10 Tips to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

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Are you planning to move soon? Even though transporting small items will not pose difficult however, transporting large, heavy furniture pieces may be a hassle, particularly in the event that you intend to relocate yourself. If you don’t have the right planning tools and equipment your furniture may end up damaged or scratched prior to it arriving at your new home. This is why it is important to ensure that your furniture is protected when you move the essential consideration. There are many ways to secure your furniture. From buying moving insurance, to making sure you have the right truck rental equipment Here are 10 guidelines to protect furniture during a move.

10 tips to protect furniture during the process of moving

Consider valuation coverage and insurance options

It’s inevitable that accidents happen so be prepared. Don’t believe that because you’re working with professionals to move your items, they aren’t likely to break or get damaged in the process of moving. Although many professional movers do make sure to be cautious when moving household and furniture things, some may not be as careful. Furthermore some of the best mover can make a few mistakes in the process of moving furniture. If you are planning to employ professionals to manage your relocation, you should be sure you research the various valuation insurance and coverage options. The first thing to do is in making sure furniture is protected during the process of moving. The moving company should offer you a range of valuation insurance options. Value coverage simply refers to the amount of risk your moving company is prepared to accept in the event that your belongings get damaged or destroyed. It’s not the exact concept as insurance. For more details about the valuation insurance and move-related coverage, click here.

You can disassemble the pieces.

Furniture items shouldn’t all be disassembled before moving. For those that are able to be disassembled it is highly recommended to do this prior to the move. Furniture pieces that require dismantling are tables, bed frames and sofas that are modular. If you have preserved the assembly instructions from the beginning you can use them as information on how to take apart the piece. Cover all components with plastic wrap or other protective covering and then place them inside an unlabeled cardboard box.

Put screws, nuts and bolts in plastic bags

When you take furniture apart it’s easy to overlook the screws, nuts, and bolts that join everything. Be sure to put these in sealed plastic bags as you begin disassembling furniture pieces. Each bag must be identified with the appropriate items’ furniture. So, when you move into your new residence and begin to put furniture back together it won’t be necessary to hunt for each of the essential pieces.

Wrap furniture with stretch wrap and blankets for moving

Do not just throw furniture onto a truck. If you’re moving furniture yourself, you’ll have to prepare everything prior to moving. For this it is recommended to wrap furniture parts with plastic wrap. This sticky, tear-resistant material safeguards furniture and other things when they are in transit. It’s also a great method to hold furniture pieces in place (for example, tables legs). For more information about how to utilize plastic wrap for moving, visit this page. Another type of protective cover that is commonly employed when moving furniture is moving blankets. They are strong and protect not only your furniture during the move but also your walls. It is possible to replace moving blankets by using large sheets, flattened cardboard, and towels.

Do not move furniture that is heavy on your own

This suggestion may seem absurd, but you’d be shocked by how many people try to lift the heavy furniture themselves with no assistance. This is not only an encroachment on the safety of the person who is lifting the furniture, it’s likely to damage or break your furniture (and the floors!). It is important to have assistance while moving furniture. Contact family or friends to help you in advance.

Use special moving equipment

Although you might be able to move objects such as small tables and chairs with no special equipment for moving large furniture items like pianos or pool tables as well as large chairs will require an additional piece of equipment. It is likely to require the use of a hand truck or a dolly. These are extremely helpful in lifting furniture and appliances like huge chairs, refrigerators that weigh a lot as well as pianos, dining tables and even pool tables. To lease a dolly go to the neighborhood Home Depot. The store should have dolly rentals that can carry anything from 800 to 1,200 pounds. Other essential moving equipment may include moving straps, a trailer and skid board.

Hire a truck for moving with tie-downs as well as a ramp

Do you plan to make the move by yourself? To make a successful DIY move, you’ll have to hire a truck or container that has ramps and tie-downs. In the rental truck you’ll find a tie-down track that you can use the rachets (or straps) to support your furniture as you travels. This will hold the furnishings in its place, and keep it from falling over or breaking while driving the truck to the destination. The container or moving truck should also be equipped with ramps to enable loading and unloading large objects a breeze.

Use towels, furniture gliders or even cardboard to help move furniture

Are you living on hardwood floors? If you are moving furniture around the home, make certain to put gliders, towels, felt pads or even cardboard under the furniture’s legs. This will keep the furniture and floors from scratching when they are moving through your home. This is especially crucial in the event that you’re unable to lift the furniture and have to drag the furniture over the flooring.

Clear doorways

The easiest way to ensure that furniture can move safe into and out of your home is to clear the entrances and doorways of all obstructions. Open the doors to the maximum extent possible using the help of a doorstop, and ensure they remain open throughout the process of moving. This will make it easier to move furniture into and out of your home and protect the furniture from hitting walls when it is being moved.

Clean furniture after it has been unpacked and then reassembled

When furniture is finally installed in your new house be sure to clean it clean using the proper cleaning products. It’s not uncommon for furniture and cushions to collect dirt and dust. Unless you’re planning to have this happen to happen in your new home it is recommended to thoroughly clean everything prior to reassembling.

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