilities but in elements alien to oneself. This leads people who think like this to give up before their time. Thus, from his point of view, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to find a partner; after all, this difficulty that “does not depend on me” and, consequently, cannot be avoided.

Impotence beliefs

The beliefs of impotence differ from the previous ones in that in this case they depend on oneself. In this case, there is an achievable goal but that “I am not able to achieve.” This means that “I am not skilled enough to achieve my goals”, or that “I am not good enough”.

This is closely related to insecurity, as the mindset is similar. People with these beliefs think that they do not find a partner for various reasons; An example of this would be to believe that you are not attractive enough, that you are fat, or you are too old. This produces a vicious cycle, as these people really seem more insecure and are less attractive to people.

Beliefs of lack of merit

Finally, these beliefs are related to low self-esteem, so they are very common. In this case, the limitation comes not from external or own reasons, but from feeling worthy of something good. Thus, the goal is achievable and it is believed to have the necessary skills to do so, but it is renounced to reach that goal because it is thought that “I do not deserve it.”

Although these types of beliefs are very common, they are difficult to detect since they do not usually manifest themselves openly. Those who have these thoughts believe that they will not find anyone, since they do not deserve to be loved. These are people who often think things like “I’m a fraud” or “I don’t deserve to be happy.”

How can you improve the difficulty of finding a partner?

Many times the fact of not finding a partner has an easy solution; For this, it may be enough simply to train and improve social skills , learning how to relate to other people. The first step in this sense is to meet people, from which you have to know how to choose appropriately. Once you have identified the right person, you just have to learn how to seduce, attract and keep them.

Curiously, the difficulty in finding a partner in most cases comes from one’s own limitations; Whether due to lack of skills or personal insecurity, it is a problem that can almost always be solved. Furthermore, this solution does not necessarily imply the need to find a partner. In fact, sometimes it can be better to stay without a relationship, but learn to control our emotions about it. Here, the key would be that the absence of a stable partner does not make us unhappy.

If you want to find a partner, it may be wise to seek professional advice from an experienced psychologist . This will help us to become aware of our beliefs, to improve our esteem and to work on personal skills. Little by little, we can improve our self-esteem and eliminate many of the insecurities that make it difficult for us to relate to others. In addition, the fear of rejection will be relativized , which is one of the elements that most conditions us when looking for someone with whom to establish a sentimental relationship.

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My partner does not love me but is still with me: why and what to do

Ody Team



My partner does not love me but is still with me
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When love ends in a relationship and you feel that there is nothing left to do, that the relationship is at a standstill with difficulties moving forward, the most logical option would be to follow your path separately. Even so, on different occasions this can happen only by one part of the couple and that this is not able to put an end to the relationship. It is then that the other person feels that his partner is no longer as before, but does not understand why he is still by his side. This may be generating a period of doubts, conflicts and insecurities in you, which go through altering your emotional balance. From Psychology-Online we want to explain what may be happening if your partner does not love you but is still with you and what to do .

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Signs that your partner doesn’t love you

How do you know that your partner does not love you? Could it be that I love you but don’t know how to show it? Could it be that you are having a bad streak? All of these questions are normal. To help you answer them, here are 6 clear signs that your partner does not love you:

Lack of communication

The basis of a good relationship is communication. Being able to express what you feel, how you feel or simply how your day has gone, your concerns, etc., is what builds the couple and what allows an approximation. You feel that you currently do not have that communication space with your partner, he or she is never receptive to listen to you and to explain anything to you.

Constant conflicts

It seems that your partner does not know how to end the relationship and looks for any small things to trigger a conflict. Things that he hadn’t even noticed before and that you’ve been doing the same throughout your relationship now pose a problem for him. In addition, we all know that conflicts can be opportunities to express and change things that we do not like, even so, you feel that current conflicts are not very productive, they are simply constant complaints about things that lead to a standstill with no possibility of solution, they are conflicts empty. Here we talk about what to do when your partner always blames you for everything .


Lack of communication – mentioned above – can lead to distancing. You feel that your partner could currently pass for a piece of furniture in your house, there is very little interaction between the two. The only thing that makes you think you have a partner is like the piece of furniture that is there but does nothing.

Decreased confidence

The lack of love, unfortunately, also means a decrease in trust. Seeing that the other person distances himself from you without any apparent explanation leads to distrust of the partner.

Lack of intimate moments

Lately, you do not stop looking for rapprochement with your partner – these are also a way to know if your partner is still available to you – but, each time you have tried, they have made different excuses to avoid it at all costs. It may happen that when someone does not feel the same for that person, intimate moments are a source of guilt if they are carried out, since it is a special moment for the couple and now one of the two is in a very different point.

Excess of plans

You feel that your partner no longer sets foot in the house, that at the least he can, he runs away from there or does not go through it. Not only does he spend the day making plans but, in addition, he does not take you into account in any of them, thus indicating that you are no longer a priority and that he now has others. There are people who are avoidant and, as long as they do not face the truth that lurks, they decide to use other strategies that indicate that it is no longer available, such as excess plans.

Why doesn’t it leave you?

These signs may occur and you see clearly that there is no love, but that the person does not take the final step of breaking the relationship. In this case, it is very normal for you to think “if he doesn’t love me, why won’t he let me?” Next we will see the reasons why it may be that a person who does not love you does not let you go:

Fear to loneliness

This can be one of the main reasons to keep clinging to a partner when love is over: the fear of being alone. There are people who are terrified of the idea of ​​being alone, so they do not want to leave their partner.

Comfort zone

The person sees that the relationship, despite the flame having gone out, that it is monotonous and that you cannot break a routine that does not make you happy, it is a comfortable relationship, where the person does not have to make many efforts and brings comfort and stability That can be a reason to stay anchored in her and not want to let go, despite not having the same feelings anymore.


Perhaps living with you is very easy, you complement each other well when it comes to doing housework, organizing it and everything that living together entails. That gives the other person a stability that makes them think that, even though they do not feel the same, they will not find someone like you for coexistence. The problem is that you have become more of a roommate than your partner.

Fear of what they will say

Perhaps as a couple you get along very well with your environment, that can be a determining factor when making the decision to end the relationship. The fear that the environment may judge the decision made can slow down the fact of carrying it out.

Fear of hurting you

Obviously, despite the fact that love may have ended, your partner has loved you and knows that right now you are not at the same point, since he or she would put an end to yours, but he knows that you are not and that that is going to hurt you. This can make them not feel like saying goodbye to you.

What to do when your partner does not love you but is still with you?

When you find yourself in this situation, you can:

Talk to the couple

As stated above, the foundation of a relationship is communication. Before making any decision, you can try to talk to your partner and ask him to be honest about your relationship. You can start with phrases like: “I would like to talk to you, lately I notice you more distant and that hurts me because I don’t know what may be happening and it would be good for me to talk about it, I would appreciate it if you would find a moment for me.”

Value you

Ask yourself if you deserve someone like that by your side, someone who is not able to show you that they no longer feel the same for you and in the end is conditioning your life with their non-action. You deserve someone who is sincere with you and is capable of facing the truth when they have already detected that you notice it. Valuing yourself is the first step to get out of places where you are not well liked. Here you will find information on how to work your self-esteem .

Take decisions

You detect that you can continue in this situation for a long time, since your partner will be unable to make the decision . Arm yourself with courage, put the cards on the table and end that relationship that you have already seen that is not going anywhere. You deserve someone who wants you by your side and who is able to face reality. Here we explain how to leave your partner without hurting you step by step and tips to face the breakup.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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