10 things that will make your husband (or any man) tremble with FEAR of losing you

10 things that will make your husband (or any man) tremble with FEAR of losing you
10 things that will make your husband (or any man) tremble with FEAR of losing you
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After several investigations, interviews and studies, the specialists came to the conclusion that there are 10 qualities that ALL men look for in a wife. This list brings together the things they consider most important in a woman, and most of them, if found, are taken tooth and nail from her.

Sociologist Christine B. Whelan, from the University of Pittsburgh, along with Christie F. Boxer from the University of Iowa, have found the answer to the million dollar question. Read on and discover what are the traits most sought after by men in his wife.

1. Loyalty

Yes, we protest that they are not faithful, but it seems that they look for this same quality in us women. Before physical appearance, maturity, intelligence and everything else, what men look for most in their wives is exactly what we look for in them: LOYALTY.

2. Someone you can count on through thick and thin

In these characteristics, both men and women pursue the same thing, with the same intensity. Men are looking for someone who can be an unconditional partner, who will always play on the same team. And beware of this one, many of us think that it is the easiest of all, ignoring situations in which we, for example, believe people’s gossip before hearing the truth from our husband’s mouth.

Having this trait means that we will always play for the same team, not just when it suits us.

3. Emotional stability and maturity

Men are amused by the witty and immature women they don’t take seriously in their lives, but it’s just that, a diversion. The woman they want as a wife must be mature and emotionally stable.

4. Intelligence

Times have changed, and intelligence in a woman is a highly coveted characteristic in the male world. Nothing is more seductive than a woman who cultivates herself intellectually. With the advent of the Internet, and the reach of all the knowledge of the world, there are no excuses not to improve ourselves (and not only for your husband, but for your own good and that of your whole family).

5. Willing to please

This trait has been in the 5 priorities that men have since 1939. This does not mean that they are looking for a slave, but that they are looking for someone willing to commit to the happiness of the couple. Someone who is willing to meet in the middle of the road to achieve the common good of both. Be careful, this only works if he is willing to put the other half.

6. Ability to socialize

Both men and women have placed this trait in the number six position of priorities. The truth is that the secret of a couple’s success rests in part on the ability that both have to integrate with the rest of society. Married couples who have friends in common and who share a common social life have a much better chance of being fully happy.

7. Healthy habits

Health has a great impact on the life of a couple today, and both men and women value good habits when it comes to eating and your own personal care.

8. Physical appearance

Near the bottom of our priority list is physical beauty. Contrary to what most of us tend to believe, physical appearance is not one of the preferred traits in men when it comes to finding true love. Obviously there are things of much more weight than the measurements and the color of a woman’s hair.

Although there must be a certain chemistry between a couple that is generated by a physical attraction, but that is not the most fundamental thing for a man to fall in love with a woman.

9. Good mother

Although this trait does not top the priority list, chances are that a woman who meets the above conditions is going to be a good mother.

10. Ambition

The desire to progress together and to improve herself is an important trait. As you can see, all these traits are not only important because men value them, but because they all unconditionally benefit you as a person, as a wife, as a woman and as a mother.


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